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  • Sonalksis FreeG [Freeware]

    Sonalksis FreeG [Freeware] - "Sonalksis FreeG"


    FreeG is Sonalksis’ master fader plug-in. It features all the essentials of a channel fader, such as mute, pan and peak, and RMS readout, with the quality, precision, and accuracy found throughout the company’s products. The great news about the Fre…

  • Sonalksis FreeG [Freeware]

    Sonalksis FreeG [Freeware] - moosers's review


    Sonalksis' FreeG is a free plug-in that is essentially an in depth master fader. You can also use it on individual tracks, as it gives you the feel and features of a large format console fader. The plug-in is downloadable straight from Sonalksis' w…

  • Abaltat Beat Calculator

    Abaltat Beat Calculator - mooseherman's review


    This application is designed for film editors. The basic premise behind it is that it allows you to find an appropriate rhythmic pulse for the video that you are editing. Presumably, the intent is to make soundtracking this video easier. This applica…

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