Abaltat Beat Calculator
Abaltat Beat Calculator

Beat Calculator, Other monitoring calibration software from Abaltat.

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mooseherman 04/20/2010

Abaltat Beat Calculator : mooseherman's user review


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This application is designed for film editors. The basic premise behind it is that it allows you to find an appropriate rhythmic pulse for the video that you are editing. Presumably, the intent is to make soundtracking this video easier. This application is a pretty easy one to get started with. At first I literally had no idea what to do with it, but that's because I wasn't fully immersed in the world of video editing. The main, obvious issue, is that you need a video editing software such as Final Cut Pro in order to use it (the app is useless outside of such software). The transitions from using Final Cut Pro to this were flawless for me. The instructions that came with the download were pretty easy to follow and laid everything out.


I've never had any kind of issue with running this software. It's not big enough to use that much RAM, so I can't imagine anyone would have problems with it.


I think that the idea behind this program is sort of useful to somebody who struggles to edit film. The process by which it works is strange to me; it looks at the edits that you have made in your film clip and tries to gauge a rhythm that best fits with your edits. Assuming that all of your clips are edited at a constant rate, this is fine. However, I've always had an awkward result that came from using this program, since the rhythm can't really account for the pace of the actual clips used, and only looks at the cuts in each edit. Therefore, I haven't had any good results from using this program. My film clips don't have many edits anyway, and I tend to edit in a way that fits the score that I had chosen (not the other way around). If your approach to editing is the inverse of mine, this program might be for you, otherwise, stick to doing it on your own. I'm pretty sure your results will be far more intuitive.