Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

BD-2 Blues Driver, Overdrive pedal from Boss.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

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ericthegreat's review"very good pedal"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
The sound quality of the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is fantastic if you are trying to slam the front of your overdriven amp. It will do that 80's tone in spades. So my use was normally just as a simple booster to get the amp sizzling even more. Made jamming really much more pleasurable. It was warm and somewhat smooth but I would call is a bit sleazy. This is a pedal you don't take home to is a pedal that you told tell your parents about but show off to your friends for high fives if that makes sense. It gives you that pissed off Marshall tone that you hear on so many records from the 80's hard rock glam metal genre.


I used it with my Les Paul and Strat style guitar in front of an 80's JCM 800 and Splawn QR. It was more fun to use in front of the 800 than the Splawn since the Splawn already does this sound naturally. If you can get a decent quality JCM 800 fro around $700 and this pedal you have that modded Marshall tone without spending $700 fro some dude to hack up your amp.


Beware though you will need a noise gate because this thing burns the front end of your amp so heavily that it creates a lot of noise. not a bad thing just the normality or operating in this setting. It gets really angry and actually very fun to play some old VH or Ratt riffs with this setup.


Extremely easy to use and no need of a manual. However, Keeley does include a manual for his 5 start tone stack which what he calls his mod to this pedal. Plus this unit came with an additional chip inside that change the clipping and tone as well. Not sure the name for it...I think it was called the brown chip or something. I never really flipped in and out the chips but once to test...found the one I liked and used that exclusively.

Hatsubai's review"The lesser known OD"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
The Boss BD-2 is an attempt at getting that pushed overdriven sound in a stompbox. It has this almost overdrive Marshall-esque quality to it. It's basically a mixture of an overdrive and a distortion box, almost like a mixture between the TS-9 and the DS-1. Like most Boss overdrive pedals, it features a level, gain and tone knob.


Boss is using their standard enclosure with this pedal. That means it'll withstand a nuclear bomb drop without much of a problem. These enclosures are crazy reliable. It's still using the FET bypass, but it doesn't seem to leak quite as much as the SD-1 does. The manual does a nice job at describing what everything does and gives you some settings, but it's an easy enough pedal to use to where you should be able to get a good tone within about 20 seconds without having used the pedal before.


The sound is very similar to a more milder tubescreamer mixed with a DS-1 at times. It has enough bite to send an amp into overdrive and play some 80s metal, but it also is calm enough to be able to do some awesome blues licks. In front of a Marshall, you can get a wide range of tones ranging from VH-style to Eric Johnson/SRV.


I find it interesting that this pedal isn't as popular as it is. It's a fairly overlooked pedal, and it goes real cheap on the used market. I can only assume it's because it doesn't push the amp quite as much as the SD-1 does. On the other hand, I find it sounds a bit more "natural" than the SD-1 for whatever reason. It seems to complement the amp a bit more. However, since I'm mainly a metal player, I tend to prefer the SD-1 to really push the amp into overdrive for those crazy legato licks. Regardless, if you're looking for a different kind of overdrive that's a bit more tame than the SD-1, I'd recommend checking this out.

phraseland's review

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Well this is a very basic distortion pedal by Boss. You get to adjust Gain, Level and Tone - the whole unit is built into the famous Boss casing - nearly indestructible.
The Bluesdriver is powered by a 9V Battery or an external power adaptor (not included).


Setting this effect up is quite simple. I usually put it right in the beginning of my chain - right after the Tube Screamer. Once you have it hooked up just dial in the tone you want and make sure that the volume doesn't drop when switching. Of course different gain settings give you different sounds - just trust your ears.
I don't think a manual is needed - maybe a piece of paper to jot down your own presets.


I really like the Bluesdriver. I have read on other reviews that they thought it was a bit too bassy and didn't have enough punch. I can see how people can feel that way and it really is a matter of taste. I use an old Fender Twin and run my Stratocaster through it. As these guitars don't have a lot of low mids by themselves this pedal complements my sound quite nicely. When I want crunch I switch on my Tube Screamer. Only occasionally do I use the Bluesdriver as a first overdrive - there I don't like the sound too much. But when I want a nice lead tone with endless sustain I switch on the Bluesdriver and together with the Tubescreamer it delivers just that. I also like that both have rather big pedals as it allows me to step on both of them at once during a gig.


I have been using the Bluesdriver for about two years now. I think eventually I will update it with an effect by T-Rex. They just sound better - period. I do think the Bluesdriver is not for everyone and even I wouldn't use it as a single pedal very often. But together with my Tubescreamer (or a similar pedal) it really gives my signal a very nice, creamy sound that can hold notes for hours!

MGR/Anonymous's review"Boss BD-2 Blues Driver"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Paid $50 at a used place.

It sounds very good if the gain not set too high (Maybe 10 o'clock maximum). At that level or less, it is more dynamic and, although a tube amp sounds better, it can fool the average bear while the band is rockin' live.

There is a nasty tail as the note dies that is typical of these types of transistor pedals... but you have to really listen so it's no big deal. It also slightly kills your low end but it's not as bad as, say, the Boss SD-1.


In my opinion, the pedal is a good tonal option if , like me, you prefer an analog pedal board instead of digital all-in-one effects. To me it sounds good with a Fender but better with a Gibson.

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MGR/Matt's review"Boss BD-2 Blues Driver"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
I received this pedal as a Christmas present from my Dad a couple of years ago along with my first electric guitar.

My effects experience level may not be as high as others, but I really like this pedal. It sounds terrific. I have been playing a lot of blues lately and the pedal really does the trick to get some great tones. A friend of mine who is a professional guitarist recently bought this pedal as well to use at his gigs.

I have yet to find something I don't like about this pedal. If I lost it or it was broken I'd go out and buy another one today.

The construction is very solid, I am not worried about hurting this thing at all.

Overall I am very pleased with this pedal. It has a great tone and is very good for playing blues. I would highly recommend this pedal for anyone, whether just starting out, or someone who has been playing for many years.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Boss BD-2 Blues Driver"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
$60 Used on Ebay

I like the nice warm tube sound. The unit has a different sound than something like a Tube Screamer, but then again if you want to sound like everyone else get one of those.

It eats batteries like it hasn't eaten for months.

This is a Boss! What do you think? You could drive over this think with a dump truck and it will still work.

You're going to be able to dial in a lot of cool tones with this unit. Aside from it's hungry appetite, you can't go wrong. Try and find one used, like I did, if you're not sure though. You can always resell it and recover pretty much what you paid in case you don't like it.

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Coco65's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good pedal!"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
This pedal is to play, as the name suggests, Blues or Blues / Rock. It performs these functions perfectly, since pressing it gets Bluesy sound very good and the years 1970-1980.
It has 2 inputs (like all), 1 volume, 1 tone and 1 Gain.


I find this pedal very easy to use and very easy to adjust.
I will not hide (like wah), I did not even cast a glance at the manual before I use it ..!


The effect is effective, Bluesy and quite realistic.
I use this pedal with all my guitars, but especially with the Fender Stratocaster (better for his Blues and Blues / Rock).
I prefer to put the issue in the middle, the middle and Tone Gain three quarters: it looks like that sound both Bluesy, but if you scratch the ropes course, a sound a little more rock.


I use this pedal for 3 years now, and I am quite satisfied with its sound and its effect. I bought this to really get his Blues and Bluesy, but would also produce a sound more Rock.
Ideal for clear sound to a sound Blues, just by pressing the foot (set the settings before pressing ..)!
jeff 7 adore.01/02/2013

jeff 7 adore.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Effect distortion pedal mild (relatively). Editable No, not rackable, analog connections jack.Electronique high quality, very strong, very well done!


Config ultra simple, three boutons.Manuel always useful and simple in Boss, in his ptite boite.Les are very simple to obtain.


The effects are very effective adapted blues and mild saturation, it is more suitable when pushed too my avis.Je uses a tv and strats fender.Je prefer this pedal in saturation but not too extensive thoroughly it sounds good even qd.


I sold it cheap a bluesman, one evening concert who needed but I'll racheter.Si you find secondhand: jump on it must have been, it makes service all the time if you don 'have no saturation but also for DS1 will Biern blues, I trouve.Rapport money, not given but given the Boss pedals I've never been dropped, they are hyper fiables.Oui I would do this choice also I have a lot of pedals Boss.
Oscar the Grouch05/23/2011

Oscar the Grouch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A journey back in time"

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
It is a saturation.

Analogue compact pedal.

Level finishes, it's tough.

Input and output jack.

A 9V power input. I put a 7 because it does not output to power other pedals like the boss boss TU-2.


The configuration is simple and easy editing effects:

More volume, the more it sounds strong.

More tone, more means treble

More gain, more sound is saturated.

Nothing more.

The knobs are very responsive, it is not necessary to have a great ear to hear the difference in sound when you rule a foot (this is not what CS-2).

Only problem (in my humble opinion), must push the guitar volume way down to the pedal really spit, otherwise, we get the grain, but very far from a distortion!


Excellent sound quality, this pedal takes you to the golden age of rock & roll by pressing the switch. You'll quickly warm sound with a grain charming 100% vintage.

I use a yamaha pacifica changed and I have great sound, I guess with a guitar les paul or a Start would be even better.

To play Cream, Creedence, Lynyrd Skynrd ... this is what you need.

The range of sound we can get: Crunchie cute little spending to spit up phlegm by playing around with the gain of the pedal and the volume of your guitar, I love.


I use it for two years.

The price is true that 80 euros is not given, put the pedal well worth it, I am very satisfied and I would do this choice.

n1colas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Overdrive or distortion pedal (that asser dificil to be defined) analog format boss, solid and simple, an input output, 3 pots (volume and tone drive)
Simply strong so I put 10


With 3 settings sound research can not be complicated, the manual is useless (unless you do not turn a potra NER, but, stop the guitar;) )


The sound is very particles or distortion or overdrive, crunch rather, between a half a fender bassman Smock and Marchall
Whatever the gain distortion is warm and fat but beyond 6 ComenC she was drooling and loss of definition, the sound can sometimes naziard
But with a relatively small gain this pedal offers a dynamic and exellent exellent proves to be a boost (it plays havoc with a Vox AC30)


It's been a year that I help, nowadays the only use I made is like a boost AC30 pence and I would do what I choi because this pedal is part of my sound, but I think beaucoub pedal similar to replace it (ProcoRat, Tubesceamer, Boss OD3 ...) but this pedal for me so why change?