Fulltone OCD V1.1

Fulltone OCD V1.1

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OCD V1.1, Overdrive pedal from Fulltone.

32 user reviews
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Fulltone OCD V1.1 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Fulltone
  • Model: OCD V1.1
  • Category: Overdrive pedals
  • Added in our database on: 07/05/2008

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Fulltone OCD V1.1 user reviews

Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 32 reviews )
 25 reviews78 %
 7 reviews22 %
Value For Money :

MGR/MattG's review"Fulltone OCD"

Fulltone OCD V1.1
Fulltone Obsesive Compulsive Drive. (OCD) This is the fourth edition, white pedal, black knobs, red LED. I am a guitarist playing in a gigging country/rock/blues cover band. I play a Fender American Deluxe Strat through a vintage Fender Quad Reverb.

The item was purchased from eBay for $145.00. I bought this pedal after playing through a friend's. I was looking for a versitlile overdrive pedal that would provide a warm overdrive for single coil pickups.

Where to start, This pedal is easily the best overdrive pedal I have ever played through. It has a very wide gain range. The simplicity of the controls are great, tone, drive, and volume. With the drive at about nine o'clock the sound is a lightly overdriven bluesy tone. If the drive is turned all the way up you get extreme overdrive and nearly distortion. With the twist of a knob, you can get all the different overdrives you need. The pedal is small and doesn't take up much room on a pedal board. It sounds great with humbuckers as well but I feel it is usually easier to get a good overdrive with humbuckers anyway. The price is not exorbitant at $143. An ibanez TS-9 is $100 and the OCD is far superior.


I haven't had the pedal very long so as far as I can tell it is built very well. Nothing has loosened up. The shell is heavy duty and it has the fail-safe external button switch.

Bottom line, this is the best overdrive pedal on the market right now. You may be able to find something similar in a vintage TS-808 but anything in production right now, including the TS-808 doesn't even come close to the sound and versitility. Anyone in the market, spend the extra money and make only one purchase.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Fireguy8402's review"Great Overdrive!"

Fulltone OCD V1.1
The Obsessive Compulsive Drive (OCD) is an overdrive pedal available from Mike Fuller at Fulltone, and it lives up to the Fulltone name. It takes your basic controls for an overdrive, Volume (overall volume of the drive), Drive (amount of gain), and Tone (EQ adjustment) and adds a HP/LP switch (high peak and low peak) which changes the pedal from a clean boost to light drive, to a light drive and smooth distortion tone. True bypass switching , a large LED, and sturdy metal construction round out the features.


It is very easy to get a good sound out of this pedal, and with about any amp I’ve paired it with. I believe it’s harder to get a bad sound out of it honestly. The pedal is laid out very well and the knobs are sturdy and turn very smoothly. Fulltone manufactures their own custom potentiometers according to their website “because what has been offered as "Industry Standard" has a 20% failure rate within 2 years”. I’m not sure about that fact, but the ones they put out are very nice. The bypass switches are also heavy duty and designed by Mike Fuller.


This is possibly one of the greatest drives out there for a light overdrive sound. It sounds very close to actual amp drive and allows the user to gain this at lower volumes. It is very capable of getting an almost clean boost, a light overdrive like a tube amp on the verge of breaking up, or a flat out smooth overdriven amp sound. Where this pedal shines is that it keeps the sensitivity and dynamics of your playing like an amp would and it has that same feel when you play through it. It’s hard to describe, but a lot of pedals just sound like you are replacing your tone with distortion, this pedal just adds to your tone just like pushing the front end of a tube amp. It does a straight up rhythm crunch with plenty of overtones and spank to it.


Fulltone pedals are pricey, but worth it in my opinion. You’re getting a well made pedal that is going to last that has been designed and hand built by a musician. Mike Fuller is a picky man, and it shows in a very good way. Putting a 5 year warranty on his pedals says a lot too. I really like this company and will be purchasing more pedals from them. This pedal is great in every aspect that I’ve seen. Maybe a little more EQ options may open a few more options to this pedal, but that’s really just asking too much. Additional tones are available with the HP/LP switch and that should cover most needs. It’s a super pedal and a great addition to any pedal board that needs an overdrive.

wwhhhaatt's review"good boost, great for classic rock"

Fulltone OCD V1.1
The fulltone ocd is an analog overdrive pedal with a pretty wide variety of sounds. It has the standard 1/4" inputs and outputs, a dc jack that can take 9-18 volts, controls for volume, gain, and tone, plus a high pass/low pass switch. It has a single true bypass stomp switch.


This is a no-frills overdrive pedal that is a breeze to set up and get going. The controls are very simple and sound surprisingly good at noon which I love in pedals. It does take a bit of time to get the volume leveled out and figure a good balance with the tone knob and high pass/low pass switch. The manual is fine and not really needed after the first use.


I used this pedal in a couple different ways. When playing in my main band, which is mostly metal, I mostly used it to boost the lead channel on my framus tube amp. It's a pretty common trick where you keep the gain all the way down, tone just over noon, and crank the volume. This makes the guitar hit the first gain stage a bit harder and compress more. Combining this with the slight bass cut on high pass gives you a tighter distortion sound that is pretty much the standard for modern metal. On our lighter songs I used the pedal with more gain and less volume on my clean channel as a mid-way point between clean and crunch.

As a standalone overdrive it was sometimes great and other times I felt it was a bit grating on the ears. It was tough finding a good balance between too much high end and not enough where it became muddy. It can get a great classic rock sound but seemed to really need a loud amp. At lower volumes it was just too fizzy sounding. I preferred using the low pass when used as a standalone overdrive on clean.


Overall it's a good pedal to have around and once you get it dialed in it's right there with the rest of the overdrive world. There are many different flavors available these days and this is one of the better ones for me. It is somewhat similar to a tube screamer when used as a boost but a bit clearer. The one thing I do not like is how many different versions there are out there.I have played a version 2 and 3 as well and did not really find a lot of sounds you could not get out of version 1.

iamqman's review

Fulltone OCD V1.1
Where do I begin with this pedal. This is quite simply one of the best pedal you can buy on the market.
Ill start by giving the difference that this 1st version has sound wise. This is the sound that started it all.

Version 1-
Serial numbers:
#000 - #4563

-Lots of bass
-lots of high end

Version i is very similar to versions 2. When we hit version 3 and 4 that is where some more dramatic changes occurred.

The OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Drive. This pedal is made to high standards and is quite an inexpensive boutique pedal.

This pedal is good for slamming the front of your amp into high gain territory or just hitting it with some clean boost. Either way is equally spectacular.

Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

* Tube-like overdrive and touch-sensitive response
* HP/LP switch for instant re-voicing and uses
* Volume, Tone, Drive controls
* True bypass switching


The OCD pedal takes over where the tube screamer left off. Not only does this pedal make your amp bite more but it really spanks the front end giving it good saturated distortion. The tone is very fat and warm. It makes a Strat get a little beefier when plugged into a clean amp.

Pretty simple functions with only 3 knobs and one mini switch that controls the high and low peek voicings. Good for changing or tailoring the voicing to fit your needs or your amps needs.


The sound is spectacular with this pedal. The color of the tone and the versatility of the pedal makes this a standard in gear magazines must have pedals. There isn't a sound that I don't like in this pedal. It does all of it so well that it is hard to choose which setting I like best. If I had to pick, I would go with the clean boost setting which would be taking your gain to around 9:00 and you tone around noon and your level as desired and slam the front of a heavily overdriven amp.

Use this with a Strat and a Fender Deluxe and you'll have classic rock tones for days. Put it in front of a Marshall JCM800 with a Les Paul or a Charvel and you'll be cranking some heavy rock n roll tones.


At the price point this just makes sense. And you don't even have to modify this pedal to get it to work. I give it a perfect for that reason alone. Being able to sound amazing at under $150 for a used one and be ready for stage use is a must own.

I recommend this pedal to any gigging guitarist and home player. This pedal will excite the dreamer guitar player for world changing tone. It is a blast to play and will be in my pedal hall of fame.

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