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RCF PA Speaker Cabinets news

  • New RCF ART 745-A amplified loudspeaker

    New RCF ART 745-A amplified loudspeaker

    04/28/14 in RCF ART 745-A

    RCF introduces a new full range amplified loudspeaker for medium and larger venues, the ART 745-A.

  • New RCF EVOX loudspeaker series

    New RCF EVOX loudspeaker series

    03/24/14 in RCF EVOX 8

    RCF introduced at Musikmesse a new series of portable loudspeakers that comprises subs + satellites. Two EVOX 5 and EVOX 8 are currently available.

  • [Musikmesse] RCF SUB 8004AS subwoofer

    [Musikmesse] RCF SUB 8004AS subwoofer

    04/17/13 in RCF SUB 8004-AS

    RCF introduced at Musikmesse 2013 the SUB 8004AS subwoofer, third model in the SUB family which already features the 8006AS and 8003AS.

  • [Musikmesse] RCF HDL 18-AS & SUB 8006-AS

    [Musikmesse] RCF HDL 18-AS & SUB 8006-AS

    03/24/12 in RCF HDL 18-AS

    RCF is showing two subwoofers at this year's Musikmesse.

  • [Musikmesse] RCF HDL 20-A

    [Musikmesse] RCF HDL 20-A

    03/15/12 in RCF HDL 20-A

    RCF will showcase the new Line array HDL 20-A at the Musikmesse 2012.

  • [NAMM] RCF Media Series

    [NAMM] RCF Media Series

    01/26/12 in RCF M801

    RCF introduced its new line of 2-way speakers at NAMM, with 5 models with power ranging from 80W to 160W.

  • RCF Art 4 Series MKII

    RCF Art 4 Series MKII

    11/06/11 in RCF ART 410-A

    RCF will be introducing the new Art 4 MK II with 4 models shipping in November 2011 followed by 2 more models in February 2012.

  • RCF HD10-A & HD 12-A

    RCF HD10-A & HD 12-A

    10/30/11 in RCF HD 10-A

    RCF has announced its new HD 10-A and HD 12-A models.

  • RCF Compact & Media Series

    RCF Compact & Media Series

    08/09/11 in RCF Media

    RCF presents two new series of monitors, the Compact Series and the Media Series.

  • RCF VSA 850 & 1250

    RCF VSA 850 & 1250

    08/08/11 in RCF VSA 1250

    RCF presents its VSA 850 and VSA 1250 multi-amplified vertical steerable arrays, designed for indoor installations where moderate visual impact is required.