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E-MU Patch/Program Banks user reviews

  • E-MU X-Lead v II

    E-MU X-Lead v II - MJCJM's review


    I use it for my Xlead V1 left with with my machines during a robbery! I really do not like seeing the same rom! The sounds are processed and many! As far as rom the MP7 looked searched, that the Xlead seemed aggressive and monotonous! Not that…

  • E-MU X-Lead

    E-MU X-Lead - MJCJM's review


    Very good card but even better in version 2! Many kits (one of the supplied) which is very handy when one has one! The sounds are tops, but with regard to the factory presets, it's not too here in version 1 because the sounds seem aggressive as…

  • E-MU Beat Garden

    E-MU Beat Garden - MJCJM's review


    I use it for over 5 years now! this is one of the best roms (I have to have tested a dozen) It is ideal for film music, world music / reggae, but works very well in other styles! Many percussion, timpani, bass / lead, tablecloths. It is my h…

  • E-MU Beat Garden

    E-MU Beat Garden - " Extraordinary"


    We are almost in September 2011. 'm Trying to test it. $ 215 paid to states, this may seem expensive but given the rarity of the machine is a good investment. I sequence all with cubase and mostly live. For anyone who wants to work in hardwar…

  • E-MU Composer

    E-MU Composer - " Wide range of sounds"


    The sounds are of good quality, it is a rom which can be used for all styles and this can cause problems. I see it more as a rom rom's main complementary. …

  • E-MU X-Rom

    E-MU X-Rom - matomatik's review


    Good sound bank Electro dance. …

  • E-MU Holy Grail Pianos

    E-MU Holy Grail Pianos - rokitroi's review


    I'm just not getting it for that expensive on a site that everyone knows well. My first impression is that I'm rather pleasantly surprised. I asked a lot, given the date of publication, if the sound is not too outdated given the recent killings i…

  • E-MU P-Rom

    E-MU P-Rom - Docteur Frog's review


    There are to date many different cards which are intended to reflect the sounds here are the Proteus names and their origins::: Protozoa: Map modules compatible ROM banks after Proteus 1, III and Fx (Proteus 2 Orchestral being) Composer: Official…

  • E-MU Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra

    E-MU Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra - Almanyak's review


    1 slot 32 MB of sounds typically Orchestral. The samples and sounds are as varied as practitioner. Some are truly majestic. Mainly oriented large sections. This means, for a note jou it seems to have 4, 8, 12 + (depending on the patches) musicians wh…

  • E-MU ProtoZoa

    E-MU ProtoZoa - Almanyak's review


    16 MB of sounds (Pop, Rock, World) General. All drawn from the Proteus 1, 2, & 3. Purists shun the rather because some programs, inevitably from a series prior to 2000 have restrictions Proteus editing. Eh oh? This is normal. The architecture and e…