E-MU Ensoniq Project
E-MU Ensoniq Project

Ensoniq Project, Patch/Program Bank from E-MU.

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jamychanprod 06/15/2006

E-MU Ensoniq Project : jamychanprod's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
For over 1year that I bought used. Trs This card is interesting for lovers of sounds "cool" style 80's. it's a good overview of the Ensoniq MR-Rack with a map shows the presets.
Also having had a MR-Rack several years ago that did not work that Moitiers I t very interested IDE to add the rom of MR in my E-MU PK6 (Proteus keyboard).

Regarding the price is pretty decent given the price of the MR-Rack Used (especially ca quickly while the problems of wear and maintains "old" rack synths, mine had contacts HS).

A flat anyway, since this rom is installed in my PK6, I have some audio clips in output when using more synth sounds "MR" at the same time!? it frankly and trs dsagreable damage as this card INTERESTED Roma and friendly!

When you love the "sound", it was worth the money even though some occasional audio clips are sometimes disturb the fun! Try to find it too expensive and ca ca be worth every penny!