E-MU Holy Grail Pianos
E-MU Holy Grail Pianos

Holy Grail Pianos, Patch/Program Bank from E-MU.

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Docteur Frog 11/15/2002

E-MU Holy Grail Pianos : Docteur Frog's user review


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Since it is ncessaire to talk about all the cards ROM E-MU, I could not pass ct of it. The Holy Grail Piano card is no longer produced today hlas .. (My painful homage) .. but most of its sound Pianos have INSRE t in the cards Sound Of The ZR-76 (which explains why it is not Fully Ensoniq - See reviews for this map) and the card Proteus Pop Collection. Cepeda, nothing replaces the day the quality of some presets of this map that reflect the sympathy strings, Tempra agreement and all the little nuances that make the piano playing that really stands out lot in the conept. Bone, of course, requires a little tweaking the sound, arrange sauce as with any machine. Provides a sound machine-ide is only objective of a sound, it lacks personal touch. It is regrettable that card. For users of OS.4 Emulator ... / Ultra / Soft Emulator, you can always find the card in the form of CD-ROM format native E-MU.

With respect
Dr. Frog