E-MU Holy Grail Pianos
E-MU Holy Grail Pianos

Holy Grail Pianos, Patch/Program Bank from E-MU.

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rokitroi 04/16/2009

E-MU Holy Grail Pianos : rokitroi's user review


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I'm just not getting it for that expensive on a site that everyone knows well.
My first impression is that I'm rather pleasantly surprised.
I asked a lot, given the date of publication, if the sound is not too outdated given the recent killings in emerging plugin, and other patches for newer machines.
And although it's still quite honest.
Although synthetic material is made better now (it feels especially aggressive on presets, as they pounded the keyboard a bit much), expressiveness, and spatial behavior are rather very convincing and provide a true pleasure of play
The overall result is very musical and variety of factory presets offer a good range of different styles of piano, or taking of piano sounds that can be created by putting a little hand in it.

I wanted a good piano sound that allows me to continue to call on my small command station without having to use my PC, and I'm not disappointed. After some trial and without touching the settings some presets already well integrated with other instruments (drums and bass from a protean drums).
A really good digital piano, then, and rather well preserved for its age.

Remains to digest the first impression and get down to business!