E-MU Beat Garden
E-MU Beat Garden

Beat Garden, Patch/Program Bank from E-MU.

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nitrogen 12/15/2003

E-MU Beat Garden : nitrogen's user review


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MMmmmoui, well, I just got mine and you have something reconnatre: E-MU is gal itself. This means that the sounds are a purity that is hard to find elsewhere. For example the bass are bass up bass notes trs (trs sentence but this little bitch is quick and easy test to do everything as efficient trs). This means that the "basic" is really going to sound diffrent if the hack blows filters or effects, for example.
Unfortunately, as is often the case in the field of Dance / Techno, we are of the sounds on offer, which, despite a total quality irrprochable if not impressive, are very s basic and conventional trs: normment sound bass and percussion, trs some sfx. The drum kits are little prs almost identical: a Kit fawn the other is the classs whose sounds are not the sounds in themselves that diff re.
Proponents of the big sound (they reconnatront) will therefore still use blocks effects for bass sounds pretty saturated fawn Drum & Bass industrial or cymbals that cut his mind on Industrial Hardcore.
From the time that this music exists Fawn official I find it odd that the sound banks offered (and not only by E-MU) voluent as slowly in the sound design itself.
Little info (at any rate valid at the time o the notice just arrived): E-MU seeks to make its prices more attractive. Go to their site and order a ROM. They rpondront you that these offers are only feature bass customers to the United States, and to order you must contact an email address they will send you their rponse. I believed too much to beginners, but I tried I found myself in contact with a person based in Ireland and working for E-MU, and I pay my ROM 115 Euros book home ...
The sounds I do not like too much, there 's are only 535 (against 1250 in Map X-Lead, for example ...), but all fawns competition is not better I will put 8 just for the quality ...