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All user reviews for the Echo Layla

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 1 user review25 %
 1 user review25 %
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Psycom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Echo Layla








moikl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good for the time"

Echo Layla
Basically I bought 3 for shooting his live up to 24 simultaneous tracks.
Direct recording of 24 out of the mixing desk (MX8000, I know something better ... I now have a Roland M400), and editing the 24 inputs monitor. I also connected with BNC cables to synchronize.


Drivers stable?
I am not sure whether the drivers who are not stable in my system (3 maps). I think it's rather my racks that are not stable. We will say that I have to restart the racks Layla all about 4h). On the software interface supplied with, suddenly, all levels amounted to bottom, and the card is usable at least to relaunch the rack.
Drivers regularly updated.

Use only with Samplitude.

Latency less than 10ms in 24 tracks.


Easy. Is connected. It installs the drivers and it is running (even without rebooting it seems to me) under WXP.

I bought second hand without a manual.


So to summarize: it has been 5 years since I use them. Unfortunately I changed my PC and I have only one PCI slot (PCI Express that is ...), so one card ...

In fact I had the Guillemot ISIS before (but under XP transition who have not actually had to invest ...)

Sound Quality: starting from the date cards, pre-amps are starting to create the breath catch.

Default: no phantom power, no adjustment of input gain on the rack
Quality: Ease of use

With experience, I would do this election? Say that at the time of purchase, these cards were news, now they are no longer the flavor of the day: PCI, wholesale / cable / connection for PCI / Rack.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Echo Layla
Choice motivated by the renowned sound quality, the number of inputs and outputs, the look and bargain-price I had at the time of purchase!
is a 20-bit sounds better than a lot of 16 and 24 (such Hoontech !!!...) because of the quality of convertos and has good bass (due to the fact that the carrier frequency would be lower than the competition !...?).
use home-studio "ambitious" ...
I have long been a mac pc pw 604th (8600-250 BC), plugged in pci.
the mac is completely outdated (in principle) ... Still, I always go out CDs defs with this couple ... and it sounds!
8 outputs enable the mix of analog, if you want.


Installation (Mac) easy and immediate.
no inconsistency.
a small mixing desk software comes with to set the input levels if desired.
Download to echo the latest version of the up date is useful (because the first could generate loud noises at ignition, if the table was lit before the layla).
inputs outputs are balanced, there's digital inputs and outputs are the same for MIDI and world clock!
is pro.
only problem the stereo jacks to put in it shall be driven to the bottom ... but not too much, otherwise the sound does not.
sometimes it's near the millimeter. it's boring if everything is in one rack and moved the son behind.
may be disassembled to tickle that causes the voice not ...
so I put 9 instead of 10


Drivers nickels and stable.
update enough for me.
I did walk with digital and perf cubase 5.
no latency issues.
I already read 30 tracks by recording 5.


Used for 6 years (I think).
I am quite familiar sound of the big protools ... I prefer layla!
it was quite expensive at the time.
okaz to now it has to be the case.
so do it again, I would do this choice.
VR SPIRIT12/16/2002

VR SPIRIT's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Echo Layla
8 inputs / 10 analogue outputs, entrsorti S / PDIF and MIDI.
Ideal for multi-track recording.
Install a 4 Pentuim, MSI 845 Ultra motherboard, Western Digital hard disk 3.


Installation without problem under Windows (98, XP)
General configuration exellent.
Englais manual only


Driver XP beta for the moment on that date (12/01/02)
Last updated on 13.11.02
Latency was 7 ms, stable and efficiently.
More than 10 tracks simultaneously without cracking, very good performance.


I use it for 1 year with great satisfaction.
Domgasse it is not no optical input and will opt for the model Layla 24 for it.
The report was correct qualitprix has its output (1998)
If I do it again the same choice ferris