MOTU 2408 Mk3
MOTU 2408 Mk3
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All user reviews for the MOTU 2408 Mk3

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 1 user review11 %
 2 reviews22 %
Value For Money : Correct
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phraseland's review

MOTU 2408 Mk3
I bought the MOTU 2408 about four years ago and chose it mainly for the several setups you can run. I already owned an 8-Mic T/DIF interface and wanted to find a good solution to integrate it into my setup. There are not a lot of devices out there that actually have the T/DIF ports so I was excited to find this piece of equipment.

It comes with a PCI card that hosts a lot of the calculations needed for 24 channel audio processing. I also like that I can take it in my studio and use other than my equipment - simply by plugging in ADAT or T/DIF on the back.
I am ashamed to admit that I am using a 2,0GHz PC with 512MB RAM to run my setup - but I slimmed it down a lot and it runs without problems...only when I try to run Cubase, Melodyne and Reason at the same time :-) I am about to change that but for the last four years this computer setup has never hesitated to record 24 tracks at the same time. My whole first CD was recorded on this configuration - mainly thanks to the efficiency of the 2408.

The eight analog inputs are icing on the cake and have enabled quite a few live recordings (along with my T/DIF interface)


I was quite amazed when I installed the PCI card and the drivers...because very quickly I was 'out of work'...everything was ready to go!
There are a few settings that are very convenient but sometimes a bit difficult to understand at first. You can route the mixer settings any way you want before they reach your host. And the ASIO driver has worked in Cubase SX flawlessly for the last four years.


MOTU is just great about driver updates. They are amongst the first when a new operating system comes out and they fix problems very quickly.
As I already mentioned I have used this interface to the max and it has not hesitated to deliver. When I was recording my album I was not only recording 20 tracks at a time (initial drum recordings) - towards mixdown I was playing back about 40 tracks (with effects) and still recording overdubs. I can't really expect more of a software.


The PCI card works with other interfaces from MOTU as well - so I figure they run just as well. I only have experience with the 2408 and I can only recommend MOTU to anyone looking for a professional solution that doesn't blow the budget.
Maybe they could have given the unit a couple of microphone preamps...but for that you have all the other interfaces. I can't really find anything bad about this interface - even though it is not for everyone. But if you already own preamps and want to use them (be it ADAT, S/PDIF or T/DIF) this is a really good option.

ouindel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" its my first real quad"

MOTU 2408 Mk3
the number of tracks, the TDIF, ADAT ... the 96k being able to string together several, and in his time, the PCI card 424. used a pc with dual core Q6600 with 8 gigs of ram (my old system) for recording in the studio, with a few 96 and 02R Device (converter Studer, DBX 160A comp, Dtwo ...)


never had no problem drivers, used with Nuendo 3.2 and 4.3, 32 IN / OUT fairly regularly without any problems, read, I already tried with all my cards motu (February 2408 and February 2408 mk2 mk3) connected to the 424 pcie card 96IN/OUT ... and it works.


RAS except that when there are several cards on the 424, you must connect the principal on the first port) never read the manual


06 years since the first, they all walk. I used the motu, the rms, the digidesign ...

ArmorStudio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Aged badly"

MOTU 2408 Mk3
Studio 24 tracks including 16 ADAT

INTEL i7 December 2011

Windows 7 64-bit


Every time I changed my config, every time I had problems with my MOTU (incompatibility).

Here I think it's over ... Drivers no longer follow.

It disappears after about 2 (Forced to disassemble, WIN 7 restart, turn off the PC, Insert the card and restart ... it's serious!)

Today she has planted in full seéance studio ..


Every time I changed my config, every time I had problems with my MOTU: Incompatibility with video card for example ...

There, when she wants to work well, I have a latency of starting ... at least 200 ms and I have spent hours playing with the buffers and drivers updates .......


7 years together ..
This is a page that looks: she aged badly.
it was a good sound card.
I might be keeping it in an OLD PC .... she like my old machines ..

bassprodukt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 2408 Mk3
The number of I / O-FID 3adat + 3T
The versatile side
Use home studio
Config: P4 2Ghz Intel I850 chip (TH7 II abit) 512MB Rambus
side disks 2 + Adaptec 39160 U160 SCSI Seagate 10,000 rpm for workflow
connected to a O2R, I use microphones, sound modules and synt, guitar, sampler, digital direct disc II.


Super simple installation
drivers easy to install, the installation is actually a formality.
I have encountered no difficulty.
the manual is clear complete and accurate.


This is an example of stability, never really encountered any problems.
Update drivers? I do not know because it works so well that I am not occurred to me to go the last update.
5ms latency without forcing the machine
I use 16 in 16 + REC PLAY on the ADAT and 8 of the analog, it turns thunder.
I come from a Hoontech ADDA 2000, (which for the price is very good stuff), the difference is clear, the price too.


Bought new 1 year ago or so, I hesitated long time between the MOTU and RME Fireface 800, I would do this choice because I am very satisfied with the quality of the material, and I also appreciate his openness with modules that can be added (896HD, HD192, 24 i / o etc ...) allowing to be scalable.
Having three adat and 3 Tdif to clearly motivated my choice, I had to be built this card with a O2R 2 + 2 Tdif adat, adat a DR-16, S 1 6000 adat, it is clear therefore that the rms was a bit short side connections.

dontforget's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 2408 Mk3
I chose this interface after a few comparative shots of the press Specializes (given the number of products on the market ...) and their long exprience.J 'needed to least 8 analog inputs and 2 numriques. I use it for my demos and my realiss soundtracks for my Latin jazzy reggae trio (singer, piano / keyboards, percussion).
My computer config: Dell Dimension 8300, 3.06Ghz, 2048 MB RAM, a 120GB SATA HDD (system), a 250GB HDD (given). Cubase SX2 And, Wavelab 5, plugins etc ...
I use many keyboards (Korg T1, promega3, Akai S3200 Sampler, emu SP12, Roland JX 8P and 10P, Hammond B3 organ, CP80, mini moog, Solina, Korg 800DV, Emulator II +, Korg DSS1, Piano acoustic 2m36 3 / 4 PETROF tail ...) Rode Microphone for voice while on a table NT2.Le Behringer EURODESK 8000 in line 24, the 8 outputs in groups in eight entries in the 2408 Mk3.


Installation without problems even with a manual in English.


No problem, I get the latency down to below 6 ms, with Cubase SX 2.
I record 8 tracks with no problems.


I use it since January 2004 and against ATTENTION! in January 2006 it breaks down (sounds terrible happened) So I compared my dealer, who returned the importer, which the United States .. Total expdier I rcupr seven months later in July 2006, in fact I reu an interface (the box) nine the PCI 424 as the meme.L I said s'tait monstrously long (but I'm used to the material Amricain (my emu for example) is great, but is important not that crashes if not FAREWELL ... So glad rcuprer j'tait all my good and can continue working, as is my mtier and ... After installing the software, turn on the interface, bizzzzareee noise for 5 seconds and CURTAIN, NADA, Kafu, nothing any complexion, FAILURE.
I would say nothing on value?? Money I could say things trs trs trsdsagrables.
If I do it again this choice? see ... , Rflchissons ... and no, no, no!
Too bad it's interface seemed to be good, but a force to drive prices in all directions, the quality would be terrible and I found my mots.Cela PSE said it is not exclusive MOTU , Behringer too (terrible problem with my MX 8000 and my four Ultra curve, change of my APRS PROMEGA March 1 year of purchase (welds let go ...).
us, small home-studio owners, are happy to buy these products even when
trs performance (compared what we had in the 80s (yes I am 46 years dja) o an unfortunate K7 fostex 4-track studio brought price worth paying francs.Le 8000 is the solid which is increasingly declining.

Nikooo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 2408 Mk3
I chose this card to the transparancy of the converter and its FLEXIBILITY compared to these in / out.

I m is from 2 years to lesREC j using 2 analog cascade TO BENEFIT FROM 16 IN.
J attack convert a Preamp FOCUSRITE RED1 COMPRESS UREIL 1176.
No I is not notice any problem to convert.

In the mix I use in ADAT SPDIFF DM24en a slave with effects in digital out (pcm. ..)

I blame him for lack of AESEBU selfclooking ...
The SPDIF is not the only ...


THE 2408 ass is convenient to use and is very well thought out.

J have sometimes encountered problems with noise from the motu as a batement heart.
repisse that on all tracks. But rest assured you the restart the problem goes away.
No I have encountered this problem as 5.6 times in 2 years of daily use

The only concern of this card may be ADAT connectors that are a bit light ...
There have been several meters that they unplugged ... I think any ADAT interfaces have the same problem what s not panic.


I used the one with Qbaz SX2, and c are really stable, no problem compatibilitbr />
Latency is inaudible if it well configure the buffer size.

For once the rec cons finished, it is preferable to mix the buffer remetre below to reduce the burden of the DSP motu and therefore benefit from the power of the card.


If I had to buy a sound card I buy the closed eyes !!!!!!

Transparency Compatibility reliability, impeccable.
House of Noise04/13/2004

House of Noise's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 2408 Mk3
The capabilities of this card are really impressive:
3 inputs to ADAT = 24 tracks
3 between the format tascam
8 I / O on Jack symtrique
SMPTE sync
headphone jack with front and knob Potar volume gnral!
All with a mix in the zero-latency thanks CueMix ... standard!

I'm on G4 733 with OS X.3.2
I never use it 100% capacity, but less need I have everything you need on hand
(With an 01V96 or DM24 is happiness live or in studio!)


Zero-installation problem
manual clear and easy to understand ... CueMix
in addition it contains a function talkback latest version ... Very practical!


I confess a little be of use with my setup ...
converters are high quality,
DP4 but the buffers are only trs little "game" (1024 maximum) and my mac is lagging behind,
which gives me cracking up even optimizing.

In addition I have some background noise (buzz from time to various temsp) I never v1 with the 2408!


I've had 8 months and this card is HUGE but we will have to move to G5 and enjoy dgote me a bit (especially as to move to the G5 I have to change the PCI and I bought the card in the States, you get the picture!)

I think it's a great tool and I highly recommend one that hsiterait, at least if his computer was in the belly!

joulien3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 2408 Mk3
Need a sound card with good converters ....
registration at least 10 simultaneous tracks
msi motherboard (yes) amd 2000 + / 512 ram / disk ata 133 7200 60 tm go
I use the motu with a 02R ... but I still adat cards ... it's going to come ...


Yes, more or less in 2000 it took me about 15 minutes but I have trouble when ....
nan, finally I have SoundForge plays hard ....
General config pretty simple ....
English manual ....


Relatively stable drivers ...
updated frequently
I use cubase sx1.03 and is stable
I have zero latency.
I recorded a battery with 10 microphones, a gtr witness, witness bass, vocals witness, four independent network headphones with the system console and CueMix cubase motu had two ....( j)
Read the track about 35 jai / morceaux...voire more


I use it for 9 months
I had a little trouble in capturing actually using the CueMix console but now that this proves great for networks including headphones ... jai few small buz when I do nothing at all and when I read c nikel but apparently I'm the only ... my config is stable .... no particular problems ....
I had no other real sound card in any case before the other has less than 2500 balls to toy c ... really.
c a bit expensive but well worth the ... c reliable, sturdy, super converters (for the price) wordclock! in bnc! kil damage is not of AES / EBU ... but good
sound card platform perfect for me to try the ...
sam 4405/11/2003

sam 44's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 2408 Mk3
I was looking for a stable sound card with good converters as well as analog and digital inputs.

My configuration: P4 2.4
1024 ram 2700 dan elec
sata asus motherboard Pope
dd scsi seagate Tekram Controller Card
the hard drive is dedicate to the mao
Utiliss Software: Cubase SX
Wavelab 4
T + plugs racks in various

I use this card with an analogue desk a TL Audio M3 (post fader direct out)
I also spend a Mindprint dtc, and soon by a compressor TL Audio C1.
Utiliss microphones: Neumann TLM 103, Rode NT1 NT3 ....


You must install the drivers before putting the card.
Version 1.01 is available on the site.
CueMix software is simple and very practical.
The drivers provide access to all inputs and outputs of the card.

No problems encountered.


The drivers are very stable.
No loss of sync
I recorded 10 tracks up silmutanement
I have read so far up to 30 tracks but I still room

0 latency with the DSP card


I use it for 3 months.
This is a card with a good momentum even though the 192 hd seems to me better.
converters are good cost, no breath.
The card is expensive compared to RME (I own the PAD before) but there is the possibility to connect other cards to the PCI.
It has volumes PHONES and HAND OUT on the front, which is useful for monitoring. In short it is a map scroll.

I have not had any problems with the sound I got with my system is excellent.
I give this notice to pc + motu that it works.
I have read many opinions on this map ngatifs.
I think we need him ddier a hard drive just for her as well as component quality.

MOTU MK3 the Queen of DTD

Sat 44