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All user reviews for the MOTU HD192

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 7 reviews )
 3 reviews43 %
 2 reviews29 %
 1 user review14 %
 1 user review14 %
Audience: Anyone
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Blockos-K's review"It's a bombshell!"

- Which technical specifications motivated your choice?
The overall MOTU quality but, especially, the quality of the interface's converters.

- What's your setup (motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard drive,...)?
Mac pro xeon 64bits, protools 9


It's stable, no particular problems.


Easy installation (if you plan to use your card at long distances, don't mistake the audiowire cable with a simple firewire one, otherwise you risk having problems. You can find a 9ft or 15ft long cable in their store, but whatever you do, don't use a common firewire cable, because the cabling is not the same).
You obviously need the pci card that comes with it and also note that this interface has no monitoring section to manage the signal that goes to the monitors (you'll need something like the Presonus Central station or similar).


It'll soon be two years since I have it, I previously had a digi 003.

Better quality of the converters!!!!! The quality of the AD and DA converters is jaw-dropping. The recordings sound incredible and the sound coming out of the speakers has another dimension. The lows are much more cutting and precise, and everything is much clearer and differentiated.

- No real cons, except for the fan, which is noisy (I changed it for a more silent one and it's a real treat).

The HD192 is a killer soundcard, I won't be changing it any time soon.
I would buy it again (especially given its price!) with my eyes closed and open ears!!!!!
ced wolff05/28/2011

ced wolff's review

12 AD/DA external FireWire interface


Stable, easy to use. I use it with logic pro 8. The software included is great.


Easy as a Sunday morning...


I used it for two years...I also tested the rme digi96, tascam fw1884 and apogee rosetta 200.
I sold it to switch to Apogge. It's one of the best interfaces for a home studio. It bears no comparison to Apogee, obviously.
The fan noise is unbearable!!!
Good value for money.
Impossible to choose it again if you have a more refined taste (apogee, lynx, etc.).

saxappeal's review"Okay, but noisy and currently being repaired..."

12 analog inputs and outputs on xlr, high-end converters, the same as protools HD...Possibility to add 3 other interfaces to the same pcie card, without installation.
8 core Mac pro, 10 Gb ram, Mac OS 10.6.6, different HDDs for the OS and "work.".


Drivers okay, Logic 9, 12 tracks and sometimes 16 or more for live recording (drums+ guitar, keyboard, bass, vocals...simultaneously). In such cases I add a 2408 (8 analog inputs).


No problemo.


It'll soon be 3 years, having had an m-audio delta 10/10, it works fine.
Pros: The sound. Cons: The sound of the fan. Good value for money. It's currently at the shop because inputs 1 and 2 recently broke down at the same time (fortunately Thomann offers three years of warranty, although MOTU only offers 2 years). Good gear, but I'm not sure I'd buy it again.

tontonbrahms's review

Very easy: 12 xlr inputs, 12 xlr outputs, AES i/o, and word clock


On mac, I've used dp and Motu for 15 years, I have never had the slightest problem.
The drivers are remarkably stable and they are generic, which is an advantage, because you only need one installer for all current and past MOTU cards.
It's not like M audio with its 20 drivers per soundcard which are all lousy!!!!

OTHER ADVANTAGES with DP: The possibility to daisy-chain several soundcards, even from different brands, to increase the number of inputs/outputs during sessions.


No special remarks.


Excellent card, very pro, the converters are really effective (fortunately...). I use it to output five channels to my Dynaudio Air 6, as effects send/returns for a pcm 91, an UREI 1178, an H3000se, and a digitech 2120. It all works smoothly.

Truly superior to an 828 and light-years beyond an Mbox 2.

macdriverz's review

The finish, the VUmeters for all channels directly on the hardware, the interesting converters.
Its false impression of sturdiness.


I just sold mine, I've had enough of PC soundcards, I only collected the Isis, 1820 M...
Besides its nice look, I have nothing positive to say about it.

What takes the cake is that everything works fine at the store, but not at home. Neither the store (who say they are specialists) nor the after-sale service want to hear anything about it.


I would've loved to have tested it before.


Start again? It's like a lottery, if you win you are happy (which never happens, only exceptionally), if you don't, you are bitter.

studjazz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The choices inconsistent MOTU"

The MOTU HD 192 date, but in itself it is not a problem because the work of a converter remains the same, converting the best on different frequencies.

It was at that time one of the best machines, but it has done better since (Lynx etc ...).
However, the difference lies not in design but in penny-pieces!

1. A fan makes noise. We replaced by a silent fan (25 €). Why is this not original, it is a studio unit that upscale wants and it is not a vacuum cleaner!

2. The AKM AK5394 converter is one of the best on the market, it is present in the DIGIDESIGN 192 I / O, but also in LYNX, Universal Audio.

3. OP amps: As the fan, MOTU has made savings, this criticism can also be addressed to DIGIDESIGN 192 I / O. The sound is therefore "degraded".

In the end, we have a product that is not TOP. But it is possible to upgrade, we have done by Black Lion. Replaced with OP amps, we have one of the best converters on the market!

Why did not any original quality for a converter over 1500 €? .... !!!!

MOTU political choices:

Having worked with this brand since the early 2000s, I find that political choices MOTU are not very consistent.

MOTU, like DIGIDESIGN, is one of the only manufacturers with DP Soft and Hard. He made the choice to stay open and compatible with other software, which is to their credit. This is not the case DIGIDESIGN (one can work with PRO TOOLS DIGIDESIGN).

He did not, however, developed an equivalent HD cards, which would have allowed MOTU to be an alternative to PRO TOOLS HD.

The difference is around latency issues and management of headphones.

However, MOTU offers a solution through CUEMIX software, a small hyper basic mixer without EQ or effects .... without latency.

This requires you to juggle both software and make several mix and CUEMIX remains basic.

If you use DP, you can manage everything from DP, like a PRO TOOLS HD, but there is latency, HD card fault.

New political choices:

The new features are for years directed at the general public. The converters are not upscale, like the HD 192 remains MOTU the best product.

The new range AVB:

The AVB range offers revolutionary features, this is a real innovation.
A real virtual mixer can be remotely controlled through a tablet. It offers 12 different mixes, which means that in the studio, each musician can make are own headphone mix from a tablet!
Great, except that .... converters are of poor quality! Therefore unusable in a professional!

Meanwhile, MOTU abandon its professional range.

These choices seem to us inconsistent.

Suicidal turn was initiated ...

MOTU could provide a bridge between professional systems based on PCI 424, introducing in its range AVB AudioWire the connectors present on the PCI 424. The ADAT connection is present, but not the AudioWire.

This would have resulted retain their business customers.

The abandonment of the HD192, related to the drop in sales was primarily due to penny-pieces mentioned above. These savings have been made by Lynx, RME etc ...

We believe that a HD192, revised and corrected, compatible with AVB range would have been welcomed by the professional world as gateways have allowed professionals already equipped to remain loyal to the brand and invest in the AVB system.

The choice of MOTU contrary, we regret it and it seems to us inconsistent.

MOTU has forgotten that the first quality of a converter is sound. A serious professional will favor the sound quality for the benefit of the feature.

Our choice, keep our Black Lion / MOTU HD 192 and if we were to abandon change ..... unless MOTU MOTU come to change its policy ...
sam 4407/27/2003

sam 44's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

I just got the 192 hd
I also have the mk3 2408 (see my opinion on this one)

The HD 192 is very easy to install
I put the drivers a day, I plug in the extension of the PCI card and voila
Cubase recognizes immediately the entries, the console also motu and here I am with 20 analog inputs with great converters.
He had no conflict, not of CRAC short happiness.

With this material, it is very good pramplis, compressors ......

I remember that I'm on PC with Windows XP and it works very well.

All I see posts saying "yeah motu it seems that its not working on pc, I heard ....."

I have all my hardware and it did not plant.
In reading these posts after ordering my hardware that I pos questions.

I wonder what they like config or if they really had this material in his hands.

So there are problems on one day I'll keep you informed.

Sat 44


Motu Good


Motu Good


Motu Good