Line 6 EX-1 Expression Pedal
Line 6 EX-1 Expression Pedal

EX-1 Expression Pedal, Pedal/Controller from Line 6.

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Average Score:3.3( 3.3/5 based on 6 reviews )
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nickname009's review

Line 6 EX-1 Expression Pedal
I currently have two of these to maximize the use of my m9. It’s a pretty good looking pedal and isn’t too costly either. It also comes with a little patch cord to connect with, which is nice, except it’s a very very cheap cord with plastic casing and one of them broke on impact while still in its original box. Weird. But I have plenty of patch cables hanging around so it’s okay, sort of.
As for the pedal, I like the size it’s not as big as the boss one as far as I know and it’s quite smooth when using it. Can’t really complain about that. But you can kind of tell it’s cheaply made, the input jack ring is plastic, and I know that’s going to break or crack some day, it’s bound to. There’s also an output label on the side but it’s plugged with a plastic piece. As if this used to be another type of pedal (volume pedal maybe?) and they just simply plugged up the input part and started selling this as an expression pedal. So it’s definitely somewhat of a cheap-ish pedal.

However, in terms of use, I haven’t had any problems with it so far. I am just seriously hoping that in the long run this will last. Though I haven’t heard of anybody actually having any problems with these expression pedals so far. I’m just crossing my fingers hoping that I don’t have too much bad luck with these pedals. I’m glad I got two, I did originally intend to use both at the same time but since I only really use one foot at a time 2 is not really necessary, and the 2nd one is now a spare in case the first breaks down somehow.

Overally it’s a cheap expression pedal. There are better ones out there and I’d recommend those if you have the extra cash to spend. These are nothing but decent.

moosers's review

Line 6 EX-1 Expression Pedal
The Line EX1 is a foot expression pedal that is designed for use with Line 6s line of modeling pedals like the DL4 and the MM4. It is pretty basic in make up as it is a simple controller that will control a variety of different things depending on what pedal you are using this with. It has 1/4 inch connections to send it to the pedal of your choice and is probably most useful when using it with the Line 6 FM4 filter pedal because you can use it with all sorts of wah wah effects, but is also useful with the other pedals in this line as well as it just adds to the amount of sounds you can get. While I've never used the Line EX1 for anything other than with the Line 6 models, I believe it is compatible with any other pedal that has connections for an expression pedal. While this expression pedal doesn't seem to be made of the sturdiest material, if you treat it well it should last a while and does its job properly. However, I do believe that the price of the Line EX1 is probably a little more expensive than it should be considering it isn't the most well made pedal in the world. Don't get me wrong, its not that expensive, but it also doesn't do that much and shouldn't be that much money to manufacture. Taking all of this into account, the Line EX1 will certainly do what it claims to do and it does it well. If you have any of the Line 6 modeling pedals, especially the FM4, and want a little more control over your sound, this will go a long way in making that possible. All in all, the Line EX1 is good choice as far as expression pedals go, even if this is only because of its compatibility with the popular Line 6 pedals.
Vince Brooks10/02/2010

Vince Brooks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 EX-1 Expression Pedal
Box with plastic - in plastoc? - To look very cheap and trslger - when the seller has given me in the box at the time of purchase, I thought the box was empty ;-)
No need to diet - phew! - Entrance, exit condemns - why the devil have plans, then? - And four pads antidrapants.
Compare my Dunclop Cry Baby, it really looks like a toy, it creaks a bit and seems relatively fragile j'espre anyway she'll take it!

Simple in simple, but dependent on the Line 6 M13 comprhension.
I finally understand (I had done little indeed) how the "configure" such that that its use matches that of a real or a real wah pedal volume (that is - that the more you press, as we move Aiges Frequencies in the case of the wah and is pressed, the greater the volume in the case of a pedal ... volume).
I use it as a volume pedal, wah (attention, in both cases, the difference of a "real" wah and a "true" volume pedal, it should s selects a pRSET to activate the pedal) and Controls the rate of volume and drive on some saturation.
I already tested also grate speed and depth of some modulations, is gnial!

Is that of the M13, so it's the ball!
The sound of the Vetta wah wah gives a similar one we hear in the wildcard of "Children of tl", a chemical hair, but I love it!

I use it for a week. I still have 2 or 3 things to learn, but I'm already happy with my purchase, I think I'll even buy me a deuxime!
I have fun like a little crazy, I just regret not being able to have a range of effects and more on the M13 (instead of 4 times 3, 5 times 3) to be able to leave a slice Manir with the wah and volume continuously.
I have not tried other models, I trusted the seller.
I know there are still less expensive on the market but I think these pedals are more fragile and rserves use in the studio.

Groromrom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 EX-1 Expression Pedal
I used 5-6 years intensively on a Line6 DL4 delay, until I discovered that other pedals are compatible with this delay.

This pedal is plastic.

The "race" of the pedal is good but once you lift your foot, it moves a little, so it's not very accurate.

Another problem when you have very precise control that you want to apply when the pedal is at the bottom: the result is not always the same! (In my case I wanted the "repeats" or to infinity: the time sometimes faded while the pedal was at the bottom).

Regarding the quality / price, I have exactly the same case for a volume pedal ( Bespeco ( ) ) which has an electronic equivalent of a simple but costs about 20 € new. The price of the Line6 Ex-1 is frankly beyond its value.
Any small problems I have quote disappeared since I use a Ernie Ball 25kohm.

Eяяаtom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 EX-1 Expression Pedal
I use it with Line6 FM4 Filter Stompbox Modeler.
The EX-1 ( ) has an outlet for connecting the pedals with a mono plug (included with the pedals, the right / right). It is plastic but seems nanmoins solid. The race is rather large (longer than one or Whammy Cry Baby). Resistors can rgler of the pedals.
It allows me to act on any paramtre (Freq, Mix, Q, etc ...) in my FM4, so it is really practical and wide Whereas the possibility of Stompbox.
The new price is rather excessive, it is usually the brand of accessories sell expensive (FB4. ..)

The -
. Price nine non justifibr />
. imporant race that allows a significant increase of the effect
. good flexibility and sufficient prcise
. adds the possibility of beacoup pedals connected to it

manfad's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 EX-1 Expression Pedal
I enclose the instructions to calibrate the EX-1 with a FBV Shortboard and POD XT if it can prevent a few people to lose 4-5 hours and its cool ...

Here are the instructions for calibrating the pedals (Should you really calibrate Both at the Same Time):
1. Both pedals to Move Their center positions Roughly Halfway Between the MAX and MIN position.
2. Press BANK DOWN + MODULATION + DELAY and hold for Three Seconds. Will this reset the calibration value for the pedals to Their default values ​​(there is no indication on the screen of this mode is hidden).
3. Press STOMP + DELAY + REVERB and hold for Three Seconds. Will this pedal now display the information for the LEFT PEDAL INTERNAL.
4. Move the pedal to STIs and press down MIN position (pedal all the way heel down).
Move the pedal to ITS MAX position (pedal all the way toe down) and press down hard Enough to actuate the pedal's toe switch.
5. Check the range on the MAX (Displayed number on right hand side of display) and MIN (second from right number Displayed hand side of display). MIN 000 Should Be, Should Be MAX 127
6. Move the pedal to icts MIN position. With the pedal just sitting there, the check number in the second column Displayed (111). Should it read 000. Press the pedal down at the heel position. Should this number still read 000.
7. Press BANK DOWN + STOMP + DELAY and hold for Three Seconds. This Will now display the information for the pedal RIGHT EXTERNAL PEDAL.

activate the pedal figures move ....

Turn off and back on the POD XT, disconnect and reconnect the pedal [/ u]. It is this last action that was missing, presumably my POD XT or my FBV-SB does not reconnnait pedal if not connected after the start of POD?
So there is no point to click the EX-1 pedal, it might hurt, there is no click at the end of the race.

In the menu of the POD XT I have not found the ASSIGN menu as described in the documentation of the POD.
Otherwise it's a plastic foot to see the other view ...