Peavey Sanpera I
Peavey Sanpera I

Sanpera I, Pedal/Controller from Peavey in the Vypyr series.

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All user reviews for the Peavey Sanpera I

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jijisopretty's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Compact but limited."

Peavey Sanpera I
I used the Sanpera 1 for a little over a year. The first I bought slammed four months later, even recognized by the amp (Peavey Vypyr 120). I did spent a guarantee and after more than 3 months of waiting (!), I received the new one and it still works today.

Remember that? Apart clean Peavey (I do not) kikoo design, it does its job. It very simply accesses a preset to another kick. on the other hand, when you need to perform another action (activate the delay, effect, change banks, activate the loop, ...) must be made at least two actions pids. Full piece is unmanageable.

Add to that a lag time of about 1/2 seconds of between 2 switch between presets and you have won everything.

In terms of price / quality ratio, I think it is not worth. So invest a little more for the Sanpera 2, although more efficient and ergonomic.
So no, I will not repeat that choice, and for good reason, since I bought the Sanpera 2, it is much better.

grateutosaure's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I still cry ..."

Peavey Sanpera I
I use this pedal PLUS for 1 year or more, I used to just one year.

I have not tried other models before, I think the problem was the same with the Sanpera II (more expensive though), I should have listened to switch to buying the amp (error Youth ^ ^).

What I like most about this pedal: The look, as it is can not screw it up and then it not tire of watching ...

What I like least: everything else, when something made me catch migraines non-stop I do not like too.

Let me explain:
When I bought it, I was happy,: beautiful pedal, sturdy appearance, is detected by my amp (Peavey Vypyr 75w), LED visible, and have a footswitch with wah and volume is pretty cool!

At first no problems. After a few months, I started to play in a group and then the problems started. When I pressed a switch, there was a pretty bad latency, not three seconds but no longer move from one channel to another became a hell, and I often found myself either behind or ahead in the change of atmosphere, thank you - '

Then the pedal to start messing around, the LED is lit at haphazard, need to unplug and turn the amp several times until the pedal is detected and ultimately more wah or volume!
I went to walk the guarantee (after 6 months) and I got another model, brand new!
Guess what: it happened exactly the same with the other! And when the second slammed to, the warranty had expired, as you say it is painful!

And looper? What an idea to make a loop with a volume of sick? Peavey folks, this is a bad idea: you can not play along, simply. Or it must reduce the post gain and sudden death means more when the loop is recorded!

You will quickly understand, I judge the quality / price ratio horribly wrong, although it is likely to do a good deal in the first place.

If it again I would buy a stand and jacks with 75 euros, I really feel to have wasted.

The amp is really good, but what a disappointment this pedal!

(Come on, I do not put 0, I'm not vindictive ^ ^)

g0t1k's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey Sanpera I
I acquired this pedal along with my peavey 75w vypyr, three weeks ago.
I was afraid when seeing the number of bug brought by this pedal ... That's why I really advice to order it in a store with a good sav (website discount to avoid absolutely and this is valid for all stuff ...)
So I ordered in store, and no bugs to report.

This pedal is really really handy ... At first saw the Sanpera It is tempting, but the additional functionality are gadget ... In addition to the Sanpera It is really difficult to transport.

The Sanpera I had a lot of functionality, you can already access the twelve his record on the vypyr without difficulty (even if they are on different bank, it is really easy to activate two buttons at once, is well studied ). The expression pedal is really hard at first to be activated, but with a little practice I think neither active without forcing it to take a shot. If you play with shoes the switch is really not difficult to activate. The amplitude of the expression pedal is great, it allows a better control of volume or the whammy, but the wah it will take the usual (compared to a crybaby).
The loop is that difficult to use, there is no quantization, mieu is being reactive with his foot. In addition, the recorded sound comes out loud enough, so I put the volume as low as possible before recording and for soloing I rises again.
The pedal looks really solid, no worries this rate the the volume pot to even bother to be tricky. She may be a little big but good at the same it is more convenient for activation switch.

The value for money ... it's pretty tricky. Well, for the amp to 280 € and the footswitch to 70 € is quite disproportionate, especially since there is nothing incredibly technical, it's just really well thought ... I REFERRED choice with experience.

Froideval's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey Sanpera I
I just buy it and try it.
- Cheap ... well not too expensive ...
- Good wha-wha and volume
- LOOP (still not easy to use it)

- Be supported as the animal to trigger the wha (maybe it will get better Apers uses)
- The unmanageable volume loop recorded. Basically it is quite strong and the improvisations are made over a smaller volume. This is also a mystery because of the videos on Youtube is not the problem ... it is in any case a great default ... which reduces the attractiveness of the effect.

So in the end very well to change the patch, play wha pedal and volume.

Addition to the 20 August 09: the pedal will not turn on the ignition with the amp ... you have to unplug the cable and plug one or two times to make it DEIGNE life ... and 2 points lower (on from 7 to 5)!

Lpu123456's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey Sanpera I
I do not mean much ... great deception on the part of peavey ...
I receive my branch I pedal through the port and MIDI ... nothing works it adtraqu my amp! The buttons do not activate or do not have the right features. The volume pedal does not work when you drop a little sound I have no sound and I can turn the amp. wah wah pedal the same thing I down a bit and then over the ottoman. Must be pressed like crazy on the pedal to switch.
The only thing good is the loop recordable when it works, is safe but if its too loud and clear so it's hard to play it!
Short total disappointment I returned and thankfully otherwise I would have been furious to have wasted 70! Vive Peavey ...