Overloud TH1
Overloud TH1

TH1, Software Amp Simulator from Overloud in the TH series.

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All user reviews for the Overloud TH1

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %
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moosers's review

Overloud TH1
Overloud's TH1 is an in depth guitar effect suite and amp modeling plug-in. It's pretty much a one stomp shop for getting guitar tones. I don't own this plug-in, so I wasn't involved with installation or anything to do with getting started with the plug-in. In my time using the plug-in at the studio that I work at, I've found it to be a pretty user friendly interface considering how many different processors there are available here. You've got all sorts of different amps, cabinets, and effects of all types to choose from. The interface is awesome as it will show you everything laid out that you've got going on, showing you everything in a realistic looking display. The plug-in can be used on Mac or PC operating systems and is available as either an AudioUnit, RTAS, or VST plug-in, in addition to the fact that you can also use it as a standalone piece of software. A manual might be a good idea so you can have all of it's pertinent information right at your finger tips, but I haven't seen it myself.


The studio that I work at has the Overloud TH1 running on a number of different systems, all of which are Pro Tools HD based. The software doesn't seem to take up much processing power to begin with considering how much is in here, but it doesn't matter much anyway since our HD systems can handle pretty much anything. I can't say how well this might run in Pro Tools LE, as that's a whole different ballgame from our HD systems.


The Overloud TH1 is definitely one of the most in depth and complete guitar based pieces of software out there. It's got virtually every type of processing that you'd want with a virtual guitar rig, consisting of a ton of amp modeling processing and endless effects to choose from. I love the way the interface looks, as it looks just like a real guitar set up! The sounds for the most part on the TH1 are very good, but there are times when it doesn't sound too realistic in my opinion, but this is mostly with some of the effects in there. While there is amp modeling software out there that sounds better than this in my opinion, you won't find many out there that are complete as this at this price...

ddn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Overloud TH1
No problem in my configuration prehistoric, installation and setup easy, no inconsistency.

on the other hand, with the activation key / dongle it annoys me to an unimaginable: it requires to have a gadget that hangs over the computer, it takes a USB port and in addition it does not protect from hacking . Another excuse to waste computer pollutants.


I have an old single-core PC running XP with a sound card Hoontech 2002 and it runs perfectly audible with zero latency (10.2 ms) without click and without crashing. Much less less resources than the competition.


Try it intensively for two weeks and I have tried just about everything that is done as a simulator. I'm a fan of Guitar Rig, despite its many flaws, probably because I use it since the release of version 1, I know it by heart and I play mostly clean sound with many hacks for which GR is very adapted.

- Sound as stated in the notice below is quite impressive, at least for the app. it is obvious that it sounds less than 100 000 dollarz of stuff in a studio isolated bunker way into the hands of Steve Albini. But make no mistake this time the app in general is rather intended for the home studio and in this role there is convincing TH1. In addition it allows easy configuration of complicated tests to do with the hardware (see eg youtube videos Electroharmonix "how it sounds with the reverb in a compressor at the bottom?" How it sounds with the effects of late chain placed at the beginning of string? "etc.). The blend of two amplifiers is something that all apps have now so why bof bof.

- The interface is confusing for an hour but soon you realize that everything is logically designed, easy to use and routing possibilities are immense. still a big minus for amps / cabs whose interface is identical regardless of the model chosen, although I realize that I prefer it to detail when it's nice to watch (see AmpliTube fender)

- The effects are numerous and well thought out including reverbs and delays (D-Delay is a good plant, a reverse mode, lots of settings, and there is also a compelling tape delay). on the other hand really miss it effects "weird" here no arpeggiator, no resonant filter, no leslie, no possibility of modulation and so on. I guess that's to stay in the area of "real" hardware emulation but I find it a pity to miss the tremendous opportunities in the soft crushing sound.

- The MIDI setup is very poorly designed, there is no function directly learn about the effects / amp (or I have not found) is through the menu as MIDI mapping on early versions of 'AmpliTube. Very negative for me that makes extensive use of on / off and two expression pedals for my floorboard.

- There is no loop!! No kidding!! It seems unthinkable to use a soft guitar without using a looper. Very negative for me, this point.

In total, I'd say it's a good gear for guitarists who want to pass without harm to their amps / pedals software, with a good sound, pretty setting and effects and an easy grip eventually. on the other hand for those like me who have long taken the step at all soft, the opportunities are inadequate and lack of looper unimaginable. Special mention for the low consumption of resources on a very interesting example netbook.

J.Yves's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Overloud TH1
No problem with the installation it's done by himself against so it will take twice, one for the standalone version and a version for vst ... (or other)
No problem for the config too, when first opening a window opens and you will only have to select your device .. (Asio for me as a Toneport UX2 used)
I opted for the authorization for the key as first Ilok and contrary to the opinion of some people I find very simple procedure and secondly it allows me to use the software on any computer and me on this n is not a luxury .....
I have encountered no inconsistencies in use with Sonar 8.5 vst or even Samplitude or standalone version and not need a manual for the moment so the principle is simple, it gives me the app that comes closest to a Original config ...

Guitar / pedal / amp / cab / effects / mix (choice of pickups with cabs)


Here is a small link to the website you will find all necessary information and features ....


Used on a PC with ASUS P5Q Intel quad core with 4GB of ram 2.5 for SATA II 7200 T / m and also on a HP Pavilion dv7 dual core at 2.5 and 4 GB of ram .. In both cases it turns royal meeting and I do not stall and the software turns the fire of God ...
This software to all the amazing performances on a technical and general terms mainly on the sound reproduction ..
Check out the manufacturer's website to read in detail all the features I know I'm repeating myself but it's so good ..


I use it for several months now and I could really make a comparison with others because I have so far almost all the most popular: Gear Box, Pod Farm, Amplitude 2 (entire series for that matter), ReValver MkIII, Guitar Rig 3 and 4, GTR3, vandalism, etc. .....
My choice was to date the most excellent GTR3 I find it sounds so serious, at times when I read the opinion of some or the other forums I realize how tastes and colors may vary but with all of a wide range of amp simulators I perceive that some soft sound can completely differ depending on the material used in the more or less well, with the GTR3 I never had that feeling even less well with that TH1 rings and it sounds the killings all the time regardless of the guitar or the sound system or even the monitors ...
This is the first time I feel that playing I really feel to hear the roar lights under my fingers and especially the feeling of comfort in the game, the notes are full and are especially striking deep c is beautiful as well ..... And that's saturated in its clear not to mention the quality of the effects ... wonderful ......
For me this app is simply the best in sound quality and more I like its interface, it is initially a little surprised but over time it will be appreciated, and furthermore it is one of the few to extend over the screen lorqu'on wishes ...
The price is fully justified from 200 to 250 euros, but be careful some sites still sell a version as the latest version from the manufacturer's site is 1.1.3 ....
Still a little info on the manufacturer's website you have to add VAT to the advertised price ca gives all at about 300 euros ... It's well worth ....
I do it again this choice in a heartbeat even though I like other soft for some features that is undoubtedly the best of all in its general ......

Sergyo_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Overloud TH1
No worries, I have personally used rponse challenge mode, not the look i-cl
Trs simple to use, well done manually.


This plug is not trs greedy, at least not with a Dual Core E 6400, 2 g ram
No problem either, which is so INTERESTED HER.


I just have to buy used APRS BMD (version 1.1)
There are a lot of simulators on the market and I've tried.
Do not try this little gem quickly and poorly done, but understand it and be surprised by its quality exeptionnelle.
I join the opinion of Mdupre, I feel to play on real amps.
The possibilities are truly vast. Ok, there is little amp, but then how
a ring, mention the 900 particulire pout and Modern (Mesa boogie!).
Okay, I'd like them to do so in the Hiwatt Guilmour and other Fender
The sound is warm, crying, crying, adcoiffe!
I read and people say blah blah, you're passs too quickly without understanding.
This is the best: point bar, the technique used is correct.
Of course I would do this choice, for € 300 amps I have mgas home with the speakers, full of pedals and not take place. I m'clate as a kid.
And yes, why this thing is not he better known, has m'chappe !!!!!

mdupere's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Overloud TH1
No installation problems, an iLok is required, however, but it's so easy when, like me, your DAW does not use Internet connection. Everything works nickel then, I use it in stand alone and with cubase 4.5.2.


Used with an intel quad9550 Windows XP, 4 gig ram, Fireface 400 audio interface. Everything is very stable, I plug in my guitar, musicman petrucci, directly into the instrument input of the Fireface 400. With the minimum buffersize, I get a latency of 2ms without cracking.


I use this gem since its release in November. I do not understand that there is no other opinion on the plug is by far the best simuateur amp on the market right now and believe me, I tried them all. I play the guitar for 20 years, I had every amp imaginable, all the effects pedals. Since the pod, I tested all its competitors, AmpliTube, guitar rig, waves gtr, vox ToneLab. I never had as much fun to play on a sim. amp. The illusion is complete, you'd play on a real tube amp. Hi-gain models are particularly successful. It sounds immediately, no need to catch 10 of layering to get the big sound. The effects are excellent, especially the reverb. The possibilities are limitless and I no longer use this app to record my guitar, I sold all my amps and pedals .. ALL! The demo is available on the site, it's worth a try. Meileur the investment I made for my equipment, I would never again buy anything for the guitar, this is a good product poit.