Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]
Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]

Guitar Suite [Freeware], Software Amp Simulator from Simulanalog.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 5 reviews63 %
 3 reviews38 %
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stompboxjon's review"I cannot believe this is free!!"

Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]
The SimulAnalog Guitar Suite comes with 7 different amps, the Boss DS-1 which is a distortion module, and the Boss SD-1 which is an overdrive stompbox are two of the ones that I use the most out of this bundle. There is also a Tube Screamer, Oberheim PS-1, Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb, Fender Twin 1969 and a Univox Univibe Modulation Stompbox. All of the 7 different amps are very good and run very smoothly but a few of them eat up more CPU in my projects than other ones do. But the best part about this bundle is that it is free! You can download these 7 amps right away and it will only take a few minutes before you will be using them right in your DAW.


Installing the SimulAnalog Guitar Suite was quick and easy, it takes no effort at all to get them installed and they do not take much hard disk space either. They will work in just about any DAW or production program that accepts plug ins and it is well worth the download! I use them mostly in Cubase and they run smoothly and have never crashed though I never really use the Oberheim PS-1 or the Univox Univibe that much. There are even extra presets that you can download online for Cubase SX Banks/Channel Presets for free.


The sounds of these amps are pretty different; I have not heard much of any of them before except for the Univox Univibe Modulation Stompbox. I am able to get pretty much those same sounds out of one of my Guitar Rig presets so I really do not use that one at all. I think I have only used it once and when I heard it I knew that Guitar Rig gave me the same sound. Being that these are all free, makes this a must have download and I highly recommend it. If you have not downloaded it yet, you do not know what you are missing out on!
jeanchristophe.me02/24/2009's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]
It is a VST!
Unpack adequate share in the directory, a roll!


No problem report


The simulation of the JCM900 is really standard. It is a rgal find the right sound in real time. I became a follower of Rec-amp (save the guitar directly plugs into the caret, then any process simulation) so this plug-in is well done!
AH damn! How is it we're going to live?

FoxaFonK's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]
Copy the dlls in your repertoire of VST plug-ins and hop. Run it from your application and go.
Only complaint is no graphical interface (you will that of the application host.) Given the quality of sound reproduction, we would like a nice board to really believe it (but at least you do not eat the view.) So I drop a point, but that's quibbling.


It only eats almost nothing. With respect to a AmpliTube JH, or guitar rig 2, there's no photo ...


Simple and effective. I found my sound when I played for real, with the JCM900 and turbo distortion. Certainly has not as versatile as a gas plant in Guitar Rig and other, but frankly the sound is without taking the head. One branch is played, a sound: a rgal. And free to boot!

tumblehome's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]
Installation is no problem, except that it must copy the. Dll in the correct folder VSTplugins (often there are several)


PIV, 1.5 gb Ram 2.8MHz. it turns impeccable.


I use it for several months and with great pleasure. Operation is simple and there is no 36,000 possible settings, which suits me because I hate spend hours finding the right sound.
I love the JCM900, I use more than that.
Listen to what happens here: who cares (

Frankly, it's not worth investing in paid software!
Value for money: 10/10 of course!

boule2neige's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]
Quick and easy! Just a copy. Dll

No manual but nothing a few buttons to turn complicated ...


Amd2400 on my 512 of ram ... It turns with impeccable three instances of a more open in SX2 vsti battery that takes me 50% cpu and a few audio tracks ... I come to 75% ...


Used recently, I love the JCM900 which for me, never both mul t !!!!!!!!

I tried in vain ...

GuitarRig: Intrrssant To create moods and full of effects (I have AIM in particular the position of the mic on the amp) but are distos *****

Amplitube: The one I used before ... Not bad, but more complicated and too many tricks I gots (but some good presets)

Trash, Warp, and Revalver: I prefried not talk about ... um ... dcevants

With Simulanalog I sound simple, easy and effective immediately, and who is not a ton ... Just add some effects for those who want ... (But I do not seek personal ca ...)

fred806's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]
Installation: easy, copy and paste hop go!
No incompatibilities.
The config is very easy and is self-evident.
I did not watch the site to find help.


It runs on my 2400 + 1GB DDR. I use it with Plogue Bidule or Tracktion. It is very stable and adjustable at will! A real treat.

The comparison is obviously with Amplitube. There are far fewer effects and amps for the simulated time. But their quality is very good, and you will therefore find their drinking if you want rather cool. The saturations are fine, but I want to sound very, very metal and it is true that there is not the right thing. Try it anyway!


I use it recently.
What I like most: simplicity, quality of sound.
What I like least: not exactly the stuff I want to see simulated.
Value for money: hahaha! There's no better!

kravatorf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]
Without instalation problem (some file copy)
easy to use despite the spartan interface trs (but hey ... who needs to make nice pictures of sound?
not really need a manual ... jou have on "real" amp before using;)


No worries of perf on my dual AMD 2200 + (the opposite would have tonn)

the guitar plugs into a silent blue tube and a P2 Tfpro deuxime a test (in fact, the use of compressor P2 amliore the final render but makes the simulation much less sensitive to the game)

the sound is really good with a bonus boss pedals and JCM 900 head (quite clean, the original n'tant not exceptional and excellent distortion and Fidler original)
simulation of the fender can get a good clear sound and a trs bo trmolo
I would not replace my multi effects or my Padala but the modulations are clean and good practices

as usual on the simulations, the crunch is really more practical than pretty (lack of dynamic and not sweet for two rounds) and moderately aragi the game and use the guitar volume
10 for a simulation
6 in the absolute
So I put 8


Trs playable .... my simulation prfre

adpanne short when we really not a good amp on hand

report quality unbeatable price ... (How?? Have to pay for AmpliTube??;))

NOTE: Use a good DIbox / pramp seems indispensable

in its class (in the guitar simulation plug in) I put 10 (and not just because it's gatuit, just because it's the best I have heard and jou until now)

in absolute terms (against a good all-tube combo for example) is a 5 / 6

So I put 8

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]
Okay Installation is simple architecture: a copy of. Dll file VSTplugins Cubase, launch Cubase. We insert the effects in the part of INS plugin.
The proposed package ( contains three distortion (Boss SD-1, Boss DS-1, Tube Screamer), a phaser (Oberheim PS-1), a modulation (Univox Univibe ) and MAGIC: 2 amp simulators (and not just any ..), the JCM900 Dual Reverb and the Fender Twin Reverb 1969 ...

I tell you, it's con ...


I have a PII 800, 256MB RAM, Philips Acoustic Edge.
Despite the latency due to my sound card not too suitable for this use, the effects go smoothly. I have not had time to try the software with 36 million tracks, but already the sound of the JCM900 is the ball, so I spent my evening to spit on my Marshall amp combo (I will not model) and I played on the PC with the headset noting that some resource was used


Personally, the amp simulations are terrible. With that, I really do not understand how they can shove his money in one or Amplitube Revalvers. I assure you, a free plug in, the sound is really too bo. From the JCM at Twin ('s even a tremolo), Boss of the Tube Screamer, I laughed at those who spend their RMI in plugin thieves and I trembled with joy by trying all settings in the JCM (er really this one, it tears) ... Vondèrfoul!