Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo PI-101 WoS
Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo PI-101 WoS

Torpedo PI-101 WoS, Software Amp Simulator from Two Notes Audio Engineering in the Torpedo series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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Rgxpod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Top! Indispensable!"

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo PI-101 WoS
The installation is done it without problems?
fastoche installation (I bought the box version I lock in more promo)
Configuration is very simple ... getting started, you just think like a soundman after you get everything you want.
I use Cubase through 6, the thing I have a dongle cubase dongle Torpedo port for the RME card ... bcp bug is more room in USB ....

The manual is clear and sufficient?
MAC Fly: "Where there is no need to go manual!"
But it is still more than enough.


What is the configuration of your computer?
HP DV7 Intel 2.3 Ghz dual Win7 64x more 8GB card RME Fireface UC USB.

This hardware + software is stable?
I loaded an existing project to push a little with vice VSTI audio with 10 tracks and audio plugins and effects ... It does not move! my limit Asio 70% coming from outside the app because of an empty project with two stereo tracks WOS convolution with 4hp for one and three for the other miking with all that goes with it more in line plugins for insert effects ... ben seriously it does with magic! ca not move it crashes and it is not ultra-efficient homes guitarists friends studio owners is a tool for pro!

By the way I play with a latency of 4.7 ms and I had no worries once and I plan to use the setup on stage to surprise the sound engineer for a live test


we find the amp tones plus all those who make us dream! good once the delight of his past and the results obtained in a mix that is at once much warmer. I have to clarify the importance of setting Variphi and influence in the thickness of sound and phasing of microphones ..

To the sounds of convolutions is the revolution ... I end up with HP for my Bogner XCT sounds saturated with a mixture ti Boogie VHT or as rhythmic ..
For clean sounds of the Fender or a JC120! how much for the originals?

I said and more .. we end up playing with the spirit and color of the amp .. with all the advantages but also the disadvantage that as an amp lamp breads unforgiving more but back shades of games and fun to control a guitar potentiometer.
The most about me is the convolution of the lamps! I love I'm finally married my pre-amp and my pedals with software for a better result than anything I had before amp included.

Least to my surprise a small detail, I like to make the management change program preset by twelve o'clock can come from an external hardware equipment ... damage is not from the live version of VM or VB.
Two notes to welcome the almost immediate response to the remarks made to the support by mail ... they are very reactive and have noted promising to think about my suggestion on this ... please go and buy a T-shirt to the pub ... and misery those who do not yet know will soon regret

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
I tried everything to competitors softwares each with their advantages and disadvantages, it is specific amp void and well there is no picture to compare with the original view is stirring occasionally with a superior conditions listening properly without destroying the ears.

response is specific amp but it's at the top. agree no effect but to each his top gas plant, but this thing is in my opinion a product worth every penny / results. I do it again so this choice in a heartbeat.

I use it for buying 3 to 4 hours every day ... I look at the rest of my weird stuff ...
Black Bear Studio06/17/2011

Black Bear Studio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Just MAGIC!"

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo PI-101 WoS
Installation "Fingers in da Nose"!


Mac Pro 3.3 Ghz 8MB Ram Cubase Steinberg soundcard and 6 MR816csx + preamp + AU twinfinity KRK monitors VXT8 (Soldano Avenger Amplifier plug 100 and Reverb-O-Sonic and blackface Fender Tremolux 1966 and the 1964 blackface Princeton TAD silencer box with load): it runs pretty good with five runs (2x2 tracks guitars + 1 bass) with 101 different IP assigned as an insert on each track.
Occasionally Cubase "craquouille" while adjusting the 101 IP listening on the mix of the whole project but it's quite bearable.
To cite one example: I have a 2X12 cabinet FatBottom VHT and I must say that the simulation is really, really realistic!

The interface of the plug-in is super-simple and the settings are for me very easily to the ear as the setting of each parameter is very intuitive.


1 week trial and I can already say that the guitar taken from the upcoming album of my project: Fluxious ( will be made with the PI 101. For that we have can provide a good system to listen to a good preamp and a bike that runs well (well not to mention the amp is going well and a good load the box) it is well worth its weight in peanuts compared to the cost of sessions taken in a studio guitar pro without neglecting the fact that you can edit the sound indefinitely.