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D16 Group Lo-Fi user reviews

  • D16 Group Decimort 2

    D16 Group Decimort 2 - "Decimate at will"


    See the "Info" tab for complete specs. Installs easily through an executable, authorization is processed with the keyfile which is available for download at your user account on the developer's website. The keyfile must be used within 72 hours aft…

  • D16 Group Decimort

    D16 Group Decimort - songboy's review


    I use an Intel Macbook and there has been no compatibility issues.  As for a manual, I have never needed one because the Decimort is a very simple device.  There are quite a few knobs to twist on this guy, but it all makes sense.  And even if it does…

Translated user reviews
  • D16 Group Decimort

    D16 Group Decimort - sonicsnap's review


    Trouble-free installation and authorization very "user friendly". Decimort's goal is to degrade the sound so as artistic as possible. We first level preamp, which does not increase the volume, but the rate of distortion. The following settings ca…