Zoom H2
Zoom H2

H2, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Zoom in the H2 series.

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All user reviews for the Zoom H2

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 74 reviews )
 41 reviews55 %
 25 reviews34 %
 2 reviews3 %
 2 reviews3 %
Audience: Anyone
charlatan transfer12/18/2008

charlatan transfer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H2
Used in recent weeks to record rehearsals and vocal group also teaches piano.

Very easy to use, fast. That's not all intuitive to 100% but only one reading the manual just to be operational for long.

- Very light, small and autonomous. I hesitated with the H4, increased opportunities for his proposal, but ultimately, for the use I make (like MD), the H2 is more appropriate. He stands on his foot, it is placed, it is "rec" and it left my kiki.
- Use almost intuitive
- Multi-format recording. For my part, I opted for the 160 mp3. For the testimony of repetition, it's perfect, it does not feel at all frustrated by a compressed sound. In my opinion, it is broadly comparable in quality to the minidisc format. And there, on a 1GB card, it takes 11 hours ...
- Connection to the computer without driver (or leaving by directly reading the SD card into a card reader to the computer).
- System 10 directories (folders) ... is better than nothing.
- Limiters
- Sensitivity adjustment recording High Medium Low ... complemented by a refined level on a scale of 0 to 100. I did not notice breath especially in Medium.

- Construction plastic, but at € 150 / 200 (used), we will not expect to titanium. Be especially careful when opening the doors of the batteries or SD card. We guess that at any time, a "crack" fatal can occur.
- Battery charging indicator of low visibility (in this regard, I have to check ... but it seems to me that on a long-term recording, before losing all vanish for lack of fuel supply, it saves the file where there are significant ... and then dies).
- Position of the "left right" depending on the angle 90 ° or 120 ° chosen. It seems that in one case, the right lane is on the left and "high school in Versailles." So, we must take in his favorite software for réinverser the two tracks.
- No explanation of the different modes of compression / limiter. By limiting it: there are "live", "studio" ... What it is like limiting behavior? No explanation, at least not in the manual.
- Boot record: you have to press 2 times "Rec", the first to arm, the second to launch. As the pictogram is tiny, I already have both qq: I paused instead of registering.

In short, I found the quality / price excellent. This is a great tool to walk and record anything in 2 Seconds. Repeat, archive concert from the table, a musical idea, a poem for children. It's so up and running quickly!

Too bad it did not exist longer.
What do I do with my Minidisc now?

comonover's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H2
I DCID to buy the zoom h2 APRS a month browsing the forums and opinion without rponses prcises find a use as I wanted to do, namely the use for my home studio for recording voice and instruments, as well as micro.

it is versatile trs, trs easy to use even if it has the manual will use all its capabilities:

the use of modes and angles DIFFERENT registration rvle to be very practical in rduisant angle, one can avoid all kinds of noise.
Level 3 are available for audio recording, High, medium and low, which can avoid the unwanted hum and saturation based on the distance to the source audio.
a filter battery is also available, but not test good ide ...
Note that you can not record on a track dj cre, would push the envelope t ^ ^

in short, that's good, PRTA 10sec recording, it loses none of what is happening around, the sound is really clear and clean, lots of fonctionnalitsadcouvrir to refine your registration ...
no points REALLY ngatifs except the shell that seems flimsy, but hey, silicone shells are easily eb its use as a microphone is not exceptional but it can sometimes dpanner ...

dpenser go for the dolls, seems' that the crisis, and at least you'll be happy with the product

steffguibo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H2
I use it for several weeks and frankly it is very convenient to keep track of sudden inspiration, an improvisation or a repeat
I love the idea of ​​the handle for hanging on the microphone boom, I did not see that it comes with, a nice surprise
unbeatable value for money, I think it's the cheapest in its class and that's enough

azin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H2
I mainly use a sound recorder to the sounds of nature in a very quiet atmosphre.
My opinion is that of a casual amateur.
I use a Sony DAT TCD rgulirement-D8 + Microphone Rode NT4

Please note this test was done only to headphones connected to the recorder, I did not TRANSFR files on PC.
Sennheiser HD600 and HD25

- How long have you use it?
I was testing the Zoom H2 for a few days

- What is the particular feature you like most?
Overall complete and successful.
The unit is compact homogne trs, self-satisfaction with NiMH 2900mAh.
Easy to use, you soon realize all the functions without using the manual.
Intgr mics are good.
Good rsultats to loud sounds or means.

- What is the particular feature you like least?
Breath important depending on the level of amplification, level 3 on the Zoom H2.
1st level low blows, but bearable Submitted enough 2nd, 3rd breath important.
LCD display readable medium on the day in the sun characters too small.
Trs fragile little plastic bumps and scratches.
Headphones to its terrible.
The Rode NT4 branch does not work on the Zoom.
Lack of effect stro.
Lack of "transparency" or "ism" from my Sony DAT TCD-D8 + Rode NT4.
Sounds in the acute power shortage of bass.

- How do you report qualitprix?
Trs good value quality / price

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes, lightweight hsiter to travel, spend inaperu.

For reasons of budget, I changed the zoom H2 to a fostex FR2 LE, compltement that satisfies me, much better than my old DAT.

lonono's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H2
Used for 2 months.

Field of use
1) the recording of voice lessons on CD to store (- expensive than mini discs)
2) concert recording (+ chorus + solo instruments) transfer to CD

- Registration of private lessons with integrated microphones. *** Good quality.
It is mainly used to analyze and correct after the course, so work at home.
Some of my fellow singers use it to record rehearsals sessions (desk work). I used to record the songs to learn for my little friends (conversion to mp3 on the computer, then send by mail).

- Registration of concerts with external microphones AT3031 + static preamp personal. *** Very good quality.
The life of batteries is sufficient for a concert "normal". (Double prob. Battery because my preamp is also on AA battery).
Then, of course, work on a PC to a CD exploitable (cut out the pieces, remove unwanted noise, etc.).

The ratio Q / P is very good.
As against the quality of fab. is the price level (membrane keyboard! => life?? micro USB => hand soft and not nervous, inter zip => wait and see). If it breaks, after a year and one day, you can always buy one, considering the price.

The speed USB is slow, but who cares, we're doing a game with a cup of tea while waiting :-)
Internal functions are slow !!!!!!! It is better to go through the computer. (Standardization, etc.).

The level control is on my preamp. The display is very small for old fogies like me (Ascending become blind with age), especially in dark places. Fortunately I have a magnifying glass with me! a bar graph + had been great fun. there was space on the sides.
I set the backlight duration of 15s, to not consume too much.

The setting of the AGC is a little hard (have tried just about everything. The - bad for me, "limit (concert)," but I came back to no AGC (the dyn. Is better returned, obviously). So rather critical gain setting (see above).

Also in mobile recording situation (church, concert hall) never tried the power supply sector. Also I was too traumatized by the "hum" sector. I know, we are cutting HF so inaudible, but I prefer the batteries anyway. I have the converters in my preamp battery too, no need to add the radiation.

A tip (1) for ceusse who want to transport: solid case (see LeroyMerlin faux granite + Aluminium foam inner liner) + a washcloth that is just thick enough size, it is protected, (ridiculous price if you steal your grandmother / mother / wife / daughter / girlfriend).

the amplifier output is very poor (- worse than my SB, which is worst of all), but still. The supplied headphones is a pleasant joke, just good enough to ensure that you register. Better to change very quickly.
Tip 2: it uses a headset, so unplugging during recording, especially if we do not listen. Beware of "big" their headphones are often too low impedance for amplifiers output recorders (Cram one on an earlier dat).

I had tape recorders, dat, mini disc, direct disk. It is currently the only small recorder NOMADE that suits me.
Pipe 3: SD 2GB minimum. 1000 record / erase max if you do not want trouble with the SD. It still leaves a margin.

In Monteverdi's last concert we did on 4/13/2008. The H2 has flourished in White Coats (that's probably the beginning of spring which means it :-) , there were three.

My needs:
- Light + small + portable (battery / Ni-MH): ok
- Duration> 1:40: ok
- Digital (44.1 kHz CD audio =): ok
- Stereo: ok
- Easy to use: ok
- Integrated microphone and external input: ok
- Automatic gain control: ok but not simple, if we can see the screen
- Blast and noise of the analog input section, low: ok
- Digital output to go to a PC for control + audio on the spot: ok
- Solid: ok, if protected during transport and on-site
- No operating noise: ok
- Support "solid state": ok (if it is 96khz/24b see sd> 45x and 4GB for <2 hours => cost)

Its flaws are minor and total practicality, simple to use as I did.

PS I will now make another preamp "more better" to go with the H2. And like, maybe change the pickups.

Newcas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H2
After a few quick tests opinion in home studio: the catch of his can be used. Fortunately, you say, but I was afraid that the object is exclusively Designed for capturing rpt or other live session and not taken for a FOR dmo.

do not rely the cost of dealing directly on the H2, which is of average quality plutt, once the file in your import squenceur prfr (cubase for me ), there are all the same something usable in a mix, possibly some APRS ditions intended "clarification" and accentuate the high end. but almost no wind (everything is well taken paramtrer: pramp gain level, level recording distance from the source, etc. .. take a test).

Even when it is much faster than "real" sound recording for a flattering rsultat trs this price (less than 200).

trs a quality good value for money then.

PS: I read here and that decision could be a bit "dull", by drilling a little about taking Aiges ds, we get the strong attnuer trs CHARACTERISTICS, also on the trs usual stuff in this price range.

8k3kg3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H2
Buy Wednesday, out of his box and pressing the REC ...... better than words, one with just a slample RALIS Epiphone Es-175 .... it is pure acoustic not for that, but just c'tait order ..... it's a Premire taken with a blunt instrument adapted and dj the quality of this unit the price o is about sidra is properly ...... do you have a ide ... with your ears .....


bbhack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H2
Well I spent the Features and I discuss the personal opinion:


Registration repeated in a combo agomtrie variable (brass, rhythm section, voice ...) which potentially can be taken for a fairly Gnant because everyone does not go through the console, the brass as acoustic, bass and the guitar amps on branches, all n'tant not necessarily best positioned to Manir.

As not much financial resources are often crammed into small studios, the positioning of a microphone can in these cases extremely s'avrer Nutcracker.

The H2 pos center of a microphone stand, recorded with two microphones (2CH, faade and rear) provides in part rsoudre taking this head.

Add to the limiter to avoid that brass or other instrumentals saturate the recording and gives a great record for the work of r-cost and placement!


- The quality of the recording;
- The choice of formats (wav, mp3);
- Intgr the limiter is really effective trs.
- The accessories to secure the bousin (on a mic stand on a table) trs really useful!

The -:

- The fast-forward functionality for reading poorly accomplished ..
- Battery life: ~ 3H wholesale batteries on most of my Chres prisu prfr ... certainly less so on foundation piles. Thank God for the sector but it starts to do a little bulky to carry in a pocket of instruments.
- The thread of the adapter microphone stand is plastic and I think it's frankly not that good .. I wonder how long it will take ...
Some small remarks

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Transfer Rate</span>

The speed of file transfer is far from the standard trs USB2, but this is normal because the base is one that is used SDCard!

So for info SDCard a class 6 TRANSFR ~ 900K / s is + / - the DBiT my observation.
Say TRANSFR for two / three gigs of wav is a bit pnalisant but the H2 is not to much .... Maybe that future cards will be more efficient.

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Registration 4CH</span>

Saving space in 4CH (2 front 2 rear) is not possible in mp3!

This is probably a limitation of the DSP, nanmoins it must know before you buy and it is far from being highlighted in the spec of the manufacturer's website!

So if you plan to use this type of record you should know that the files are large and slow to TRANSFR. For long sessions prvoyez a sdcard parts and in all cases provisioning time for transfer, mixing and encoding!

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Dynamic MP3</span>

When utlise 320kbps mp3 format and limiter means a loss of momentum compared to the wav format!
Nothing really mchant trs and recording is clear and of good quality. Nanmoins there is something less!
To keep a good quality of taking "easy", I think it is better to use wav format with the limiter ....


Frankly, I am extremely happy with this little device. For much more there is certainly much better, but it does not matter ...

For that price I find bousin excellent and I highly recommend it as a working tool!

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Edit 9 months later:</span>

Yet there is even one thing that really bothers me about this device: functionalist fast forward the read! She argues for 5 seconds 5 seconds max! It's a bit to re-listen pnible repeats jute APRS shot because there is always white, a little tchache qq rats and recorded and we would like to zap in the car / Ramna train you to repeat the house.

While this is not much, but I think it's a shame, because it is really a great little machine.

JacquesDuphly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H2
Everything has been said is not it?
I use it to record repeated and classical concerts.

Nice sound, very sensitive, very tolerant with respect to the placement, no breath
Good, but in moderation, including (especially?) Ass a table with good microphones.

Evidence by its:!) http://www.lebruitquipense.fr/Lourdes.html

Limits? The look cheap (all plastic, the small but complete - display the consolidated Cell (about 2 hours by rec with new batteries 2600A) ... it was worth the money.

Correction for those who do not read manuals, you can adjust the recording volume while recording. (Uh ... in an emergency because the embedded microphones are very sensitive, so noise manip! Remember to remove your watch, it captures the ticking 1m

Ikari-99's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H2
I will not be original compared to others:

+: Ct the simple and practical concept of H2, the excellent quality microphones Intgr, the functions of shipping, the four types of spatial micro, 3 positions of microphone sensitivity.

- He is Fully plastic (shells, buttons, connectors for input and output).

I bought the Zoom H2 to record sounds different: crowds, animals, domestic sounds, noises of factories, acoustic instruments, motors, voice ... short, it's my passion, I'm kind of hunter sounds.

I'm using for over 10 years a player / recorder Sony minidisc, coupled microphone Stereo AT 822, and trs well frankly the sound is better with the H2 and microphones Intgr, much warmer, less wind and more gain, much less "acid" and mtallique. I test the H2 with the AT822 and Intgr with microphones, all on a same sound source, bein there's no photo, I think I no longer need my AT822. ..

I've never used a recorder of its kind high-end Nagra or Sound Devices, but I imagine that this device does not play in the same CATEGORY, I think everyone will understand. But for that price I am the peak.