Zoom H4nSP
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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Zoom H4nSP

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 49 reviews )
 31 reviews63 %
 13 reviews27 %
 2 reviews4 %
 1 user review2 %

YuriW's review"Good and practical"

Zoom H4nSP
I work with videogame soundtracks and bought a used Zoom H4n to record ambiences and outdoor sounds in general. Mine one has a pretty nice plastic case, an AC adapter (but can run on two AA bateries as well) and an USB cable, and I've bought a separate 16gb SD card to use with it.

It has two condenser microphones, two extra inputs for additional mics (which can be phantom powered) or line DI/sources, and you can use all these 4 channels at once. It records wav files (up to 24bits and 96kHz) and mp3's. The usb cable is not only to transfer files to your computer, but can also make the unit work as a regular audio interface, nice resource.

Besides that, it has a few built-in effects (compressor, amp simulator, delay, etc) that are not good (you might wanna use them to plug your guitar and practice with a headphone... might) and a small speaker that is usefull to have a quick listen to a file and make sure that everything is working fine (of course, you can also do that with a headphone). The construction is robust and it looks like it could handle some hits and falls with no problems.

I don't have much experience with portable recorders, but I can say that the pre amps on the H4n are not as good as the ones from a regular audio interface in the same price range. But they are not awful either: you can get some usable sounds from the stock mics and some very usable sounds if you use a couple external ones. I usually end up always boosting a little top end and cutting a little around 200Hz, 300Hz from the files recorded with the H4n.
One thing I really like is that the stock mics can be twisted to open up the angle of the stereo XY recording, from 90° - good for stereo instrument recordings - until 120° - good for my ambiences because they sound large and fill up the stereo spectrum nicely. Being able to do it without any other mic is really handy.

I don't really like the little screen and think that navigating through the unit's functions could be easier. Anyways, you can still learn how to use it and get your work done.

Overall, even with its problems I think that the H4n is a good product, that does its job well (which for me is to record stuff out of the studio, but you can easily find other applications) without taking much of your money. If I had to buy another portable recorder I would probably look around for other models before just to make sure that there is something better around nowadays (I would trade the effects for better pre amps without thinking twice, for example), but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't find anything as good and as practical as the H4n for this price.

voyard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very well but sometimes too much is too much ..."

Zoom H4nSP
I have the last few months. I have an Olympus LS11, a Zoom H2n, a Zoom R16.

What I like most or least: Plus, the quality of the microphones in an XY position, the only feasible on such a device outside the MS couple who both allows a good stereo. In my opinion, please do not use pseudo couples A / B (Olympus LS11 and other Tascam DR-07 MK2 or other DR40.

Q / P is acceptable in the sight of functions available, but I do not use them all. I am primarily a hunter sounds, birds, traffic, industrial sounds, various soundscapes, atmospheres markets, but also quite taken my batteries "over head" position. Taking its quite up to par.

The least. Its size and weight, its sensitivity to wind (do not buy all these devices without a windscreen of Rycotte type ".

Restitution soundscapes and stereo image are perfect! Its ergonomics are a bit special but we made it. No risk of noise contacts, even walking to the condition put in his hand, not to keep it.

My only regret too full and a tool such as the H1 would perfectly satisfied me in terms of controls (sufficient) and their accessibility, but without the flaws that seem to characterize.

For the future? A more compact H4n and a little simplified in its overcrowded and sometimes useless function. To models, nothing beats a true multi R16 or R24 ​​guy?

saranac's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H4nSP
Used since May 2010 to replace a stolen H2.
This is clearly the best gear.

The H4 H4 seemed like the best value for this pric kind of tool. I know a little like Tascam and Sony and is kif-kif it seems.

I love its versatility and price.
2 2 (mics + mic / line) is great for capturing a live band eg.
And USB interface mode is ultra convenient when you are walking with your laptop, you can maquetter comfortable.

I do not like the fragility of the buttons above the wheel "menu" to be the weakest link so it is biased and so it did not look solid.
Microphones also naked not look very sturdy.

Converters cashing although their saturation is sometimes nice.

I would do this choice if real glue Zoom buttons above. But for 250euro new (at the time) it's pretty amazing what you pay for.

skwyz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" inseparable!"

Zoom H4nSP
_Since How long you use it?
Purchased in September 2011 in order to catch its many and varied, and record live entertainment (thanks to the combo inputs XLR / jack).

_Aviez You tried many other models before buying it?
No. therefore no comparison for me ...

_Quelle Is the feature that you like most and least?
the least: the quality of cells and micro preamps built ...
Most: its ergonomics and interface for a more complete "toy" compact.

_How Do you rate the quality / price?

_with The experience, you do again this choice?
Without testing the other models I would have trouble competing to be objective on the issue ...
But I do not regret purchasing it and carries it throughout my move when meeting with an object sound interesting! With a good pair of micro above, we draw things quite satisfactory (for a layman like me).

theandroid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good working tool!"

Zoom H4nSP
I use the Zoom H4n for 2 years. At the time I was looking for a digital recorder with a good return on its mics, recorder for rehearsals and riffs / songs at home.
So really in work mode / draft for then distribute to group members.

The +
Works great and if we give ourselves an SD card rather large, one has enough to see it coming.
Its very clean.
Can adjust the format / compression level to avoid huge files.

The -
The interface is not very ergonomic

I never explored the options of recording with effects / multi tracks etc. ...
Finally, for the use I make of it really having an oversized iPhone, I use very little: the voice recorder of the iPhone is finally enough and with a little trick we can avoid saturation. Of course we do not reach the quality of reproduction of the zoom but for the draft and sending direct mail to his cronies is nickel.

In short, a good camera to explore for those who have time and courage. Direct in record mode, it works very well, it gives me the most!

thierry.delnatte's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H4nSP
Much has been said, I will speak of its limitations

I sing and play guitar together.
I also H4 and lack of control of sound effects differentiated right track (guitar) left channel (voice) I miss him, the common guitar and voice effects are too limited.
No additional sound output compared to H4 then transfer the audio to another device, preventing you to listen to you at the same time.
You get lost in the menu and sub menu.
I have not been able to put my metronome without at the same time agree on the record.
He has already lost several times my creations when its batteries died and I forgot to write down all my settings.
Total stay on H4 or the branch 2.
michel poiccard01/16/2012

michel poiccard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent product!"

Zoom H4nSP
The Zoom H4n is an excellent product quality / price ratio outstanding!
Among its shortcomings on we note: the inability to activate the "dual mono" In the 1 / 2 in "4CH"!
It is therefore impossible to record an external microphone mono tracks on 2 "1 / 2" 4ch mode. The microphone preamps are fantastic (you must pull in) for the gain but it is usual on this type of recorder. Therefore it is impossible to use ribbon mics or the traditional with the LEM DO21B Zoom H4n. Provided these pre-amps are pretty good with microphones to "high" level of output. Beware of battery life with a condenser microphone, it will fall quickly, especially if the micro "consumer" a lot.
While not fragile, microphones embedded are nonetheless vulnerable. Caution to prevent falls. Finally, the pair of microphones is useless without an internal "wind jammer" type Rycote. Once the photo is taken with the quality of sound is amazing! If the sound source is very low, then we reach the limits of the pre-amp but for a recording of this type it is still remarkable. Other default Zoom (identical on all other recorder class: handling noise are inevitable when recording with the internal microphone. At the end of measurements it seems we notice a tendency of saturation at the Zoom H4n. This I have not seen "in use".
Among the outstanding features the "USB Audio Interface" on Mac and PC. This feature also makes me choose rather than the new H4n Tascam yet cheaper. The balance of the recorder is very successful (with the metal part on the front) and its grip thanks to bors slightly "rubberized". The richness of the functions of the software part for an unbeatable offers on recorders competitors in this price range. In short, the Zoom H4n is now in my opinion the best choice.
Some titles on albums by majors were even recorded on H4n!

stefbreizh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom H4nSP
I've been using the H4N for 6 months now
I have been using a MD Recorder (Mini Disc) for a long time
and to record in WAV or MP3 that is great to upload directly to a PC

Good stuff although a bit heavy

jean_jean's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Satisfied enough, despite some annoying details"

Zoom H4nSP
Overall I'm not too disappointed. I'm coming from the H2 and I needed mic with phantom power, but also the ability to record on 4 tracks.

First, what I do not like about this product:
- The storage case Polypro is not up to the product class that you put inside it. The closure does not work, it opens by itself. And in the absence of depreciation, it is lightweight.
- The external mic, those that replace the internal microphones. This entry in 3.5mm stereo is very poorly placed. You can not put the H4n on a table when a jack is inserted. Now when using this input, we no longer need a tripod to use with the recorder. I had to make a special desk to put it on a table (Box console Gainta G1188, Selectronic home for those interested). Also, it would be nice to have a switching "level line" on these inputs. I had to add an attenuator ...
- The overall ergonomics. It's better than the H2, but it's not Apple! The wheel is not bad, but I cannot understand why we can not use it to adjust the levels! It is used only in menus. In the H2, which annoyed me most is that for downward or upward through the menus, we used the arrow keys on the right and left. Hello logic ergonomic! There is better, but it is not fabulous, I wonder why we could not get into the menus simply by pressing the scroll wheel. Ditto, when using an external microphone, you can not cut the second input by simply pressing the buttons for selecting entries! In short, it's better than the H2, but Zoom could hire an ergonomist specialist HID.
- The starting time. The graphic effect "Z" to Zoom, it will happen. It adds nothing to the user, otherwise he would lose time when it is pressed.
- Lack of mp3 recording 4-channel mode. Knowing that the recording is done anyway in two files, I do not see why it would not be possible unless there is a limitation of the internal DSP that would incapable of doing the compression on 4 tracks simultaneously.
- You cannot adjust the recording levels other than in pairs. It means, in 2CH or 4CH mode or we cannot independently set the level right to left. This is extremely disadvantageous when two independent external sources, or two different microphone sensitivities. It's the biggest complaint that I have concerning this product. The worst part is we do not understand why the buttons "1" and "2" are not used to select the entry that you want to adjust the gain!
- The MTR mode is incredibly complex, I was not able to use it to record in 4 independent tracks. I must be too stupid.
- The screen jumps on translucent buttons. Attention to support the skin and not with nails, despite the size of the keys.
- To open the battery cover when the Zoom is on a tripod,  need to devise a fixation. Annoying.
- Hook hatches for the battery or SD card is an apparent weakness that invites caution ...

What I like:
- Value for money.
- The large screen more readable than the H2, even if the pixels are excessive. Which affects the readability of entries (one is in the logical inverse of the trend "retina display" to pass the pixel size below the resolution power of the optics of the eye ... maybe the Zoom effect... :-)

Unlike I-don't-know-who said that he regretted more that the headphone jack is not in 6.35, I would say that it didn't bother me to have little connection everywhere, in exchange for a box a bit more compact. I have a little trouble understanding the presence of large XLR connectors on a case of this type. I'd rather have a microphone with a universal connector octopus at the end. So if I do not need external mic, I do not lug around the fitting. And I have a more compact recorder.

For those interested, I put a picture of my PCs support. The power supply cables and external inputs through holes drilled just to join the housing (to allow the dismantling and removal of cables). Before coming into the line level stereo microphone, I wired two attenuators with two resistors placed directly into the two 6.35 jacks. These jacks are stereo, not because they are symmetrical, but because they are connected to socket patches.

Montretout's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Field recorder Zoom H4N - Note 7"

Zoom H4nSP
Nice material, easy to use, a bit limited in terms of dynamic capsule a little too simplistic but the price does not fancy budget, ease of connection of a static torque which greatly improves the recording quality . Nothing to say it's cheap and it performs its job very well. Jeep