Korg Ampworks Guitar
Korg Ampworks Guitar

Ampworks Guitar, Portable Guitar Amp Simulator from Korg.

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Korg Ampworks Guitar : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
11 amp models:
1 Fuzz?
A handmade 100w amp (clean channel)
Fender 2: 1 and 1 Black Face Bassman
2 Vox AC15 and a AC30TB 1 (clean channel)
A former head Marshall 412
Marshall 100w 3: 1 w 69 100 head, a head 83 and a modern version
1 Mesa

11 speakers:
4 Speakers with AlNiCo magnet HP:
Tweed open back 1 HP 12-inch pitch blues
Tweed open back 4 HP 10-inch
VOX open back of a 12-inch HP
VOX open back two 12-inch HP

7 ceramic magnet speakers with HP:
Fender opened an 8-inch HP
Fender HP opened a 12-inch bright tone
Fender opened two 12-inch HP
Modern open enclosure 2 HP 12 inches
Marshall closed 4 HP 12-inch 25-watt
Marshall closed 4 HP 12-inch 30-watt
Marshall closed 4 HP 12-inch 75-watt

11 effects:
Wah-Wah automatic response to the attack, two modes descending and ascending
Stereo Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Leslie, Stereo Delay, Reverb spring
Stereo Chorus + stereo delay, stereo chorus + reverb spring
They are not cumulative!

Settings: Volume, Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, depth effect, noise gate and tap tempo

2 programs for personal memories, almost 3 since the manual is
also remember as we go back on it, cycle through the options
with a pedal properly.

11 preset programs

2 Personal Programs

Guitar input jack mono
Output jack stereo output switch to select:
Position Line headphone, mixer, recorder
Position Amp for guitar amp

Power supply: 2 AA alkaline batteries or AC adapter (4.5 V DC)
Bravo! Finally something that does not work with 3 or 6 batteries!!
this allows to easily use rechargeable batteries on the go

144 mm x 78 mm x 48 mm, 222 g without batteries!
In short we can take him in the pocket ...


Very good setup, simple and convenient with the various knobs
Editing sounds easy and fast, very clear manual


The effects are very realistic and can be a good idea of ​​what gives
a chorus, a flanger, etc ...
They are all usable and well suited to the guitar, the tremolo is really nice,
the depth setting can make it "chopped" by against the Tap Tempo
does not sync perfectly with the music, it shifts
after a few steps, I think only a few Midi sync address
this kind of problem!
Effects all have a side "old" (as stated in the manual) and sound
rather "vintage" indeed! precision: one can not use one at a time!
Noise gate very effective if not to gain in depth on some
simulations, it makes you want to buy one ...


Advantages: very compact, well thought out, sound good effects, amp simulations
correct choice of speaker cabinet simulations, noise gate effectively, choosing the output
headphone or line well thought out, short breath, easily editable and taking briefs
all parameter into account, the batteries last long enough.

Cons: tone controls not effective enough, two user memories ...
with such a choice of amps and speakers is a shame!
We can only use one effect at a time!

Good quality / price, 80 euros for buying this model is discontinued ...

Good choices can be a good opinion of effects, amps and speakers simulated
against by a little disappointed at first because you always imagine that this kind of device will offer us
sound AC / DC, Clapton, Dire Straits, Metallica, etc. ... on a plate, well NO! is fun,
simulations are good but it was never a big sound with this kind of devices!

In order to work against the sounds of his guitar (the original sound is well respected)
explore different types of amps and speakers, take it anywhere, make nice models,
play with headphones, etc. ... here it is pretty awesome and I do not regret this purchase!