Korg Ampworks Guitar
Korg Ampworks Guitar

Ampworks Guitar, Portable Guitar Amp Simulator from Korg.

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Desmodue 04/21/2005

Korg Ampworks Guitar : Desmodue's user review


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Prampli "pocket" guitar with amp simulations and various HP and Varis and a small section of effects (rverb, chorus, delay, phasing etc ...) that uses the mod Lisati numrique "REMS" effects and amps Korg. 2 + memory rglage the current, so 3 sounds IMMEDIATE available via a button on the front panel or foot switch (for tinkering is not included). Connectivity ultra-simple: between output (2 levels) and "footswitch." Aesthetics sober, nothing to do with colored beans (Pod or V-Amp)!
In view of the uses of the vehicle would be missing an auxiliary input (CD player or rhythm box) to make it perfect.


It is difficult to be easier, no need to notice!


Not having at hand the prestigious amps it is supposed to reproduce it is difficult to comment on the ism of imitation. But we get good sounds and always enjoyable Difference ear. The diversity of possible sounds (from jazz to rock very clean "saturax") is more than sufficient to cover all needs. The basic sound of the guitar is well respected, which is rarely the case with the Goofs "modlisation numrique".
The effects are a bit "shy", not cumulative (except two), but not natural dsagrables and trs. This is not a multi-effects, almost total amps offering gure that rverbe and sometimes a chorus that choice makes perfect sense.


This machine is clearly Designed to use two well particulires: for the "BPS" with headphones without interfering neighbors and to connect directly to a console or sound recording. In either case, mission accomplished, plus it is tiny and does not take place in the bag or tui guitar, it can have on hand at all times. Too bad for the "BPS" we can not connect over which accompanied or simply keep the measure!
For use on amplifier "guitar" you better have something extremely neutral, if not multiple rglages to "walk on the feet" with a rsultat dcevant. It is prfrable to use a speaker amplifies or better yet some amps made specially for this kind of hardware (Pod or other). Found in a EAR or Tech 21, but with just a SETTING THE volume, they are also expensive amp or almost a "normal" ... However, your exact worth it, it's a combination that makes sense.
Finally, too much when it came out it is now coming in 90 and nine is a good deal!