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All user reviews for the Line 6 POD 2

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 70 reviews )
 42 reviews60 %
 20 reviews29 %
 6 reviews9 %
 1 user review1 %

zangdar555's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
CF further notice


The knobs are very responsive, very clear manual that little use for me. The presets are average but not bad, the distortion must be reworked.


While this is not a tube amp, but for the price, it's all good. For cons, I think it's not plug-in.
I play Ltd Deluxe EC 1000, and spent at least ten hours on the machine to find a very correct distortion, perfect to model.

The clear and crunches are great as well, respond well to different micro.


It's not perfect, but it is mandatory for equipment that would record a correct overview of his ideas. Suitable for all styles, you just take the time to tame the thing. At current prices (90 to OCCAZ) is great!

jmarcz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
Red and practice.
simul amp and cab are plenty (32) but ended up not in use only 2 or 3 and more traditional in general.
effect: the modulations except the most common phaser (chorus, flanger, Leslie simultaneously, tremolo), delay, compressor.
Never tried the editing of presets via PC but doable SELNI the doc.
Midi control can name more but never used.
Not at all in the rack version Bean.


You turn the knobs, there has been adjusting and playing.
Yes the button is not motorized but ...
The manual is not very useful when you know you have to use the Tap to have the secondary function (that should be listed on the box) unless you want to use it or edit the MIDI preset by PC .
With the floorboard is an even more convenient you can activate or not the effects separately feet (Modulation, Delay, Drive), there is a volume pedal and no access to the tuner which is good practice and live wah and more (not great but practical too).


I join the opinion of Bixbee indeed the Pod is for me above all a great headphone amp complete with a small multi-effect, it can become a very versatile amp if you plugged into an amplifier, ie a minimum in the FX loop simulation and without HP. Of course, in this case is less simple to use as a combo!
on the other hand when using something like a floor amplified while we go up.

The downside to using it live small cuts to its preset changes, that includes in saturated at a rhythm. If we change just setting on the same amp simulator and HP that does not occur. The disadvantage of this is that if we are to avoid cuts and a move from its clear to another you have to find the saturated simultaneously makes me well'm making bank with his ABCD simultaneously and even more settings, it's like having 9 amps.

I personally use the simulation to correct or JCM with a guitar equipped with a double and I play mostly stuff from the U.S. with saturation so it does it very well. I find that lack a bit of crunch safe but I do not really know what kind of sound. I also find that some simulated cab are anecdotal.


The Pod is the Swiss Army Knife of a guitarist, a more complete thanks to the presence SansAmp effects but with limitations in terms of sound quality of digital (I mean mostly dynamic).
At the price where it is sold today is really a wise investment for a beginner. back effect in any amp that can try out different types of sound (fender, marshall, boogie) and main effects.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
It is above all an amp simulator, coupled with a prossesseur effect.
sounds can be edited and the camera is controllable noon.


The configuration is very simple, and can already use the device in an intuitive way, but reading the manual is mandatory for the tips used as the boost, firms or tuning effects.
reading the manual is very pleasant and digestible.


Despite what some say, the effects are qualities alone reverbs are not too early, but they are measured out their work.
When the most important, with simus, we have a huge number of amp with carractère very different. I was mad nice to know if it's a simulation of marchal or fender. I have the full preamp with which I peus me sounds tailor. There follow well the grain of the guitar, and are very warm, quite honestly a lot more friendly pod XT or XT live, I know what I mean, I've owned.
Special mention poue sounds clear. saturated sounds are not leftovers, crunch or bite hyper saturated, everything is possible.
for effects, the tremolo is really successful.
by taking the time you can really make sounds small onions!


This little bean is a blessing to my back and the trunk of the car. Direct sound, I sound, and at home the cash in monitorings great!
opportunity is found in a stoppered bread, er ... bean (red).
Bon appetite!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
The effects are most common and are of exellent quality to tell you, I had to buy 3 times the pod and tried other modlisations and I always came back to the pod 2.0. so you have 2 2 chorus flanger, delay, compressor, and effects trmolo shuffled delay compressor, delay, chorus, delay, flanger and delay swell. technology is 100% numrique but sounds better than a pod xt live or pod xt all. We can connect the pod to a computer, download the presets etc ... but for me the machine she simply sought APRS same sounds. I have prfrs Soldano marshall and fender.


It is easy to use compared to other machines on the market and the explanations of the manual are clear and compltes. called line 6 amps without fear of procsmme if they had. vox dare not explicitly name his modlisations the blow back is lacking. j'dite sounds through a floorboard, which is my sense complment most of the machine. attentio made the pod 2.0 out now they are not compatible floorboard but you have a pod and is indicated pedal at the storming of the PDAL it will put a floorboard. but if it is indicated FBV PDAL it will put an FBV Shortboard.


The effects are trs effective, responsive and ralistes, I use many guitars with diffrent, and none that I like or that I dtest all have their usefulness .


I use the pod 2.0 since its commercial release. there are 2 or 3 years. what I like most is the distortion functions and boost the drive floarboard rmetent that boost the machine and to make the best in all cases. I know all other machines and modeling for me, the pod appears to be the best compromise. I do it again this choice without hesitation.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
That says it all

remember too the fact the models for which they have to press another button, and remember also the possible change speakers


To use it is not particularly complicated, if not access to 16 other models and speakers, for which they must simultaneously press a button and turn the amps or effects (I know it ' is not particularly complicated, but the use is not very practical


For the sound it depends on the modeling, the marshall is not bad at all, the fender and vox too, mesa and Soldano too synthetic for my taste, the effects themselves are not too bad although it would love to be free in their combination, otherwise the noise gate, are done automatically somehow, ie diffiilement, there are a breath. equalization of the knobs are very sensitive, this whole bean (pod in English), allows one to sculpt sound (his?) for the n can spend time there (especially in using the effects) but if you had the jcm lazy modeling will be perfect, we gain a little quick editing and the equa hop ...


I've had eight months, I am generally happy even if I can be sorry not to be going to the pod XT that facilitate enrgistrement thanks to its USB port

loicat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
In short:
36 amp models including: Vox, Mesa Boogie, Fender, marshall, line6, roland ....

16 effects including: tremolo, chorus, delay, flanger ...

16 cabinet models including: 1952 Fender Tweed Deluxe, the 1960 Vox AC-15, the 1978 Marshall with Vintage 30s ...

AIR system: "Integration of acoustic properties of the recording" in two modes:
1) DIRECT -> recording studio. (Use on my PC with SONAR and sound card EDIROL UA-25)
2) AMP -> connection to guitar amp (stage)

8 knobs: output level, drive, bass, middle, treble, vol chan, reverb, effect tweak

1 headphone jack

1 input jack

1 output jack left and a right

Connecting a pedal line6

One exit and one entry into MIDI

A switch "power" (on / off)

A button "tuner" (Tuner)

A button "noise gate" (-> noise reduction)

A button "TAP" (set the tempo)

A button "save" to be totally free to create

and memory: 4 channel (A, B, C, D) with nine bank (from 1 to 9)

+ Other settings: presence, delay feedback, drive boost, speed effects, etc ... with the TAP button

for details: ->


The POD2 is easy to use but takes time to manage it well because even now I do is only 60% of these possibilities ...

editing is very simple: choice of amp + effect and possible modification of bass, middle, treble, reverb, etc ... and press the "save" 2 times ... very simple

Obtimale for use, I suggest you read the manual (it's boring but very useful) if you did not go to:
instructions and select the POD 2.
note: you must register on the site

CAUTION: Do not connect when using headphones on an amp (AMP mode) because the system acts on the AIR headphone and not the amp


In Personal, j'utile bcp on:
clean, layer, tweed blues, Insam -> it's the right sound, clean.
About distorted sounds, I create my sounds like ac / dc, scorpion ... and this makes good.
everyone can find happiness ...

If you have a friend with a POD, you can download a sound to him, to put it on your own.

course: POD 2 is for use main "studio" but very well filled office of "scene".

Me, I like its sound quality and I'm happy because I think the POD sounds still ≠

must also be realistic, if you want a pure sound sick, choose the items separately
but for a novice user wanting to start in music while doing fun for not too much .... € go for it.


It is nearly two years since I buy Occasion to € 200 in a store 'but zik
this is really only 6 months I began to see his opportunity because you have to spend some to find and play the sounds that are fun.

it's a great device for a tool for combining music: live box, amp simulator and effects, all reasonably priced .... a 100% digital modeling ... you be the judge. ..

but I do it again no problem buying

to progress while having fun ...
I will soon buy the line6 floorboard of:
%% 2Cidproduit 2C11298.html
GLOBAL NOTICE: in its sector, it is very good and recommended ....

tobias47's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
That says it all!


O first it can be a little hassle to find the desired sound but with the manual in french ... is that the boheur!
the manual perfectly clear and very well explain even a touch of humor by momentary.


The sound quality is nothing to say that the sof clean sounds have a more volume than the ba distortion, so if you want a good clean looking for a crunch and put the drive to a minimum.
The sounds are super realistic, the fact its great!
I play with a 100 watt and one HH Cort M1200 I bard! by fo against the project have to buy a pedal noon!
me I was lucky to find a floorboard pa chèr docaz. fanchemen and the Pod without pedals is very boring.
on the other hand I tube amp and the sound is a little tropical color! So I suggest you take the pod with a neutral amp! EX: Tech 21 Power Engine 60

I suggest you connect the pod 2 from a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe! bouble the transparent effect!
and the tube amp gives potato for distortion! I advise you to try!


I use depui 6 months and I spend little men!
fo kan even remember that the Pod 2 valer over 330 euros!
considering the price is in momentary nothing to say! I had a 180 euros new.

maxpapaie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
Bote modlisations. The concept was initiated by Line 6 t widely imitated since. POD is the "original". A 190, do not go without ...


Unlike what I read on the previous ones opinion, the machine is a first trs simple when compared to multi-effects numriques. In addition to rglages purposes that are possible but a bit laborious via a TAP, current use is facilitated by the analog-style buttons prsence which include the traditional rglages of the amp. In short, the choice of shipping is not pushed to the ease of dtriment rglage. The manual is surprisingly humorous tone a little teenager, but pdagogiquement speaking, it trs well done!
I would add that I possde pdalier the floorboard which permetd'accder a host of functions (tuner, wah pedals and volume for example) without lcher guitar. I use the POD on scne when I do not need my amp Flextone2 (both hardware as twin patches I cln)


Extremely practical, I recommend the branch POD Live PA. If you play a (good) guitar amp, no need to bother the POD. I play on my old Carvin lamps ds that the configuration allows it (great scne, returns LGERS and crazy drummer). My amp has a much larger dynamic (and sometimes teachers) and a broader spectrum in the high and low ranges. For all plans quiet (cif clubs ..) POD is sufficient. I use the patches at this time "the clear" to play the Dire Straits and modlisations "Jazz Chorus" and "Blackface" (with a compression lgre Dlay and adjustable time r el foot) work well trs. For saturation with beautiful feeling and feedback I prfre my Carvin lamps, but even when there are good things.


I have a year and I use it in my complment Flextone 2 (pdalier compatible). I and one off-road equipment.
You have to buy a POD if you want to avoid to lug his amp, and not as a multi-effect to more! The pdalier is indispensable scne (my opinion)
Unless you want to be a snob or a grain prcis in the studio, POD should any amateur guitarist who wants to avoid a back strain!
Reasonable purchase as I would do without problem.

fabou13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
Amp Simulators (Marshall, Soldano, etc. ..) and effects (chorus, compressor, etc ...) to "model" (100% digital).

+ 30-amp models
+ 10 models of speakers (combo, mesa 4 * 12, etc ...)
+ 10 standard effects
EQ minimum (low, medium and high), presence also


Use requiring a few hours of practice, but mostly you have to take the time to read the entire record: Essential to achieve his ends


When we used a small combo, it's impressive. It can be quite distraught at the number of possible settings, but for my part I always converges to some sounds for each of my styles: rock metal and 60-70's especially.

Between these two styles, I appreciate especially the possibilities of POD for 70's rock (Led Zep, Hendrix, ACDC, etc.), its crunches are great (eg small tweed and black panel). (All this low volume)

For metal (heavy pattern, speed), the "Soldano" is a must.


For the price I paid: € 100 used, I filled in that I sought to give new life to my sound.

Very good quality / price ratio for an amateur like me (but who has an ear demanding)

This three months that I have and I never get tired of her and I enjoy more and more often.

I did not know the "modeling", well it's a great technology.

fops33's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
Ultimate amp simulator. Technology modlisation of line 6 is dconcertante. Not a question of having the sound of a marshall or three bodies of a Mesa Boogie, but to remain close to those sounds.
I use a coupled Tubeman II of Hughes and Kettner and I think overall the sounds gloves knowing that I play mostly rock 80's and 90's.


As the knobs on an amp, the handling takes a little practice, but everything is perfectly clear, and within hours it can be imagined the great JIMI.


This is an amp simulator, the situation is l.
Personally, a big tip of the hat for the simultaneous Fender, Vox, Marshall Plexi, Dumble.
Other simulations are certainly good, but trs ps I do not know enough about the original amps to make an objective opinion.
In any case, considering the price, a wonderful machine to work at home. I prfre significantly raise the pod II in my mixer, it connects in the same line from my computer.
Note 9 is that it is a amp simulator.


200 euros is unbeatable and you will have hours of great guitar with this little Beanstalk