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Portable Guitar Amp Simulators user reviews

  • Palmer Pocket Amp mk2

    Palmer Pocket Amp mk2 - "Three Amps with Clean, Crunch & Heavy + 3 Mic Settings"


    SOUND: It may be small, but Palmer’s Pocket Amp MK 2 produces some very decent tones, as demonstrated in the YouTube demo below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx7oHs9UgOM&feature=youtu.be With dynamics of a tube amp (although it may not be 1…

  • Line 6 POD 2

    Line 6 POD 2 - "Great for gigs"


    I have used my pod since 2007 for many gigs. We are a blues, classic rock band. I found the pod much easier and reliable to lug around with a medium solid state amp. No maintenance, utterly reliable and great sounds. Primarily set on a clean bassman …

  • Line 6 POD XT

    Line 6 POD XT - "Not horrible...Not awesome..."


    OK, the PODxt is a comprehensive beast....Below is the TON of info about it...Since it models so many amps, cabs, mics, etc. it has a lot of specs...It doesn't such about the Line 6 Edit software but that is the GREATEST PODxt feature known...There a…

  • Line 6 POD HD

    Line 6 POD HD - nickname009's review


    22 HD amp models 100+ M-class effect models Up to 8 simultaneous effects POD HD Edit software editor/librarian (free download) Fully routable signal chain Dual Tone functionality Dedicated top-panel knobs for Drive, …

  • Vox Tonelab

    Vox Tonelab - "midi hook up!"


    This is a digital amp modeler. This thing cannot, unfortunately, be updated through a Mac or PC, however a MIDI controller can be purchased to control it more efficiently. This unit is not rackable. It has MIDI connections as well as a 1/4" input and…

  • Line 6 POD 2

    Line 6 POD 2 - "It's a staple unit."


    Features Amp Models based on*: '64 Fender ® Deluxe Reverb ® '59 Fender ® Bassman ® '68 Marshall ® Plexi 100 watt Marshall ® JTM-45 meets Budda Twinmaster '60 Tweed Fender ® Champ ® Budda Twinmaster head '65 Blackface Fender ® Twin Reverb ® '…

  • Line 6 POD XT

    Line 6 POD XT - yoTrakkz's review


    The 6POD XT delivers great flexibility and quality. Combined with over 60 classic stombox effects. Also, some hand picked selections from some of the best stomp boxes ever made. The 6 POD XT is no long available to be purchased brand new because they…

  • Line 6 POD HD

    Line 6 POD HD - "Studio only"


    The POD HD desktop unit is something Line 6 is not promoting much. They are trying to push their floor based units now so people use them more for live work and whatnot. This desktop unit is a lot like the old pod units. I had an old POD XT desktop u…

  • Line 6 POD 2

    Line 6 POD 2 - iamqman's review


    One of the best products that Line 6 has ever produced. These little units sound amazing and have a great array of variance of possible operations. You can run amp models and cab models as well as an assortment of modulations, delays, and others effe…

  • Line 6 POD

    Line 6 POD - "Good intro"


    I am a little biased towards all things Line6 when it comes to effects units....not amps. I have used the POD live, POD rack mount, and the XT unit. There is a common operation that flows throughout the POD series that makes effect tweaking pretty sm…