Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
Jeffouille 02/23/2005

Behringer V-Amp 2 : Jeffouille's user review


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We find everything needed: 32 amp simulations of reference, 15 baffles legend and guitarist essential effects: noise efficient gate, compressor, wah-wah, rverb (including spring), chorus, trmolo ...

Between a and a MIDI output can control the device from his computer prfr grace a free software tlchargeable from the Behringer website (the V-Amp Editor) and save carefree all prsets that was either-even concoct. Finally, the site also offers other users' presets, Confirms or amateurs.

The connection between a prvoit instrument, between auxiliary and two line outputs (left-right). The bbte comes with a transformer, a double foot-switch, all in a beautiful padded cover.

A tuner is built-device: it is little prcis given the display but consituera about a solution acceptable to some raccordages scniques.

Finally, 5 output configurations allow you to parry any studio or live use (these configurations allow you live eg send a signal in the output Left with HP simulation in a mixer and another in the output Right without HP simu to a guitar amp).

In short nothing is missing, at least in comparison with a POD, one remains in the nails.


A little reading the manual to quickly become familiar with the V-Amp and any guitarist who has at least once in her life used a multi effect will not Drout the possible rglages and accessibility.

The edition is even easier and accuracy of all via the V-Amp editor software since in this case, all parameters are clearly visible. But even without a, it is relatively easy to find the location of all rglages.

Except perhaps for the plac compressor pr-fx does not seem to be directly dbrayable of the device (or so I have not found.

The manual is quite clear and relatively well Detailed especially on diffrentes output configuration possibilities (Stuio and live).


To have tried POD, I find the Behringer much less cold and downright more bluffing branch on a sound system. The sound is warm and prcis some distos are flamboyant and close grain amps they imitate (including distos kinds Marshall, Soldano and Mesa).

The clean sounds are not all about them usable but still it happens quickly find happiness especially around the clean and classic tweed combo.

Blues sounds / crunch are a little more difficult rgler (including the American Blues that "dirty" quickly in severe), but also bring their personality.

In short, even if everything is not perfect, the sound palette is broad enough that everyone will find happiness.

Even the wildest distos are possible: I plug my Gibson All American II team of two single-coil pickups (small but mighty) and a config "Modern Hi Gain (Soldano) - 4x12" V-Amp Custom ", a hard !!!

Home studio, it's up, everything is at hand without wake up the neighbors and the sound is, as long as we linger a little on the rglages, excellent. However, little advice for good integration in a mix: avoid the internal compressor and the rverb for recording; These are effects that it is better placed after, plug-in if you want to get crisp, prcis and easy to use in a more or less complex mix.


I use the gear for 7 or 8 months and I do not get enough; I use it exclusively for the home studio at the moment and I find all the sounds I need.

Branch on my table and out of my monitors (Behringer B2030A) is stunning; even the finest Feedback are possible and sound like on a real amp.

Like a real amp, you have to "grow" the volume a bit to realize sound (try to ring a double Soldano large body leaving 1/2 volume ...). And like any multi Indeed, we must devote a little time to find its rglages (forget the factory presets, they are actually all chuls deny).

The quality-price ratio is very good compared POD (even if the POD baiss lately). I bought it 170 there eight months while the POD was worth the era PERQUE 300.

Today, it is found 130 max (POD remains in the 200). As the difference between the two smaller models, there are now more reasons to hsiter but the V-Amp 2 remains for me a very good product.