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JBL Powered PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • JBL EON 315

    JBL EON 315 - "JBL EON"


    These speakers has a problem with there Main boards/ amp, I have blown two of them at low volume, can not buy the boards as discontinued !!!!! Rubbish/ land fill !!!, What a waste of money, I own JBL PRX 600 and have had no problems for 7 years, grea…

  • JBL EON 515XT

    JBL EON 515XT - "Great speakers until they failed. "


    They have nice sound after adjustment of onboard equalizer and mixer. Nice speaker for the price. Have had eons for 18 years following the progression. Both speakers failed at the same time during a performance. According to a Maryland based JBL auth…

  • JBL EON 515XT

    JBL EON 515XT - "A Rolls, lightweight, spl, superb sound!"


    I've been using them since May 2004. I also tested the RCF art 712 MKII and 715. The JBL sound is finer, less analytical... I also have a couple of RCF 710 ART MKII since October 2014. I love their look, lightness, three handles to place them on sta…

  • JBL EON 515XT

    JBL EON 515XT - "JBL's EON are better and better every time"


    I've used EON since the 15G2 came out, more than 8 years ago-. Every model brings improvements with it, be it in terms of sound, power, handling, looks... I can't think of anything better in this range of powered speakers, this model is the bes…

  • JBL EON 515XT

    JBL EON 515XT - "They deliver"


    I've been using them for one year, we also have the Eon 515, the XT are more powerful but with a lesser sound quality than the 515, which are more "balanced." The highs seem a bit shrill on the XT. They have a very interesting price, given their powe…

  • JBL PRX612M

    JBL PRX612M - "Big sound, Priced right"


    The JBL PRX612M is a 1000 watt active speaker with a 12 inch speaker in it. It only weighs around 35 pounds and is made for the road. Out of all of the times that I have moved this speaker around so far, I have noticed that it doesn’t scratch easy an…

  • JBL EON 305

    JBL EON 305 - "Not a huge fan of the bass but everything else was good."


    The JBL EON305 is a 2 way passive speaker that is very portable. The price is ok, but maybe it is just a little overpriced compared to some of the other JBL speakers that have come out around the same time this one did. This speaker will give you a p…

  • JBL PRX625

    JBL PRX625 - "They may overheat, but they sound perfect!"


    The JBL PRX625 is a dual 15 inch speaker system (active) that has a pretty high price tag on it compared to other brands with the same specs. The difference is that this is a JBL speaker and you will be paying for quality, and quality you will get! T…

  • JBL PRX615M

    JBL PRX615M - "suprised us"


    The JBL PRX 615 M speakers are 1,000 watts at 15 inches and has a low frequency driver with a range of 45 hz to 19khz’s each. The best thing about these speakers is that they are very easy to carry, they might look heavy but taking them around with y…

  • JBL EON 515XT

    JBL EON 515XT - "great for gigging"


    A friend of mine uses the JBL EON 515 XT to gig with. He is pretty much a solo artist that plays the guitar and sings. He has been doing this for awhile and has been through a good amount of speakers some good and some bad. One of the biggest issue’s…