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Rackmount bass preamps user reviews

  • EBS EBS-1 Classic

    EBS EBS-1 Classic - "EBS Classic Mediums"


    EBS has been making high quality bass gear out of Sweden. Most recently they came out with their own line of strings. I was lucky enough to get a set to try out. I was able to get a set a few months back before they were available to the public as…

  • A/DA MB 1

    A/DA MB 1 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by C21h22n2o2/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - Amplification technology (tube, solid state, ...)? *...Both - Output power? *...-10 dBu and more... Very high output level!! - Connections? ...Everything you need! Tw…

  • Ampeg SVP-CL

    Ampeg SVP-CL - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by aldoo/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Tube preamp with Groove Tube valves. TS and DI outputs. Passive and active inputs. UTILIZATION Very easy to use. Fast voicing selection. Very versatile. SOUNDS Beautiful sound. Warm a…

  • Ampeg SVP-CL

    Ampeg SVP-CL - "Ampeg SVPCL"


    I've played for approximately 30 years, gigging for about 12 of those (including my current band). My roots are in blues rock, blues, and 70's fusion & R/B. I got it from BAss Central, new. I got it for about $450, if I remember correctly. Althou…

  • Aguilar DB 659

    Aguilar DB 659 - "Aguilar DB659"


    Paid $600 @ AppleRowMusic TONE...TONE...TONE...OMG! This unit is the most natural, smoooth and buttery sounding preamp I've ever heard. Using this with a couple of Spector basses for recording in my own computer-based project studio, and it sounds…

  • Ampeg SVP-Pro

    Ampeg SVP-Pro - "Ampeg SVP Pro"


    Used $200 US This pre amp has a lot of features that I like. You can get almost any tone or sound you could want, I love the drive on it, you can add all the juicy tube harmonics you want. I like the 9 band graph too, the normal bass control is se…


    BBE BMAX - "BBE BMAX Bass Preamplifier"


    I purchased this unit from USSpeaker.com and paid $349.00 no tax and shipping was $18.00. US Speaker is a great place to do business, they realized I lived close to the BBE corp HQ so they had the unit shipped from BBE to me and saved about 5 days t…

  • Art SGX Night Bass

    Art SGX Night Bass - "ART Nightbass Express"


    My band currently owns 2 SGX NIGHTBASS processors. The first one was purchased out of Musicans Friend somewhere in 1996 and the second unit was bought in 2001 off of Ebay. The first unit was about $600 and the second unit was around $200. The un…

Translated user reviews
  • Ampeg SVT-IIP

    Ampeg SVT-IIP - " The sound Ampeg what ..."


    This is the preamp fitted to the heads SVT II lamps in the years 80-90 as 19 "/ 1U ... Equipped with 3 12AX7 tubes. Input jack + 6.35 normal bright, 2 "main" outputs on Jack 6.35, 1 balanced XLR output with switch pad 0 / -20 dB, 1 footswitch conne…

  • A/DA MB 1

    A/DA MB 1 - " Comprehensive"


    Tube preamp 2 x 12AX7 (mine are the Sovtek) Front: -Input (Jack 6.35) Button-level Output Settings-Tube:-Input -Contour (6 different equalizer) -Overdrive (saturation of the lamp, 3 adjustable levels: clean, edge, full) -Master Solid…