Lexicon PCM96
Lexicon PCM96

PCM96, Reverb from Lexicon in the PCM series.

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moosers's review

Lexicon PCM96
The Lexicon PCM96 is a stereo reverb and effects box.  While it has mostly reverbs to offer, it also has a slew of other effects as well.  This is a digital piece of outboard gear that has all sorts of connections including inputs and outputs for MIDI, XLR, and AES, and also has jacks for fire wire, Ethernet, and word clock.  With the fire wire connections you can run this unit into your computer and stream the hardware signal into your sequencer.  The PCM96 will take up a single rack space in a traditional rack.


The configuration of the Lexicon PCM96 isn't too hard to follow, but since it has a digital screen that is navigated through, there are a lot of ins and outs to the unit that take some getting used to.  I definitely don't know everything that there is to know about the PCM96 yet as I haven't been using it for long enough.  However, the typical functions are easy enough to use where I can get the basic sounds that I'm after and hopefully with more use I'll be able to get the tones finer and closer to what I want.  The manual is pretty complete and is definitely helpful to have around when trying to get used to this.


In terms of digital reverb, the Lexicon PCM96 is just about as good sounding as it gets.  Lexicon is the best for digital reverb in my opinion and they have continued to make strides with units like the 96.  While the reverb is undoubtedly the best sounding effect on this unit, I'm also a fan of the chorus and delay sounds as well.  This definitely is a better sounding option than most plug-ins that I've used out there in terms of the reverb and with the cross integration between hardware and software it has never been easier to have a hardware quality sound with the ease of use of a plug-in.


Overall, I think the Lexicon PCM96 is a great product.  The integration between hardware and software here is borderline revolutionary, but this formula still needs a little bit of tweaking.  It could be a bit faster, but still runs well overall and makes up for this with a top notch overall sound quality.  While the price is quite expensive and probably out of the price range of a home studio owner, I would absolutely recommend this to professionals who are looking for an extremely high quality reverb that is the start of a great idea...

rroland's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent high-end reverb"

Lexicon PCM96
See the opinion of Blackle, who did this so that I can not do better (sincere tribute).
Now, there is a double reverb, but not on a single sonrt stereo output. It can be used to plug in and if so returns can be managed via two "virtual" independent outputs.


Rather simple configuration? The instructions in French is a big help because this machine is a gas plant: you can edit the proposed deep reverbs. Questions ergonomics, there is a real progress compared to the PCM90 and 91, but is still below the ergonomics of a TC M4000 from home.


The large class reverb very upscale, with one hand sounds "classic Lexicon" and other very modern things. There are a lot of presets, enough to spend months reviewing the different sounds. Can be dosed very strong, it is still natural and intimately mixed with the original sound, which I think is the hallmark of a great reverb. No regrets c level, it is a good notch above the PCM91.


I received to test its release in 2008 and I kept it. Little regret for the "plug in", which works wonderfully when you plug the reverb on an Apple computer. It was expected that this would be used on PC "Soon" said Lexicon in 2008 ... I'm still waiting. Like what, you should never believe a word manufacturer. For the rest, it's a great reverb used every day in the studio. It is a useful complement to a TC in the same range and a Bricasti or Quantec. No regrets for purchasing this PCM96.

Quantum-Music's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It is dated, but it's cool"

Lexicon PCM96
Not bad all, I used to long reverbs and delay. It is rack mountable.


What bothers me a bit is that it's more of an effect preset bank rather than a multi-effect that handles well. You still even pitonner lot to configure these own stuff.


The sound quality is intressante. Like I said, the only problem is that it is a preset bank. Very useful for live parcontre, since it is very fast.


I never used, but I've had several years. The sound quality is the best and least is the lack of easy access parameters