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Roland Cube Monitor user reviews

  • Roland CM-30

    Roland CM-30 - "EQ on the fly"


    The Roland CM-30 Cube only cost 220 bucks and has a 30 watt output. That is not bad for the money; it is also a powered monitor with a metal grill over it to protect it and a good handle to carry it with. Carrying it is not hard because it is not ver…

  • Roland CM-220

    Roland CM-220 - "200 watts total"


    The Roland Cm-220 is a speaker monitoring system that has two 50w speakers and a 110W powered sub. The size of this system will seem small when you have it and look at it, but don’t be misled because the Roland CM-220 has a huge sound that you can us…

  • Roland CM-110

    Roland CM-110 - " great product"


    I use it for a month I am pleased with the quality purchased in white, not many breath entries, numérique.note: 8 …

  • Roland CM-220

    Roland CM-220 - " disappointing for the roland"


    how long? One month I would say is the second since the first is gone and I have already mare ... I had to try some yes (yam, hk) what I like least? 1) a huge breath, even with no source connected perceptible 3m pregnant .. shame on a device …

  • Roland CM-220

    Roland CM-220 - " CM220 use"


    I have a CM220 on my Td 30 for 6 months, L.utilisation studio or local bp repeats is not with good sound quality, but the scene or outdoors it's downright insuffisant.a forget to such use. Slts A + …

  • Roland CM-30

    Roland CM-30 - " Excellent!"


    Rated power 30w.Ils are very convenient to carry everywhere can use monitors to listen and work on computer, so they are accurate enough to ça.En front three-way volume settings, and eq 2 voies.La sound quality excellente.Image stereo is good, clear …

  • Roland CM-30

    Roland CM-30 - babas3d's review


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? The combo mixer / amp / hp all-in-one ergonomic carrying handle, the power / price and brand (manifested also in the price anyway ^ ^). The types of available input, XLR, Jack 6.35 Mono / Stereo R…

  • Roland CM-30

    Roland CM-30 - selrahk's review


    I was looking for an amp for my acoustic Fender Stratacoustic thinking point me to a Marshall. Unfortunately, the date my old store had none in the price range that suited me. He showed me the amp with 15 watts max often between one while I intended …

  • Roland CM-30

    Roland CM-30 - damstraversaz's review


    A new cube for a multipurpose use, in line with the roland cubes. I do not is absolutely not pregnant monitoring (and I really think he did not t think why). I think its place should be in the CATEGORY keyboard amp. Rated Power Output 30W Dentre…

  • Roland CM-30

    Roland CM-30 - Anonyme's review


    I bought this amp for a little more volume on my keyboard because I was a little bit just to play with a colleague on guitar. For this utlisation there I am fully satisfied. However in my opinion is not utlise to cover a battery. The one side while I…