Roland CM-30
Roland CM-30

CM-30, Keyboard Amplifier from Roland in the Cube Monitor series.

damstraversaz 08/10/2006

Roland CM-30 : damstraversaz's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
A new cube for a multipurpose use, in line with the roland cubes. I do not is absolutely not pregnant monitoring (and I really think he did not t think why). I think its place should be in the CATEGORY keyboard amp.

Rated Power Output 30W
Dentre nominal level (1kHz) Channel 1 (Mic / Line): 50 -20 dBu, Channel 2, 3 (line): -20 dBu, AUX IN 1, 2: -10 dBu Stereo Link between : -10 dBu
Nominal Output Level Output Stereo Link Out L, R: -10 dBu
Speaker 16cm (6.5) + Tweeter (Coaxial 2-way)
Volume controls for channel 1 (Mic / Line), Volume 2 channels, 3 Stereo headphone volume, EQ: Low Control, High Control, Volume control, switch
Caught between the channel 1 (XLR and 1 / 4), between L (mono) channels 2, 3 (jack 1 / 4), between R (mono) channels 2, 3 (jack 1 / 4), All In 1 (RCA / Cinch), In Between 2 (Stereo mini-jack), Stereo Link Out L, R Jack (1 / 4), Stereo In Link, R (jack 1 / 4), Headphone jack (1 / 4 TRS)
Dimensions214 (L) x 228 (D) x 275 (H) mm
Weight 5.6 kg / 12 lbs 6 oz

* 0dBu = 0.775Vrms
connectivity fairly complete, with the possibility to linker 2 cubes and thus have double the input and Stereo, unlike all existing keyboard amp.
pregnant magntiquement blind (always has) and construction trs trs solid. the hp is I do not know what alloy and being protected by a grille. I think short enough indestructible

should any musician looking for an ultra portable solution lgre fast setup and install. its versatility allows it to be useful in all cases I have come across in a semi acoustic concert:
sound sampler, voice, clarinet, keyboards, etc..
Brief all good.


Then it's incredible.
POWER HALUCINANTE for a cube of this size! "Officially it is 30 w, I do not really know how it's possible. The rendering of the trs is really good, and you really do saturate (low end) to hear the distortion.
I would definitely suggest trying it


I use it since it came out (mid 2005).
I Bourlingue the breaststroke in every corner or I will and in all times and no problem. it is for me the essential product for this use, due to its solidity and its quality sound mobility. I highly recommend all to buy two keyboardists plustt one keyboard amp, much heavier, but can STREO rpartition or sound in a room.
I think I try a little prs all that existed in this type of product, and trs far is the best.
quality price ratio: current average price 180 euros. Regard the price of the speakers amplified low-level RMS (I do not mean the quality or keyboard amp (and fool quality Roland also) ... the CM30 is related quality amazing price.

I do it again this purchase with eyes closed.
exellent product really is, but it does not replace a sound complte. in short, do not ask him to do what it does not pens. but in return, individual sound (in Stereo for small concerts) or nomadic complmnt for any purpose, it is extraordinary