Roland CM-30
Roland CM-30

CM-30, Keyboard Amplifier from Roland in the Cube Monitor series.


Roland CM-30 : Anonymous 's user review


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I bought this amp for a little more volume on my keyboard because I was a little bit just to play with a colleague on guitar. For this utlisation there I am fully satisfied. However in my opinion is not utlise to cover a battery. The one side while I was also seduced (equalizer and amplifier).
I use it in mono.


The sound is good, transparent, and therefore ideal for a keyboard.
attention if we push the settings to the above average level (volume, treble, bass) of the breath is coming. over 3 / 4 breath is unbearable and the sound disgusting.
So in my opinion only use to play with another instrument and a singer in a small or medium room.


Utlisation for personal or small a group, this little amp is ideal. The sound is transparent, neutral. Easy to carry with its integrated handle, a small easily transportable. I have not tested the microphone and connecting with a reader.