Roland CM-30
Roland CM-30

CM-30, Keyboard Amplifier from Roland in the Cube Monitor series.

jeff 7 adore. 02/29/2012

Roland CM-30 : jeff 7 adore.'s user review

«  Excellent! »

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Rated power 30w.Ils are very convenient to carry everywhere can use monitors to listen and work on computer, so they are accurate enough to ça.En front three-way volume settings, and eq 2 voies.La sound quality excellente.Image stereo is good, clear and precise.Excellente dynamique.Avec the threaded hole in the box below you can attach a microphone stand, the linker has one of the other stereo effect, and have a small sound system, or be at ear level home studio on keyboards, for example (it is actually made for keyboards) he may collect the high level of attention when meme keyboards but the ears!
I do not have the frequency curve.
I use them since 2007 and we are in 2011; They are very solid probleme.Beaucoup never any friends who have seen and heard were also conquered.
A must have if you do not know what to buy as monitors for the same studio they listen peuve, nt do the trick.
New about 200 euros. (Note: 8/10)


Rating: 8/10 (In its category, ie monitors keyboard amps to 200 euros, ok?))


Rating 9/10 (still in its class)