Roland CM-220
Roland CM-220

CM-220, PA Package (Sub + Satellite) from Roland in the Cube Monitor series.

stompboxjon 10/02/2012

Roland CM-220 : stompboxjon's user review

« 200 watts total »

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The Roland Cm-220 is a speaker monitoring system that has two 50w speakers and a 110W powered sub. The size of this system will seem small when you have it and look at it, but don’t be misled because the Roland CM-220 has a huge sound that you can use on a number of different applications because of all of the hook ups. It was made for electronic drums and keyboards. Though I have never heard it on an electronic drum set yet, I will say it sounds great on my Yamaha keyboard. The sub woofer is only 10” but it feels a lot bigger when you hear it in action. You have all of your main inputs with the Roland CM-220, ¼ TRS, RCA, digital coax and XLR ¼ inputs as well. There is a headphone jack as well, but chances are you won’t be using it much since you can just plug your headphone jack right into your keyboard.

The Roland CM-220 has a 3 channel inputs and they have volume and tone control knobs that you can tweak in real time. When you use your keyboard with the CM-220 it is better to use it with stereo inputs if you want a bigger more crisp sound, sometimes I don’t like the way that it sounds when plugged in mono.

While using the Roland CM-220 you will get a very clear sound. You can’t go wrong with this monitoring system from Roland. I have used a few other Roland systems similar to this one, and only one of them was better but it cost almost twice as much. The Roland CM-220 cost less than 700 dollars which is really affordable for two 50w speakers and a 100w sub! Make sure you invest in some high quality cables as well, they are not included with the Roland CM-220, and if you use cheap ones your sound will suffer.