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Roland TR user reviews

  • Roland TR-909

    Roland TR-909 - "The TR 909 IS THE TRUE BOSS!!!"


    Easy to program, midi, roland old-school sync, and the typical roland sequencer that earned the TR its reputation. I now think the sequencer of the 808 is more "lively." It has a magical groove which isn't as present on the 909, except when play w…

  • Roland TR-606

    Roland TR-606 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by tetripor/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Few connections but enough: - The Midi connector allows syncing with any sequencer and the trig output allows you to sync any old cv/gate device. It's not high-end but it's s…

  • Roland TR-707

    Roland TR-707 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by jerome6/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - Can the sound be edited? No and it's good so!! - Does the unit have an effects section? No and it's good so!! Separate outputs so external processing is not a problem. - …

  • Roland TR-808

    Roland TR-808 - FP User's review


    This machine is nice...easy to flip back and forth between variations and to trigger fill ins..also manual fill in $950.00 UTILIZATION I used no manual in learning how to use most features on this machine...for i have none....but that blasted comp…

  • Roland TR-909

    Roland TR-909 - Cbass909's review


    A unique drum machine, despite the number of copies available and which aren't anything like it!! Its price is pretty high, granted, but it's because it's really worth it!! It's for all fans of big e-drums. Analog drum machine. Analog: Bass Dru…

  • Roland TR-909

    Roland TR-909 - Anonyme's review


    The features have been mentioned over and over again, so I see no need to go through them again. Pros: Super groovy sequencer, separate outs. Cons: No effects (but then again...) USE It couldn't be easier to use, except for some functions…

  • Roland TR-606

    Roland TR-606 - redox75's review


    I got the first two with separate outputs I share against SH 101 at the time. The one that I have is no separate outputs but I'm going to start because the BAR well worked in separate outputs with good set of EQ / COMP / EFFECTS can really surpris…

  • Roland TR-626

    Roland TR-626 - " Good machine if its needs are targeted"


    Detailed thousand times already, For which I love: - Separate Outputs - Sequencer TR - MIDI IN / OUT, the sequencing of a TR to play sample via midi - The trig out that allows me to sync the apregiateur and mini sequencer my SH101 in a fun…

  • Roland TR-909

    Roland TR-909 - " Perfect"


    No need to present it. USE Very simple. Super sequencer. SOUNDS Pure sound of Techno. NOTICE GLOBAL It is the drum machine Techno (with of course his sister TR-808). The sounds are very well known but the kick is unique. I have…

  • Roland TR-626

    Roland TR-626 - " 626 tractor ..."


    I bec everyone knows, no, since 1987 ... Good fast: from right to left: DC in (9volt, psa type boss - in the center, 500 ma): Universal adapter recommended, there were buzz with this kind of transformer. L / R (mono) Output. Jack (6.35) Headp…