Roland TR-707
Roland TR-707

TR-707, Drum Machine from Roland in the TR series.

paradies 12/03/2013

Roland TR-707 : paradies's user review

«  The big misunderstanding ... »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Everything has already been said.
The characteristics cons styles pro / (+ / -)

Mini Mixer
separate outputs
trig out (via sequence of rimshot)
step sequencer.

the -
- 15 sampled sounds that some are fantastic when they are criticized throughout the D110/mt32 modules etc ... these are the same samples!
- No editing of sounds from the volume!
- The used prices often borders on the ridiculous.


Simple but very limited ....


Roland did not understand. In the early '80s, everyone wanted samples of high quality. Roland TR persisted with its analog (TR808, 606 and 909) and seeing the lack of success, to the filament sample with 707, 727, 505 and 626 ... and today everyone calls "real TR" that is roland? they resortent we fake old stuff with digital analos names Jupiters, juno sh ...
The raw sound of these are mediocre Tr. Separate outputs will work anyway, but then what interest in 2013 if it is to make it to the rack effect that makes the sound? much return there something else ...
But if we know what we want, we already have the equipment to accommodate the separate outputs, and we find it a good price, or you want to do live, we can of course consider the purchase of this machine.


Many people think that 707 is a little sister 909, and 808, it is not. The misunderstanding was that TR has a rhythm expensive box that has the look with its 16 steps that light, but little sound like the most nerdy low-end modules 80.

For much less, a Roland R8 offers many more possibilities, especially with the card samples 808.
a 626 will not have the beautiful array of LEDs or the minimixette, but all other features of the 707 2 or 3 times cheaper
and finally roland groovebox loaded with samples of 808 or 909 rpm, the korg electribe, offer all better for less ...

To be consistent, we need a 909, 808 or 606. otherwise, an R8 with preferably 808 card. A SP606 can also be a solution, despite the absence of separate outputs, as there are two multi-effects built.
This Tr 707 should be priced at 626 to have an interest on. But too many people think they have by purchasing access to the wand of beat maker ... and those who are disappointed refuse to sell their investment at a loss at this point, we understand that.