Roland TR-707
Roland TR-707

TR-707, Drum Machine from Roland in the TR series.

revega 12/17/2012

Roland TR-707 : revega's user review

«  It's ugly aging .... »

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Beatbox another era including basic sounds (kick, snare, hit hat, cowboy etc ...) 6 and 8 bit.
Its manufacture is 100% plastic machine fragile and not really built for the road.
We will retain this clunker that its sequencer typed 'TR' for the rest it is downright terrible.


Operation is simple and does not require a particular expertise. The grip is (in my mind) fairly simple and the manual is more to navigate easily.
Not possible to edit sounds and does not change anything in fact, the base is anyway quite unconvincing.


And yes this is where everything falls apart. The sound is very bad, 6 and 8 bit stuck with this digital grain away from living models of the 808 or 909. The bellows falls quickly.
No effect and all sounds very flat.
She is saved by a sequencer that gives it a certain groove but it does not last, the illusion of having a BAR interesting does not.
No sound comes to save the plastic box of the time it should have never escape.


I had a few years ago and sold quickly because despite its sequencer hyper 'groove' you can not say that the TR 707 well take the road today. His blatant lack of presence in a mix actually a BAR quite negligible and far from what can be found today in software or new / harware opportunity to Jomox, MFB, Elektron & co.
Its price today is a joke in poor taste. For me it is not worth more than € 80 and still in perfect condition and for specific uses (disco kitsch, cheesy funk, old 80's range for example), it is to say.
So if you think for one second revolutionize your set by using the TR707 you are likely a great disappointment.