Roland TR-707
Roland TR-707

TR-707, Drum Machine from Roland in the TR series.


Roland TR-707 : Anonymous 's user review


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- Midi in / out
- 10x + 1 1 audio out L / R out
- Headphone output
- Output trig via block of the rimshot
- Input-output "type" (very convenient but another time) to tape backup (or the mpc in my case)
- 15 sounds available non-editable (except the mixer section)
- Very groovy kind Sequencer Roland TR
- Backup M-64C cartridge (but OCCAZ price is downright delirium should relax).


- Very simple configuration, the editing functions are accessed via the shift key.
- Very clear and didactic manual as usual brand.
- The famous TR sequencer has not been matched to this day, it is a great pleasure to make beats with this type of sequencer.


- Sounds TR 707, with a big plus compared to samples (I have mpc and BAR digital / analog), say what you want but the 707 has an incredible potato. Coupled with proper reverb you get a very professional result and its incommensurate. My next three albums were composed on average of 30 minutes each, no compresion the plug, mini eq (but my table has very good eq) in short we spend more time having fun than trying have a big potato on the console, as stated above this machine has a huge sin.


I owned and sold x times. I have a lot of machines, the coolest feature, sound and sequencer, the less cool, I do not know ... The price is really too OCCAZ pushed, do not fool around, this machine is great but EXTREMELY limited. The 90s revival of time Pernet speculators sometimes LITTLE STRICT to make money on the back bushel who wants to pay his 707 to the boyz noize .. I think we need to know before buying this machine if you end up with a machine that will do a very strong type of sound. For most bushels who feel too Roland, pay you samples, or think because due to its very exaggerated side, to know what we do or do shit dad for the money ..

Let's be clear, this machine is very widely surcotée.