Akai MPC2500
Akai MPC2500

MPC2500, Sampling Sequencer from Akai in the MPC series.

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All user reviews for the Akai MPC2500

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 17 reviews )
 8 reviews47 %
 9 reviews53 %

nin1's review"A great upgrade from MPC2000"

Akai MPC2500
Most of the famous hip hop producers consider the AKAI MPC as a main tool in the process of creating music. It is a drum machine, which isn’t created for hip hop, but has shaped the genre in the form you can see today. Numerous drum machines have been released, but the products from AKAI have always been outstanding. The AKAI MPC 2500 is technically an upgrade from the MPC 2000 and the various characteristics will prove that. Multiple analogue outs, digi in/out and the additional filters are some of the new features, which can’t be found in the previous AKAI drum machines. Experience the new effects, the ability to use more memory and the opportunity to connect to other MIDI instrument as a master, or a slave. 16MB RAM is offered in this version and you can sample about 136 seconds of mono sound. A laptop can be connected to the drum machine, but there is a CDR-W drive, which can be convenient if you are interested in recording everything on CD. A compact flash card is something a user must have when it comes to MPC 2500 because the sounds should be saved there.


The operations on the AKAI OS are almost the same as the MPC 2000. Of course, there are certain changes because the OS should also be upgraded. Due to the new effects, filters and programs, the OS offers many more options and you will have to spend a little bit more time to adjust. Most of the MPC users will easily get familiar with the details of this device because the functions are almost the same. The core sequencing, main window and mode button are the same since they are essential for the AKAI drum machines and there is no need to complicate them. Maybe the sequencing features will disappoint the fans because it is still characterized with 64 tracks per sequence, the polyphony is at 32 voices and be careful if you are interested to transfer everything from the old AKAI MPC because you can only take the seq, pgm, wav or snd files from the AKAI OS. I wasn’t satisfied from the MPC 2000 pads because they weren’t responsive enough. It is great that there are positive changes in the 2500 version since you will feel an excellent responsive level. Also, you can adjust it on each pad individually, which is a great feature that wasn’t available in the past.


Real-time control has suffered some positive changes and you will love them. The two faders on the left side of the drum machine, are known as ‘Q-links’ and the users will be able to assign a filter to a specific pad. The filter can be controlled by the faders because it is much more convenient. They will change the workflow and make your music even better. It is crucial to use the faders to your advantage, but they are easy to be implemented, too. It is a surprise that the AKAI developers have provided new additions to the OS, which are the Grid editor and Mixer automation. You might figure out right away that the Grid editor is an upgrade from the step editor, which a few new adjustments. But, you will understand its work right away. The Mixer automation is great because you can easily record volume and pan changes with the Q-Links. But, keep in mind that you won’t be able to automate effects sends and sometimes it is a crucial characteristic in the workflow. The effects are EQ, compression, delay, reverb, modulation and bit grunger, and they are a standard feature in the new AKAI MPC and you will be able to add effects to either FX1 or FX2.


One of the characteristic features of the AKAI drum machines, is the crunchy sound, which isn’t available in the other drum machines. It is probably the best feature in the AKAI MPC 2000 and the users loved it. The MPC 2500 is recorded at 16-bit 44.1 kHz, which is different because the previous version is recording the samples at 12-bit. Of course, there is a good thing from the 16-bit since the sound has a lot more quality and it is easier for the final mixing of the record. Many people are wondering if it is a good thing to purchase the AKAI MPC 2500 and put the MPC 2000 in the other room. My opinion, is that is it a better option, but don’t forget the drum machine that taught you how to create your music. There are a lot of benefits from the MPC 2500 and you will learn them easily. Features such as chop shop, more RAM, direct recording and mix automation, aren’t available in other drum machines, so you will make a smart choice if you upgrade your studio equipment.

- More RAM memory
- Mixer Automation
- Better Pad sensitivity
- OS upgrade
- Direct recording
- 16-bit 44.1 kHz recording samples
- Q-links

- No 12-bit crunchy sound
- No upgrade from 64 tracks per sequencer
- No automate effects send
- Huge price
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Akai MPC2500
The features are good, I think AKAI dropped the ball on certin things such as the effects (They changed from having 5 effects as on the 2000xl to having 3 on the 2500) There is no more Auto chromatic tuning and no more stereo to mono conversion but some of those things people did not even use but they should have still been there. There are new features that are cool such as Chop shop and a few others.

Price paid: $2100


I feel that the MPC series is still the most user friendly sampler on the market, the interface did change, I am not sure it was for better or worse but I have no issues with it (Still easy)

I think it is pretty durable, I mean I am not going to have the gorilla from the Samsonite comercial come and jump on it so it's OK.


I think the sound quality of the 2500 is good (very accurate) One of the strong point's is what you put into it is what you get out of it.


I love it because it's easy to use, compact and it allows me to come in and put down an idea quickly and easily

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: The Invisible Men ( 1-, 2006)
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Akai MPC2500
The features on this machine are hot, there are some things I feel that AKAI could have improved on or done differently such as the effects, the effects in this new machine are hot but why change the layout? The way the layout was in the 2000XL was good, you could use 5 effects on 1 sound and you had reverb 1, 2 and Multi 1 and 2. Here on the 2500 you can only chain 2 effects together then you have one main effect. The machine has its good and bad parts, but who am I to talk, I’m just an Invisible man! All in all I like it.

Price paid

3 months teaching private gym lessons=1999.00


If you are new to the sampler/sequencer lingo you will get lost of course but MPC's have always been some easiest machines to use, I have owned the ASR 10, MPC 2000, 2000XL, Triton and now the 2500 and the MPC's have always been the easiest machine to use. I think AKAI should have never changed the functions off of the number keys but it is something that all the new cats to MPC's won't have issues with all the old heads are still looking for the same layout but we will get used to it.

I have only had it for a few weeks and it looks very sturdy. AKAI seems to make very durable stuff; I don't intend to put it in the cage with my Assonate gorilla so it's durable enough.


I think the sound quality is better than the 2000Xl and I own both machines. Strong points-AKAI added new features such as chop shop, Grid edit, four MIDI outs etc. Weak points- some of the things like chop shop need OS system upgrades before the will work at full capacity (It works great on small loops w/ drums only but once you go beyond just drums and a certain length, you will run into issues) Due to experience I know how to get around the those things


I'm feelin it enough to know that I will have it for years to come, so the love is there.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: The Invisible Men (January 2-, 2005)
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Akai MPC2500
The best MPC yet! CHOP SHOP is truly amazing and the grid edit it cool.

Price paid



If you already own an MPC you'll be okay but it's def. not for a newbie of anysort. They'll be LOST. I haven't encountered any bugs with the OS--I took the day off from work to just sit and fool around with it.


Good sound quality--I love the effects and real time capabilities with the q-link faders and knobs. 4 midi outs! Got my JV 2080, Motif, and Ion all connected! Comes standard with BALANCED 8 outs.


Built Ford tough! It's not going out of my studio.

I'll give my unborn child for one of these! The features are AMAZING--the 8 outs a effects are standard and I don't have a SINGLE COMPLAINT.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: bhardman ( 9-, 2005)

BlueDiabonds's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect on paper ..."

Akai MPC2500
What connections (audio, MIDI ...)?

See specifications sheet.

In summary:
- 4 midi out / midi in 2
- Stereo input / stereo output
- "8 assignable outputs" that are useless!

He has an effects section?

Yes equa, delay, reverb not bad at all.

How sounds, styles available? Are they edited? Through a utility Mac / PC?

The sounds are those that he comes in, the very basis of the MPC sample! We can export / import the MPC to the PC / Mac.

What caractériques sequencer?

The sequencer is perfect, no complaints.


The general configuration is it simple?

Not very complicated once you have taken the time to read the manual (which was my case at first).

The manual is clear and sufficient?

Sufficiently clear, he said "almost" everything to tame the beast. You can also go to be even a little tampering all menus but in general everything is logical.

The usual functions are they easily accessible?

Everything is clearly marked and easy to reach. on the other hand which is rather annoying is that one key = 300 possibilities combined with another key.


The sounds they suit your style of music? Are they realistic?

I sample from vinyl, CD and K7.

The sounds are those we choose to give him one sample is cut, is deposited on the pads and go! It accurately reproduces what hits him, even just a little so that the sound is cold. It was nice to return to him with an air of jazz trumpet and the bass sound is not heat. It has no grain compared to some Akai samplers legacy!

The effects are they effective and responsive?

They do what we ask them but do not expect the luxury either.

The expression is good? (Reaction velocity, aftertouch)?

Great, the pads are accurate (ideal for drums). The top is to stick to a midi keyboard bass lines.

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

I hate the lack of grain, but otherwise the sound is faithful to the source and precise.

My little rant go for 8 assignable outputs. For a moment I wondered if it was those that messing my sampler or if it was really how the sound came out but unfortunately it is the quality of the 8 outputs is to vomit. No potatoes, no grain = nothingness when I compare to my S-950 and MPC 60 and 3000!


How long have you use it?

I used it in 2008 when I bought new until 2010 and then I took the sounds from early 2013.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

I had a MPC500 I kept for 5 months because too gadget and headache after 1 hour of use, but really to discover the world of MPC.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?

+ The grip nickel
+ The ease and speed for cutting sounds, remove the pads, play ...
+ The sequencer
+ The effects you can have it, it does not hurt troubleshoots
+ The look: she has a wild look still
The 4 + midi out

- The quality of matèriaux
- The sound quality of the 8 assignable outputs!
- The sound too cold

How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice?

The price / quality ratio is top today when I see the price of a used MPC2500. I bought new in November 2008 for the sum of € 1,300! I must say it is however is that the materials are really poor quality, I feel that the control wheel begins to weaken, the keys sink more easily (for those most commonly used), etc. .. . It seems that the time is not in his favor, shame on paper it is described as good to all.

I began to search for almost 1 year Hip-Hop that was found in 90 (Jeru The Damaja - The Sun Rises In The East, Onyx - Bacdafucup, Group Home - Livin 'Proof, etc ...) and I realize that it is not she who will give me what I want. It is made to what is today ...

The top is to stick him in twelve one ASR10-R and a S5000 and it is a weapon of war in 2013!

RecKsSounds's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The brain of the band"

Akai MPC2500
Everything is there!
The MPC 2500 is a complete production station.
Eight separate audio outputs.
You can control your entire home studio with this bike.
Much more pleasant to use than a computer (well, well, here it is only my opinion).

The MPC sequencer proven.
I, on mine, the JJOS XL, and frankly, it's just perfect!

I also strongly advise the purchase of additional memory and why not, an internal hard drive.


The use of MPC is never easy.
It can do so many things that is quickly lost in all the options.
The value of 2500 is that it is more pleasant to use than 1000 or, worse, a 500.

So there are several levels of use of MPC.
To make a beat is just perfect!
The pads are damn good.
And to production, it will try different working methods before finding the right workflow.

The thing is that the MPC will fit your way of working. You will spend more time to know how you want to work.


Sounds are those that are returned.
Management sampling is excellent. Do not forget that the basic GPA is mostly a sampler.
On one branch external source, we will record, cut, assigning the pads, and hop on cheek.

It's very fun, very nice.
Have fun!
But once you start to put it all sample and play with.
It quickly becomes acros!


I use my MPC for a little over a year.
I had read and seen many tutorial before I buy it.
So I quickly understood the philosophy of the stupid. In addition, my experience in software Tracker helped me to understand many things.

My MPC is the brain of my home studio.
It controls my 2 MIDI synthesizers (a Ultranova and NORDWAVE). If necessary, I resample sounds directly into the machine (without loss of quality).
It also controls my Analog Four freshly arrived in my set.
It is on this that I finalize my mix (using the seq and the next track mute).

Anyway, I never regret my purchase.

The only fault that can find him is the short length of component life.
I had to change my pad sensor. Me and some buttons are more lacking.
She is very strong in her dress of black metal, but I have a feeling that time is still against it, and especially against its electronic component.

ink's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" perfect for MIDI!"

Akai MPC2500
2 midi in, midi out 4, 8 mono + 1 stereo output motivated my purchase
the sequencer is accurate quantization can be used in eighth (1/8), double (1/16) demisemiquaver, binary or ternary or without quantization (96 for 1 division time) which can be very accurate.
Possibility of sending Control Change to connected devices noon.
the effect section is passable and only works on the stereo output so I do not use it (I emissions separate outputs)
Some practical function of the sampler as the reverse, time stretch.
A lot of possibility to assign one to four sample to a pad with trimming envelope, 2 filter (lpf hpf bpf), trimming Velocity, LFO ...
usb conection to a PC for backup and import / export samples, midi files ...


The grip of the machine is simple if you read the manual, after a few hours or a few days, it was soon made to know by heart all the functions (yes I swear).
ergonomics is correct, but it saves time if you can do some things on a pc as decoupage and editing sample example.
I mainly use the sequencer to function composed of beat, fly via midi synth and rock samples.

for mixing, sound processing and various other I do not ave the MPC is too limited (section effect passable example)
The separate outputs allow me to mix the sounds of MPC and synths and instruments that external midi driver via a console and record my final mix on PC


the MPC faithfully what he returned in memory (échantilonnage 16bits/44.1). you have to find / create samples that ou want to hear with the MPC or anything else
some drum kits are supplied with, it helps to start (Oberheim DX tr808/909, acoustic drum kit, various perceived ...)
You can do anything with my MPC for me KIFS are reggea dub digital and its west coast "gangsta funk"
good musicie can really play what he wants to house the bagpipes!


For use in sequencer, this is perfect. The black dot: very limited memory that does not store long samples. But it should not be too bad if you made the hip hop beat with only two or three loops.
to put melodic line recorded with a microphone it quickly becomes just
128 MB memory expansion is indispesable.;
I have no hard drive or cd player, JJ and bones
the screen is not very big.

what I like most is being able to dial without using a PC (stability, no glare screen ...) integrated in a home studio console, synths, fx unit, ... I have trouble doing without now that I'm used to

bakinzedayz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well, but fragile"

Akai MPC2500
See the features


Simple little we've used a sampler.
All functions are fairly easy, just dig a little all menus.
Everything is easily accessible, clear, logical.
The manual is clear, but like most books it describes only some of the possibilities of the machine.
In short, it's almost like everything, it takes some getting used to the setup, search, search the net and is taken in hand rather quickly.


Its level is Akai is an MPC, therefore, is necessarily good.

It sounds very clean, very good dynamics, nothing to add on that side.
I usually prepare my songs on the computer, then I decompose the whole and I export everything to go back into the machine, and the difference is just incredible: the sounds eat up much less of them, it really sounds differently from the computer is usually pretty surprising.
Short, but good on that side.


I use it for a year and I'm pretty satisfied.

I had tried other samplers before, the 2000, 1000, as well as other makes and models.
What I love most: sound, ease of use, ergonomics, MIDI capabilities and aesthetics (as it still has to face!).

What I like least: fragility, because unfortunately this is his biggest weakness.
I am far from being a nag, but still, most of the buttons are very fragile.
Those used most often weaken rapidly (Main, Windows, Mode ...) and when you remove the hood to see what it is, you quickly understand: like many brand Akai scratching on components, and we are left with a machine components with € 1000 at 20 cents ...

It's a bit of foutage of mouth, but the advantage is that at least there are easily enough to replace what is broken in any electronics store.

Same for the pads, which let go very quickly (even if you are not a fan of drumming) and there on the other hand, this is not the same price to replace ...

The other downside (if you can really talk about negative), the can of RAM you have on the beast.
It is true that for some, the 128 of ram (after extension), are quite sufficient, but in my case, it is not nearly enough, so you have to think constantly scratching.
After that, it also learns to operate differently, but still I would feel much more comfortable with the double!
I think it's certainly an element of stability, but it would be really nice qu'Akaï think one day to develop them on that side, because when compared to what exists today (admittedly, in the middle of computer, so not really the same thing), 128MB, it does not really much!

Value for money still very good (well, except on the quality of the smallest components of course).

I would do this choice, because I see no real equivalent, but that's about it, do not expect perfection, although traditionally, the MPC series, Akai n 'is not far at all!

Webmusicprod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An improved 2000XL"

Akai MPC2500
What connections (audio, MIDI ...)?

Well I'll say like everyone else: look at the manufacturer. It is well stocked.

He has an effects section? Yes, correct: EQ, reverb, delay, enough work.

How many sounds, styles available? Are they edited? Through a utility for Mac / PC?

Any style is the sample. editable, importable and exportable via Mac / PC.

What caractériques the sequencer?

A killing! That's what made the reputation of MPC's.


The general configuration is simple?


The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

Ample see useless except for some clarifications and details.

Common functions are they easily accessible?

Everything is at hand.


The sounds they are suitable to your style of music?

Yes, I carry around my Mac to samples of MPC 2500/5000 and vice versa.

Are they realistic? As far as can be a sample. It is neutral so we do what we want. Do not tell me grain, I see no difference between the new and the previous generation, and its dynamics are the same (I'm not talking about the 60 and 3000 I never had in hand)

The expression is good? (Reaction to velocity, aftertouch to)?

Yes, very good. The pad is good for playing drums.

Are they realistic? Sample!

The effects are they effective and responsive?

Yes to what I did. EQ a lil here and a delay there. This is not phenomenal but that's enough.


How long you use it?

2 days.

Did you tried many other models before buying it?

Yes: Akai MPC: 2000/xl, 500, 5000. Otherwise also Roland W30, S950, S3000xl, s2000.

What is so special that you love the most, least?

Pros: The size of the machine, easily transportable. The speed of work, a component every 30 min for the bitter full of inspiration. This is the workflow that best suits what I do and the sequencer is a killer of simplicity that allows me to play Reason live and forgetting the mouse (mouse I was pissed). The input thru (not in my previous MPC 2000XL). The eternal groove MPC and the dynamics that is quickly forgotten my favorite software: Reason that I no longer use at all to my beat's.

The -: .... it's slow, I prefer the 5000 on this issue (on others as well), the screen too small (the 5000 live yet)

Price / quality ratio?? Ba I are not paid expensive so I find it excellent. Seriously if you look in the Cygnus: € 500 minimum is good. New: more than € 1000 to the lowest, one can abuse (at that price I buy a Mac if I do nothing to Tafer).

Finally I would much rather work on 5000 but was not too portable I found a 2500 order to work around. Hop in your backpack! Otherwise fluidity level work when I went from 5000 to 2500 I felt I was finding my 2000XL, a flashback. Ok the 5000 costs more expensive but comparing with the 2500 I do not regret it. Long live 5000!!

Oh yes I can not find the JJ OS super awesome. I'm used to the Akai OS even if certain features are longer to access.

esclave's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai MPC2500
level connectivity is fairly complete audio 2in 2 in 24:10 noon 4 out audio out, plus digital and USB.
You can import sounds work on pc to mpc
the sequencer is top, either correct or in free time ...
effects is not his strong two types of effects and not very flexible ...
Fortunately there are separate outputs for external effects to


the configuration is not easy is what has the former.
on the other hand we loop quickly and effectively no latency, tricks surprise clikte style map.
not too need the manual for the beginning ...


Me it's rather industrial experience, so cold side and square is not bad, and the samples are retransmitted (no aliasing)
the expression is pretty well broadcast and I appreciate it;


I use it for 1 1 / 2 years before I was pretty pc and an old sequencer yamaha SU200.
the thing that will not effect the section is not very powerful, but done with, and it would have been nice to have a graphical interface leads or progressive style editor on pc or VGA
fortunately dd os3.10 is there.
I hump more than that (and I play too) after I save and presto, the game is played.
minimum: mix section, done more to make levels and effects section
most: sequencer sampler and feel good about