Epiphone SG Special
Epiphone SG Special

SG Special, SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the SG series.

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All user reviews for the Epiphone SG Special

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 45 reviews )
 19 reviews42 %
 17 reviews38 %
 4 reviews9 %
 2 reviews4 %
 2 reviews4 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

Epiphone SG Special
The Epiphone SG Special is standard SG that is aimed at those who are interested in getting an SG, but can't necessarily afford the Gibson version of this classic guitar. I'm not sure where they make these guitars, but certainly outside of the USA. The guitar has two humbucker pick ups, as is what you'll find on most SGs. The guitar has tone and volume knobs and a three way pick up selector for toggling between the pick ups or blending the two of them together. I'm not too sure on what type of wood this guitar is made out of...


The Epiphone SG Special isn't a difficult guitar to play at all, as it's actually got a pretty nice feeling neck. I don't own this guitar as I've only played it a handful of times, but my initial impression of it was that it's definitely got an adequate feel. I used to own a Gibson SG, so I think that this hold some weight in that even after playing a Gibson for years that this version of the guitar was still easy to play. It's not as easy to get a nice sound from this as it is a Gibson SG, but it's still a very good sounding guitar overall.


I don't think that you'd mistake the sound of the Epiphone SG Special for anything other than that of an SG, as the SG series definitely has it's own sound to it, which is one that is thick and round and perfect for rock n roll. Like all SGs, the Epiphone SG Special is definitely best suited for playing rock where you're using some distortion. It's great for both lead and rhythm parts, but generally speaking I like this SG best for getting super chunky sounding rhythm parts.


If you want an SG but can't afford or justify spending the money on getting the Gibson version, the Epiphone SG Special is definitely an adequate replacement. I definitely wouldn't recommend it for professionals, but for beginners and intermediate players it will definitely get the job done. The price is extremely reasonable since it's an Epiphone. So while certainly not as nice as a Gibson SG, the Epiphone SG Special is just fine for those on a tighter budget...

MGR/ZG's review"Epiphone SG Special"

Epiphone SG Special
Purchased at an independant ma & pa shop. I had very little $$$ at the time and wanted a good guitar (who doesn't?) I paid $299.99 canadian.

The playability of this guitar is very good, regardless of price. It has a standard stoptail piece bridge which is very easy to use and intonate. The tuners are metal with a high ratio which kinda sucks but it is still usable (still way better than anything close to this price). The neck is bolt on but feels very solid. The neck is finished like the body too which you don't normally find on something this price.

There is nothing about it that is really awful. The drawbacks it does have are not even comparable in this price range; only if it were a $900 guitar or something.

The pickups are not the greatest sounding, but they do sound good. (www3.telus.net/mechatohm to listen to this guitar in action) The switch does cut out once in a blue moon. I can't quite get the low E string to fully intonate on lower tunings, it's damn close though. Oh, the color. I got the red and it's kind of a weird foggy purple/red. I don't like the color but oh well.

It is constructed quite well. It is light yet sturdy. Once again, put in relation to it's price category, in my opinion, it far surpasses any competition. Even though it is a bolt on neck, it has been very solid.

I have had this guitar for 4 odd years now. I will never sell/trade it. It never seems to let me down. That's pretty good because I play it a lot. For the money, it was an excellent value. The only real drawback I see is the finish. I really don't like it much at all, but hey, at least it's not pink or some damn thing like that!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Jason's review"Epiphone SG Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I paid £120 new for this guitar from www.GAK.co.uk - quite a steal for a guitar that to all intents and purposes is a near-on exact replica of the Gibson model.

For the price you pay, it's fantastic - easy and smooth to play, looks gorgeous, and sounds brilliant.

The construction could be a little better - it's not falling apart by any means, but when I recieved mine there was something rattling round inside the electronics cutaway - it hasn't affected anything, but is still a little disconcerting.

See above.

For £120 you're getting a guitar that looks like an SG, plays ALMOST as well as an SG, and sounds ace. I reckon this would probably be best used as either a practice axe for a pro, or a main guitar for intermediate musicians, you won't find any better in this price range. In fact, you probably won't get a better guitar for less than £200.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Robert's review"Epiphone SG Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I got this guitar at pheifers house of music (in stettler) for about 230$ (canadian.) I got it because it caught my eye and im tired of playing strats.

Keeps in tune for DAYS
Good action on the lower strings (E,A,D)
Really great sound
Really good pickups

Nothing important here.

Good constuction, everything seems to be put together nicely. The things u put the strap on arent even a little wobbly, and i dont ever expect them to be. For anyone who cant afford a gibson SG, this is the guitar for you.

Buy this guitar. It is well worth the money, and will last you a long time.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/NED_FLANDERS's review"Epiphone SG -Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I bought this guitar from musicians friend for about $150. I always loved ACDC and wanted to get a good feel for an Sg before I bought a real one!

I feel that this is a good first guitar, but not good for a second, It also gives you a good idea and feel for an Sg. The sound is pretty good for a cheap guitar. The neck feels great I think. Epiphone necks always feel great. Mine stays in tune well despite what the other reviews say.

the only thing that is bad (even though its not really bad) is its just cheap. Its great for a first guitar and thats it. It has pretty good durability and will last well. The switch is a little crappy. and its very lightweight.

very light construction. switch is crappy but will do. tuners are pretty good. black finish is better for this guitar becouse cherry and cheap dont mix.

good first guitar. lightweight. cheap switch. black finish is nice. its worth $150

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Tyler Bowers09/25/2004

MGR/Tyler Bowers's review"Epiphone SG Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I purchased this guitar on Music123.com on May 13,and payed about $250 for it.I bought it because it has that great SG with out the price.

This guitar is GREAT!!!!It has the classic Gibson SG tone,only its a lot cheaper.It has two humbucking pick-ups that sound amazing!!!!!!!

The strings break very easily if your not careful.But other than that its an amwazing guitar

It is great quality.Its a little light though so it breaks very easily.

Over all this is a GREAT guitar,if you see one and you want a great tone buy it,you wont be let down.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/OWA for life09/17/2004

MGR/OWA for life's review"Gibson SG Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I bought this guitar at Guitar Center during their Labor Day sale. The list price was 1400 dollars, but they had it for $799. I asked the worker there about it, and he said he would sell it to me for $470. Best deal I've ever seen.

The guitar for the most part is great. The body is extremely light compared to most other guitars. The tuners stay in tune for about a week. The pickups sound great, and there is a tone and volume knob for each pickup. They actually work too. Overall, a great axe.

There are only a few minor details that I don't like about the guitar. For one, there is a cheap-looking tape around the pickups to protect the coils. Also, the strings are a little too high on the bridge, but you can get used to that easily. (I played a strat before this, so it was a big difference to me).

So far everything has been in working order. No complaints here.

If you see this guitar and you need a new one, buy it! It has killer tone and a nice price tag, especially for a Gibson. Definitly worth the money.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Anonymous's review"Epiphone Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I was given this guitar from a friend. He bought it in hopes of being a "guitar hero", but found it harder than he thought.

Nice tone and surprising quality. You get a nice from the humbucking pickups, although I chose to replace them with some spare vintage style Gibson pickups I had around. The guitar I have has the sunburst design and it is quite nice. You can't get a Les Paul style guitar (made by a division of Gibson none the less) for the price (even though I did not buy mine) any better.

The tuners are crap. They don't stay tuned and they are not at all adjustable. I replaced them with a set of Grovers. Also the 3 position switch had to be replaced, but it did not facilitate a standard three position. I had to peel of the Les Paul style ring around switch and mount it side to side. It actually works and it is rigged so that when the switch is toggled it is in the direction of the pickup that it is now using.

See "Please describe what you like about the unit:"

Nice guitar, not bad for a beginner. If you are going to buy a guitar and you don't have a lot of dough to spend this is a good guitar. Just remember to replace the tuners!!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Kurt Sumpter07/27/2004

MGR/Kurt Sumpter's review"Epiphone SG Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I got this guitar at MusiciansFriend.com after the neck on my Hondo II broke. It was 150 dollars, about 160 after shipping. I was amazed at how quickly it shipped. I had ordered it on a Monday and it came Wednesday of the same week!

Everything!!! I expected the finish to be a cheezy bright red, but I was delighted to find that is was a dark, semi-transparent red, just like my friend's much more expensive G-400. There's only one volume knob and one tone knob, but in my opinion that is good, because if I wanted to use a vibrato effect with both pickups, a volume knob for each pickup would make that almost impossible. Neck is straight, tuners have a very smooth operation. In the pictures it doesn't have the little black ring around the toggle switch, but it came with that too!

Only the factroy installed strings. I'll probably put Slinky's on soon. And it sometimes picks up a radio signal.

It's amazingly solid. The pickups are good, I could talk forever about how nice it sounds. But like I said before, the strings aren't the best.

You know what they say, you get what you pay for. Well "They" obviosly haven't seen this guitar! With the quality of the unit at this price, it's the equivalent of buying a Ferrarri for $500. It's great guitar for AC/DC and Black Sabbath, but any I've played stuff from Santana to I Believe in a Thing Called Love, and this guitar sounds great all the way.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Anonymous's review"Epiphone SG Special"

Epiphone SG Special
I acquired it at musicians friend and paid about 150 bucks. AWSOME!!! GUITAR

im a huge AC-DC fan so you can see why I got it in the first place. I love shape the sound and its great with distortion.

I think it shoud have come with silver pickup covers but what can you exspect for 150 bucks.

its not bulit like a fender but its still well made.

If you love ac-dc get this guitar great guitar for the money.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com