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Epiphone Solid-State Combo Guitar Amps user reviews

  • Epiphone Triggerman 60 DSP

    Epiphone Triggerman 60 DSP - Marshall92's review


    The Trigger man 60 DSP is a 60 watt guitar amplifier from Epiphone. The amp is a solid state, although it was made to emulate a tube amp, and in my opinion, it does that very well. It features two channels, drive and clean. With the drive channel, yo…

  • Epiphone Studio 10

    Epiphone Studio 10 - "Epiphone Studio 10"


    I got this amp from house of guitars. It came in a kit with the Epiphone Special 2 model and was $300 for the whole thing, but you can get it seperately for about a $100. This is a great amp for the price. The eq allows for a wide range of sounds,…

Translated user reviews
  • Epiphone Firefly 30 DSP

    Epiphone Firefly 30 DSP - adlib keyboard's review


    Transistor amplifier emulation Lamp 30w power Guitar 1 entry, 1 entry, 1 headphone and 1 output for hp 8ohms + reverb effects processor DSP (flanger chorus delay ...) UTILIZATION Must tweak the pots to find the sound you want and the end, w…

  • Epiphone Firefly 30 DSP

    Epiphone Firefly 30 DSP - Lannes25's review


    Amp transistor formulation lamp 30watt 1 jack headphone jack making switch A line in an external speaker 16 effects A clear channel and saturbr /> A very typical look but with many charms: it is much more beautiful than the picture…

  • Epiphone Triggerman 60 DSP

    Epiphone Triggerman 60 DSP - Rocknweb's review


    There is nothing missing any call comes ... except the pdalier ... oddly enough reviews on DIFFERENT sites, some are in the box, the lucky ones! UTILIZATION No rglage DSP which limits the use REALLY SOUNDS The combo dlivre clear sound of lege…

  • Epiphone Triggerman 60 DSP

    Epiphone Triggerman 60 DSP - bonscottforever's review


    Trs nice amp with piphone grained red Tolex: superb !!!!. transistors 60 watts valve technology with e-tone I think, probably to simulate the sound of any amp lamps. Transisors-60watts -2 Channels indpendants: clear saturbr />-DSP indpendante: 8…

  • Epiphone Regent 250

    Epiphone Regent 250 - Jingko's review


    First it is essential to note that this amp is an amp for electro-acoustic. You can rfrer site Epiphone (USD) confirms this in the forum. Amp transistors with inputs and commands (left to right): <ul> between instrument Hight and Low Gain Contr…