Epiphone Firefly 30 DSP
Epiphone Firefly 30 DSP

Firefly 30 DSP, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Epiphone.

Lannes25 04/30/2008

Epiphone Firefly 30 DSP : Lannes25's user review


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Amp transistor formulation lamp
1 jack
headphone jack
making switch
A line in
an external speaker

16 effects
A clear channel and saturbr />
A very typical look but with many charms: it is much more beautiful than the pictures!


Not the configuration is not simple, it is hack to have a good time but once its time you ....!! This amp really wonder of fine tuning, but offers many possibilities of sounds.


So the one is not far from the tube amp! the sound is really warm, colorful and really beautiful. I play with an Epiphone Casino and I have quite the sound I was looking for 60's: it really made for that. Lovers of modern sound, but will emerge from those who love the old rock also see the hard rock of the 70's is the top. Clear channel is great and crystal-clear enough, as the channel is fairly saturated fat but a great sound. You still have the prciser this amp very typical 60's / 70's is not versatile for other styles of music except the blues can be.
As we find the effects chorus, flanger, delay and reverb, all very Russian. This amp really has its personal.


It's really quality amp and epiphone even if not specially rput for his amps, if you like that sort of sound will y. I had one before VOX (ad60vt) from the firefly and it sounded pretty cool. Other things, the effects are excellent, better than I had on the vox, they are true Russian.

In the end I find this amp very very good despite some safety advice that you sent me it turned against him extraordinary: an amp that deserves to be better known!