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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 7 reviews )
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 3 reviews43 %
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MGR/Kevin Alan Mattson10/26/2005

MGR/Kevin Alan Mattson's review"BBE Sound Inc. Acoustimax / Sonic Maximizer"

BBE Acoustimax
World famous as, Kevin (The Ultra-Lounge Lizard) Mattson, I was a solo club act throughout the 70-80s golden era of live music. Every club, hotel, restaurant lounge wanted a live act back then. And there was a big niche for versatile soloists who could cover singer/songwriters like Croce, Taylor, Chapin, Fogelberg, Simon, etc.

Now senescing in Duluth, I have a publishing company and a small recording studio where I continue to produce smash hit CDs.

More seriously, I have been recording, producing both live and recorded music for more than 30 years.

I was deeply impressed by BBE's "Sonic Maximizer" software recording plug-in. (I'll review that too in Recording_Gear.) I emailed BBE and asked if they had a product that would improve the sound of an acoustic pickup on my 12-string Larrivee. They suggested their Acoustimax preamp with Sonic Maximizer. It runs $200 at all the music dealers.

The Acousimax is top quality, quiet preamp with 3-band EQ including a sweepable midrange knob. It would almost be worth the $200 for the preamp alone. But it also has BBE's Sonic Maximizer effect.

This effect is remarkable because it seems not to add, but to remove the sense of "effect." The Sonic Maximizer technology compensates for the inherent distortions in audio caused by the physics of loudspeakers in particular and other transducers and electronics in general.

The bottom line is that the audience hears a much more realistic, rich intrument.

I'm sure this preamp would work equally well for any acoustic instrument with a pickup.

The box has two stomp switches, one mutes the box, the other engages the Sonic Maximizer circuit.

I must mention the versatile outputs on the back of the Acoustimax. In addition to the standard Line Out, there's an XLR output making it a high-class direct box. There's an FX loop TRS jack, and an always-active Tuner Out jack so you can tune even if the mute switch is engaged.

The display is as simple as can be. LED's indicate the status of "Power," "Mute," "Sonic Maximizer," and "Clip."

Only one thing: The cheap, generic power supply. The tiny guage wire from the wall-wart to the plug won't take much abuse.

The Acoustimax requires an atypical 12-volt 300mA AC(not DC)output power adapter. It has no marking on it to associate it with the Acoustimax, so label it and don't try to replace it with a "DC" adapter.

First, it's an all-metal tank. It truly is a stomp box you can stomp on.

Next, it has lovely, smooth-turning metal knobs for each function — no foofoo cheap digital controls.

Finally, it has solid foot switches.

I you play an acoustic instrument with a pickup system of any kind — piezo,mic, or blend — the Acoustimax will serve as a great preamp and direct box. And BBE's Sonic Maximizer section will let your audience hear excellent depth and richness from your instrument.

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nakatano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent preamp."

BBE Acoustimax
The overall presentation of the product is easy to get, I let our friend Google fulfill its role.


Used to pre-amplify a classical guitar Maurice Dupont with a Schertler sensor before hitting the table and / or a sound card (Motu or RME).
Also used on an electric guitar or Larrivée, a Rhodes.

The connection is very well made and sturdy, nothing out of the ordinary, which is good enough when the tool is well thought out, which is the case here.

I never really used the DI output, since to do so, I prefer to "trust" my signal to my Radial J48.

The unit is really sturdy (so heavy) metal, made for the stage and its hazards ...
The manual is in English, but is it really necessary for this type of product, moreover, very intuitive?


The controls are very effective (but beware not too "fall in love" Sonic Maximizer which, in my opinion, must remain a phase corrector-very effective and non-resident, a boost of low frequencies; your engi -son enjoy this shade!).


Very good product, although preserving artifacts and defects of a preamp "electroacoustic" (treble always a little too slap bass and still a bit too soft on a classical guitar, with a touch of classical guitarist).
I used it in conjunction with a tune by micro cardio, it allowed me to get quite full and warm sound without having to suffer too worries larsens volume (reasonably) high.

Konecticart's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" tres bien!"

BBE Acoustimax
What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)? preamp BBE effect transistor with

What connection? in and out jack, XLR DI output in
What are the settings, the effects? ... Preamp with EQ, notch filter, excite typical BBE


The configuration is it simple? yes very simple
Gets it easy to sound good? yes its not good coloring
The manual is clear and sufficient? there's little but enough


Is it your style of music? suitable for all styles in my opinion
With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play? with my ukulele, and it works pretty well
What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold", ....)? a little lens, "BBE processor" is really good, it looks like it gives air to the sound, which spreads the sound in its most dynamic sound field, its wider
What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? hack is found pretty quickly what works


How long have you use it? for 1 year
What is so special that you like most? good preamp, bbe effect I love
least? yet nothing ...
Have you tried many other models before buying it? No, I did not want something to light so I had no choice and I wanted a certain sound quality, design, durability,
How would you rate the quality / price? very good
With experience, you do again this choice? yes without hesitation! I think the only competitor Acoustimax is the LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI a bit expensive

Pamate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good product"

BBE Acoustimax
Prampli acoustic guitar.

Gain, EQ, Notch, Maximizer, output volume.
Connection: I / O jack
Tuner Output, Effects Loop, Line out to Jack.
Pad for the first post-12dB switch, switch phase.
Di symmetrical output
Pad Ground lift (remove earth)


A box with strong dj well potentiomtres, switches and connectivity of quality.
Note the 12 volt power alternative.
I use it for recording at home, as the basis bassiste.Je do not do gigs with the guitar that is.
Peripherals of good quality, very heavy and solid.

Your exact fully satisfy me.
It allows up well even to embellish the sound as needed.
Given its Features and its qualities, I think it is effective for all: Live and studio.


The EQ section is doing its job, and not specially colored.
Bass / Treble and mid semi paramtrique carve his wishes in the direction of -12 12dB (I think it is enough to fix)
Note the notch filter (bandwidth trs fine) that removes a frquence rsons excess, if necessary.
As for the Maximizer, it is effective (some would say too, but better too much than not enough, it has the Reserved). Treble quickly become the del Dranga a certain position, and the low . I think it's fine then use li, plutt that a kind of magic that is Big knob while turning back.
I had some problems of dirt on its output, but this is the quality of the electrical network is dsastreuse home.
After a few inverters, filters 50 Hz, and cables floating mass (yes, it works for me anyway), the problem is rgl.
The sound is so customizable.
I use it mainly to optimize the signal before entering my PC via a prampli.


Although we can say that sr is better (especially) for the studio, but if you go by the millions are not enough to have it all, in what is the best.
Must still return this.
For this box, the sound is very well next to the price, and this could last BCAN.
It's a risk I take with pleasure.
For one who does not have many ways, this unit is an opportunity to acqurir the reliable stuff, which sounds and brings something.
I mention this because I possde Sonic Stomp also the home with two knobs that BBE is a tough job.

I recommend it so bluntly.

theedge73's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" essential!"

BBE Acoustimax
Classical parametric preamp with medium + sonic maximizer.
an input output / tuner output / FX Loop /-12db pad / one selector w / a phase selector


Everything you need to use pro _ DI output for high quality sound with ultra silent mute _ Tuner output always active - effects loop to insert these effects without noise favorite - tough, super finish knobs and jack _ top range


Kill her.
A super efficient equalizer, the sonic maximizer essential for electro-acoustic guitar.

Slight hiss when you put a background, nothing abnormal



I use a micro LR Baggs M1 in a Roland AC90.

The quest is over his

ParaAcousticDI the LR Baggs is thinner in control but not the maximizer who does everything and is much less class.


mu75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

BBE Acoustimax
Prampli acoustic instruments, and other ...
Pramp / Equaliser + Maximize


Configuration is very simple, no need for manual, it's plug and play.
We quickly correct a sound (with equalizer).
And aesthetics and maneuverability are Russias.


I used it with a Gibson J45 Pramp (Fishman Matrix Natural piezzo 1), a Martin D35 1975 with micro LR BAGGS M1 ACTIVE, and Gibson songwriter deluxe strandard team a piezo / pr amp Fishman AURA ELIPSE.
In three cases this Pramp help sculpt the sound exctrmement well, it is a further upstream of an acoustic medium range amp for example. It also dpanne in rehearsals or mixing consoles are often of average quality and in small concert halls for the same reasons.
However on larger scene or consoles are excellent quality such case upstream will do nothing. You will just need an excellent Avalon U5 DI kind.
If I davais arrter to the judgment of Pramp / equalizer, I would put 7/10.

The maximum section: Magic certe! Enlargement of the spectrum, beautifying the perception of sound ...
BUT: It keeps Buzzer !!!!!! And the pots are unusable so the sound becomes coarse and strident when you push them.
I ramen my pedal to the store, the seller has tried his system, the pedal buzzait serious indeed, it takes another new, same ... then another, like .. . then another, same result ... Let me tell you that it is the one manufacturing defects on a whole series of Acoustimax.
The views and regret this situation and to maximize section, beautiful but USELESS !! I votrais: 0/10 !!!!!


What saves this tool is its practical side, adpanne upstream of an average hardware.
But if you go on runs on big shows or if you play in well quips in his clubs, this device is unnecessary and dtriorera your sound.
The report qualitprix is ​​bad in terms of maximizing the default manufacturing.
How can one day sell our pedal that much buzz !!!
In short, I pedal my ramen for me to reimburse
My buddy like mandolin.
Too bad because this pedal dgage when even a good sound Pramp, the EQ is of good quality and nice look.
But today we must demand perfection of products that buys!
Working with BBE bacl !!!
La gratte à tonton10/27/2009

La gratte à tonton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

BBE Acoustimax
See site

Trs sturdy box with real knobs potentiomtre solid. Alim block of ac / dc, no battery or batteries alimsur least to tinker with an adapter ...
"Foot swith" easily accessible space. Tip top connector, XLR (DI), insert jack, jack for pedals, tuner jack etc. .. Although DI saw the release!
Led indications for the "maximizer" and focntion "mute"


Config trs simple to use and versatile. manual clear and almost pointless in the ease of use of the machine. As for the sound-I would say it's a great tool that really works deserves its 10/10 Acoustic Guitarist in the test appeared some time ago. By following the guitar and cons More precisely the type of prampli the guitar was one Acoustimax hyper hyper efficient and transparent or a "maximizer" noisy. For example when I plug in a Taylor 314ce well is the breath that appears in "maximizer" whereas with a Lag Tramontane is nickel (we will have expected the opposite given the price diffrence one over the other) as money to pay th price does not guarantee the forcment rsultat ... But we now know that the Taylor Expression System prampli ple figure is compared to the Studio Lag ...
Finally tjs is it that this is Acoustimax gnial my point of view.


Perfect for what I did. Just a quick BMOL on the use of the tuner: indeed active when the "mute" signal is then between East only to the output jack "tuner" and when we r Acoustimax the active one would expect that there is no signal to the "tuner" but there is still enough for a coat and my Korg tuner does not put it in standby Gnant unfortunately. With another accordeurbasique was no longer does. So be careful with sensitive tuners.


I have been using for over a year and I do not spare. I tried the home pramp Para DI LR Baggs has nothing to do but that it Submitted the advantage that they can be battery powered. but really I prfre the Acoustimax.
I am the fly that I Rasht one pronto.