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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 8 reviews )
 1 user review13 %
 4 reviews50 %
 2 reviews25 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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maillotketchup's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good value"

Roland BK-7m
Phew ... what the hell all these questions ... How's ... a package, I would say too much. We get lost. If we want to try anything, it spends a month.

Is it rackable? It seems to me to be very small rack, but why not? A good handyman can go buy the angle of 10 bolts of thirteen, a black and decker drill percussion and fabricate an unlikely thing for Racker!

Via a midi utility ??? Fuck! I am a musician, not a computer. For computer music, I hired a guy from work. Not that I give a damn about spending hours of screen time ... now that I'm bored to write here. I have contracts! No time!

What connection? Ben then? Huh? There's anything like holes to connect the son? Two jack inputs, two jack outputs, input / output midi ... a power supply, a trick for the video (I like to watch a porn movie playing on stage! It me crazy fishing!) Usb input a similar output but in the other direction ... and perhaps other holes I do not know what for but it is on, the device is a female.


Is the configuration simple?
Well when turned on the first time, it is very pretty this light with shiny and classy black beast. We feel the taste brought in achieving this plastic box it is important not to fall down.
It's pretty simple..un bit boring to call programs using the wheel. When you're on stage, you have to fill the time to search programs.
Manouel Is it clear? This is the Portuguese, as usual! You open it because it's good and you closes 30 seconds after saying you "damn, I could do it forever!"

you plug your accordion and presto, it recognizes ... that hat! (Or twelve o'clock your guitar or your flute recorder midi ...)


Sounds? It's not bad for the price! It's even pro. We bought this thing to troubleshoot a Ketron failed. It is far, far from being a Ketron, but it's clean, correct, and it can really help. To be in case of failure of the arranger. That's it.

Reverbs ... blah.

Accordions: really cool.

Guitars: Harg! go your way

Keyboards: Yes!

The saxes and brass ... ouch!

Violins: Ouinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Batteries: Mhouais ... not folichon. But for the price, it's good. It is true that after playing four years with a Ketron, it was not the hair that stand! A review.

It is realistic anyway.

Velocity also. That's good.


6 months of use! We bought audya4 who departed two days later because it's a gas plant. We bought a Ketron ... It's full of bugs, but there was a device that sends wood!

I tried other models, but then I had no choice! It fails on Friday and we play Saturday and Sunday. We took the first MIDI arranger that was lying in the region.

What I like most: Mashed! Fortunately he was there! He completed his work. That's good. Really, for the price, it was worth his money. But there is much better and much more expensive too.

Good value for money!

Is choice I would do ??? Yes.

Conclusion. Honestly, it's a good machine. It's small, discreet, with lots of buttons and sounds, rhythms and nice tablecloths. For a first device, that's good. To really make the tea dance or variety, you must type above! I'm still unhappy when the thing starts and I hear the accompaniment of pop standard that I used to play. But also, it's like if I had a nice Audi and I buy a Skoda or Renaud or Peugeot or Citroen.

Good music at all !!!

Jlouis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great instrument"

Roland BK-7m
twelve o'clock impeccable connectivity, solid, full of styles on a USB key added


general config is very easy especially for wizzard noon.
The manual is very explicit. sounds do not edit themselves.


effects are effective, the sounds are good, not all realistic (including sax)
I prefer tablecloths, acoustic and electric pianos, organs and accordions


I used it four months and I went to BK9.
I always bought a remake Roland, I had RA50, RA90, G800, G1000, G70.

belroc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not ideal for a pianist"

Roland BK-7m
I normally play with an arranger keyboard and then I fell in love with the piano Roland RD 700 NX. I was thinking of doing an interesting assembly. I was faced with a problem of access, not practical to have these commands on the other side of the keyboard. Then, access to performance through the wheel is not ideal while playing. use without preparing its performance is virtually impossible, the device is a little frozen. I think the use of an accordion is easier. Side arrangement and sounds, it's okay but it's not good sounds Audya. Finally I think it is fair to say that it did not suit me BK7 soyonx but seriously, for value for money, hard to beat.


No, it seems that the use case with a dedicated aplli improves well
the manual is as much, not very clear. Luckily there is a site where a roland accordion appointed Mr. Nello gives very good advice


for my taste the sounds are not realistic (I said to my taste) as it is not impossible that we are too accustomed to certain sounds


I kept it a month, I played with Audya
good value for money

hemebo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" super"

Roland BK-7m
but not very compact rack model (21 to 29.7)
connectivity noon audio
Roland all possible styles, USB port for more opportunities to infinity


configuration and simple manual
very functional and easy to use


Sampled sounds incredible truths including piano and sax


I have it acquired to replace my Solton MS40, I use it for entertainment.
I remake that choice without worries.

gnoulie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Versatile and well-structured"

Roland BK-7m
Expander "plan", no rack, a place closer to accessibility.
Many sounds with synthesizer (envelope, filter resonance) edition.
Full of simultaneous effects, with independent settings parties.

Very good structure:
- Flexibility with different master controllers
- Each memory perf sets all the parameters (sound choice, effects, mixing ...), including y synth editing sounds above; damages action Foot Switch is not managed as well (we just work around this problem by equipping themselves the way Roland pedal 7)
- Possibility to "truandant" Share the Manual Bass, to have a triple split (3 sounds) to the right hand of a master keyboard

Line in, 1x Foot Switch, USB host, USB key, pedal inputs, midi in / out, composite video out (for display of words. "Kar" + agreements recognized the midi).

Lots of onboard accompaniment styles + can import all styles Roland (E arrangers, VA76, etc ...), in short, almost inexhaustible. However, is to create own styles, you need a soft editor not included. About soft, the BK-7m is provided with a DAW Cakewalk.


Comprehensive manual, clear and Sufficient. The setup is relatively simple, given the possibilities of the machine. In fact, navigation is complex, vast, but intuitive.


A profusion of sounds that inevitably can find happiness, a good enough realism, except perhaps for guitars, trumpets, where Yamaha is better. Too bad that Roland was a bit stingy on SuperNATURAL sounds: there are two (the realism of Saxo is falling, beautifully articulated)! Again, Yamaha offers on their sounds Cool, Sweet, SuperArticulation, MegaVoices (etc. ..) is more dense.


I use it for almost two years, but rather sporadically, I spend more time on the piano. In this regard, I welcome the excellence of the Pianist mode (latest OS version, managed according to the damper pedal), which gives excellent results (play a piano piece with both hands, the BK7- m recognizes the fly harmonies and takes care of the rest). I also had it on the CVP-401, but it was often dissonant.
Offer arrangers-expanders is far from being bloated, but despite this non-competitive niche I think the price / quality ratio of BK7-m is very good. So much the better, because when you already have a good master keyboard and space is limited, not easy to integrate into its installed an additional keyboard PSR style.

I regret that there is no Roland, Korg has like Yam and the principle of multipads, which can start small sequenced phrases or arpeggios during the live Thurs

I also use it as a sound generator GS for karaoke with friends, and as long as the sequences are of high quality, it sounds great.
tony gala05/22/2013

tony gala's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" fine"

Roland BK-7m
has midi connectors
a lot of sounds and styles
no extension


the manual as all the manuals is done by people who explain bad
editions of her to choose a particular instrument relative to the style require a lot of manipulation
more when choosing an instrument in position 2 or 3 if you follow the series 1 2 3 it returns to the former choice


some sounds do not match the style we will say one or two instruments 4
the sounds are not hateful but nothing to do with yamaha is master at
unrealistic for some sounds


I use it for 2 years
I do not know of any other models
what I like most is the very effective registration
for the quality / price I can not judge because I do not know the other models apart from Midjay ketron
yes I would do this choice although it would be nice to make improvements

Jeffdigit's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Small but powerful!"

Roland BK-7m
Do not look for another arranger expander in this price range, there is not one!

I did not want an arranger keyboard with already one synth KORG R3, 1 master keyboard AXIOM PRO 61 and a digital piano. I had on my "table" just a little place to put a module size BK7M.

I find aesthetically quite successful. Nothing to do with the appearance of other plastic arranger this price range (PA500, ...).

The number of sounds is impressive and a very decent quality. The piano sound is not bad at all. I also love the sax and organ.

The number of styles is unlimited. There are already hundreds of styles that are added inside the 500 provided on a USB key. There is something for everyone and I personally found very good quality.

For each style you can memorize 4 settings (sounds, variation, effects, ...) it is easy to call by 4 dedicated buttons. This is very useful!
There are four variations, four intros, four ending but not break. Finally though, but they are triggered at each change of variation.

There are 4 parts to the game: 2 upr, 1 lower, 1 bass. So what to do!
Of course it plays mp3, wav with changeable tempo and ability to transpose.

And many other things, such as 900 performances provided internally and named with titles covers.


Configuration with a controller is very simple with the wizard that starts at noon is a source detected. I had no problem playing with a digital piano or keyboard master.

Nothing is easier to use live with the direct access to the variations, intro, ending, the activation of parts up1/up2/bass/low, the One Touch Setting (OTS). And if that is not enough it is possible to use a pedal FC-7.

By against the screen is ridiculously small for an instrument of this time (already 2 years). Styles or songs on a few key characters are truncated as in the days of DOS. The menu navigation is not very easy.
The manual does not prompt playback.


Hard not to find happiness with a thousand sounds. But they are not all equal. Organs, sax, brass in general, bass, pianos are good for an instrument of this range. The guitars are enough against disappointing and lacking presence pads (one in Omnisphere VSTi or a virus ti is much better).

Styles always impress me with their quality after two weeks of intensive use. I discover every time. And is quickly taken by the game that really help to improvisation.

With a master keyboard as an axiom pro control the velocity and aftertouch is pretty good.
I also use an expression pedal and sustain the keyboard that work well.


I've had two weeks. I wanted to complete my arranger equipment now made two small keyboards (Korg R3 + axiom pro 61), and modules such as virus ti a EMX1, and lauchpad for pads to trigger sequences to wear hand ( they make me smile 3 or 4 pads for korg ;-)).
I also had a Yamaha es88 in the past and I have a roland digital piano with her supernatural. But I did not arranger to accompany me, which forced me to prepare a lot of midi sequences in back. There are branch and is fun. What simplificité!
But do not hesitate to use me BK7m with the other instruments. All apporant in my opinion a much more rich musical arrangers some upscale, at least homestudio.

So I would do this choice without hesitation.

bonnaiga's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"An orchestra the size of a book!"

Roland BK-7m
Arranger "rack", released in 2011, with 400 internal styles (500 from the arrangers of the previous mark, founis USB key), more than 1,000 sounds, more than 50 drum kits, four blocks effects of insertion + reverb + chorus + equalizer (per game) + compressor (per game)
The features are readily available on the website of Roland.
It can also serve as an expander (16 parts, 128-note polyphony, MIDI or USB connection), or Karaoke Midifile player (with audio input and display of lyrics on TV), DVD player / recorder MP3 (it has an entry for USB) ...
It is not possible to create new styles, but the available styles can easily be customized (functions "style cover" and "style makeup tools".
Sounds, effects, performance, and the buttons "one touch" (since version 1.6 of the OS) are also editable.
There're styles for all tastes, styles with a majority of "current" (8 beat, 16 beat, rock, dance, hip hop, funck, etc..) Contrary to suggest the demos seen on Youtube , or is meant primarily styles "retro" or "musette".
The BK7m comes with the audio / MIDI sequencer Cakewalk SONAR LE.


Usage is very simple: the functions are accessible either via a button (for real-time functions and common functions: split, octave, transpose, mute, ...), or via a menu that is scroll with the wheel and is validated by pressing. Some buttons can be used as shortcuts (via a long press) to the corresponding detailed menu, which saves time.
The use of styles in real time could not be simpler, as on most arrangers. The buttons are a good size and very readable, making it even easier to use.
The manual is very clear and complete. I have not tested the sound editing and effects, but it seems pretty simple (although the parameters are many!).
Also important, since it is a module "rack", the MIDI setup is very simple, thanks to the "connection wizard". It detects the MIDI or USB device to another, asked to select the type of device then it is (accordion, guitar, master keyboard, digital piano, DAW / sequencer, ...) and the configuration is done alone ! You can always change the settings if necessary.
In short, this device can easily be used by a beginner (read notcie anyway!), Although its many features the destined rather to an experienced user.
Damage, however, that Roland does not provide a PC editor, it might be more convenient to change the sounds and the display performance of BK7m ...


The sounds are many and varied. They may be suitable for all styles of music. In terms of quality, I situate at about the same level as the mid-range competition (PA500 Korg, Yamaha PSR S Series, ...).
Side realism, do not worry: we recognize the problem and their instruments without rendering is quite natural. The sounds are deep (including drum sounds, we recognize the experience of Roland in this area). However, the guitars seem a little behind compared to Megavoices Yamaha. But it's still perfectly fine.
Overall, I find the sound full and warm enough, more than the Yamaha arrangers. The effects are probably something: they seem more "round", "softer", less "flashy" as the PSR series S. It does not prevent the sounds and styles to be very dynamic!
Regarding the quality of styles, I'm not disappointed! Do not rely on Youtube videos or other extracts often poorly recorded and supercharged: quality and musicality are the appointment and the choice is vast in all styles of music.


I use it only for 1 week. This notice is a first draft, I will need it if after a few months of use.
I tried other arrangers (and I have had several before BK7m), one that I liked most in this price range, it was the Korg PA500. However, I already have a keyboard and I do not have enough room to take a second. Choosing an arranger rack was an obvious choice, and here we must recognize that the choice is very limited, especially in this price range (Ketron racks are much more expensive)!

The features I like most:
- Compact, light weight
- Many styles, high quality
- Many sounds, many effects, high polyphony
- Versatility: playback / recording MP3, midifile / karaoke
- Full connectivity
- Ergonomic design and very successful
- Included with SONAR LE

The features that I like least:
- New price a bit high (but interesting opportunity)
- No PC editor supplied

After a week of heavy use, I am very satisfied with my purchase and I will ever be the same choice again (anyway, there is no other arranger rack at this price on the market, so c is quickly seen).