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Renoise Sound Trackers user reviews

  • Renoise Renoise 3

    Renoise Renoise 3 - "Review of Renoise 3"


    Renoise is one of the best tracking sequencers currently available and has now just launched it’s latest version. This version incorporates a selection of new features which have been added to the tracker and does away with some of the older fixtures…

  • Renoise Renoise 3

    Renoise Renoise 3 - "The King of Trackers"


    Renoise is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Installation is a snap, with no dongles or online authentication license managers. After installation, configuration is straightforward--You setup your plugin folders, and ASIO/MIDI devices in the …

  • Renoise Pro Music Tracker

    Renoise Pro Music Tracker - FP User's review


    This is the best tracker I have come across (and my favourite piece of music software). The sample files supported include: wav, MP3, aiff and ogg. There is full VST 2.0 support and several native effects included. These features are well incorporate…

Translated user reviews
  • Renoise Pro Music Tracker

    Renoise Pro Music Tracker - hugo54's review


    It's just excellent. I've tried Fruity Loops several times Fruity Loops, but I never found the simplicity and usability of Renoise, with a stability also exemplary. The possibilities are the same, with some mastery, the other soft supposedly more "…

  • Renoise Pro Music Tracker

    Renoise Pro Music Tracker - Ari Ara's review


    To configure it like any soft at the sound drivers and noon. We can choose shortcuts for songs, samples etc ... Given the way I do is use a lighter biblilobotomothèque in cubase and it makes no duplicates, thank you for saving disk space and frag…

  • Renoise Pro Music Tracker

    Renoise Pro Music Tracker - kaneel's review


    Installation: download, patch and hopla! Incompatibilities: I use VSTS VSTis and quite basic so I have no problems of incompatibility up to date. Manuel: There is an online wiki for this purpose, convenient, therefore, everyone can add their ti…

  • Renoise Pro Music Tracker

    Renoise Pro Music Tracker - dlagon's review


    Installation: A child's play! A file download on the manufacturer's website, simply execute it and you're jou! Incompatibility: The majority of VST and VSTi instruments is recognized, put a few Cubase VST own such as the FM7 ... But everything…

  • Renoise Pro Music Tracker

    Renoise Pro Music Tracker - _Fishman_'s review


    - Installation is it without problem? No problem, not fifteen miles PARAMETERS files as in other software, buffer size ... style, very easy Have you experienced any incompatibility? Yes with samples of fruity loops, some wav files are not rec…

  • Renoise Pro Music Tracker

    Renoise Pro Music Tracker - latarteauxconcombres's review


    Monstrously génialissime Tracker! For those who come from around the AMIGA/ATARI/C64 (early PCs), they will not be disoriented by this software completely delusional ... compared to the old Soundtrack, NoiseTracker, PROTRACK & STARTREKKER ... follo…