Renoise Pro Music Tracker
Renoise Pro Music Tracker

Pro Music Tracker, Sound Tracker from Renoise.


Renoise Pro Music Tracker : Anonymous 's user review


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To configure it like any soft at the sound drivers and noon.
We can choose shortcuts for songs, samples etc ...
Given the way I do is use a lighter biblilobotomothèque in cubase and it makes no duplicates, thank you for saving disk space and fragmentation.

The online resource is massive and impeccable, very clear.


This app is powerful is the least we can say, I had to start the online doc Parallel, some videos on youtube (thank you Kaneel, thank you shaypah).
Once past the lock on the hex and how tracker, I quickly entered my first beat in 2 hours I had more of a frame component, manufactured / SLIC / a bunch of synchronized sound, incredible.
I think it suit me well in this way is to compose the interface.
And I am far from knowing the intricacies of soft ... it will eject altogether once learned it all.
Yet I started on machines and Reason and Cubase / re machines / vst therefore a priori nothing to do with the world of ETFs.

Renoise is the strength of the interface I think there is a single window and tabs, all controllable by shortcut.
Frankly cubase next is totally up to the street level ergonomics, you always full of windows and even optimizing with macros, workspaces that does not ease editing Renoise. Of course it's not really comparable software as well as the goal is to make Zique.

And as Renoise is complete, you have an integrated audio editor, a sampler which you hold your loops automatically to live, but better (the algorithm of Pitchshifter sounds better to me, better than kontakt also less than e -mu 6400 on the other hand but it I not heard one do so pretty soft).
Simple effects but the ease of stacking is creative.
A sequencer that provides more than a conventional sequencer, effects and subtle pattern is terrible, a try.

Not need a machine for the latest run is more than respectable.

I vaguely started with 1.5.2, there learn seriously about the 1.8, 1.9 strongly!


I'm still in the discovery phase but I took a good slap. j'adoooore.
50 euros is a gift.
I was thinking of buying Cubase 4, I'm going to work Renoise.
(When you think that Steinberg has not been screwed to an upgrade to Cubase 4 customers who have 20 years of repaying the entire soft ... it is not in the same world at all with Renoise, it also has .)

It is limited proselyte me but what you want I'm just conquered.