Renoise Pro Music Tracker
Renoise Pro Music Tracker

Pro Music Tracker, Sound Tracker from Renoise.

dlagon 08/19/2006

Renoise Pro Music Tracker : dlagon's user review


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A child's play! A file download on the manufacturer's website, simply execute it and you're jou!

The majority of VST and VSTi instruments is recognized, put a few Cubase VST own such as the FM7 ... But everything else is recognized directly! a real treat!

For a person from the world tracker (Amiga, among others) yes! found very easy the configuration settings in gnral and can quickly start trs concrtement make a song! For other ... It might be a little tedious! The trackers have their logic and their own operating environment ...

Anglophobe, go your way ... The manual is in English ... Fully rdig Nanmoins, it is very well liberalization and more, along with photos and examples ...


Configuration of my computer:
AMD 3200 +
1.5 GB of Ram
Asus A8ne-Deluxe
Sata Hard
Phase 88

The software works without any problem with this configuration! No crash, Quick Start. Nothing wrong.

Renoise performance:
Awesome! It recognizes the samples (fortunately for a tracker!) In *. mp3 and with the addition of an "add-on" (downloaded from the manufacturer) also recognizes the *. wav.
The edition of the samples is really good! No need to open another software to rework his sample! a real treat!
The vst work perfectly well too. Nothing wrong ...
The interface is clear and intuitive for a person from the world of the tracker.
The software consumes few resources trs memory (compared to another music software like Cubase or Ableton example). Nanmoins utilisedpendera the resource most often the number of vst utiliss less you use vst and more memory ... you'll have to give a concrete example, with the use of 4 tracks VST, I use my setup with about 11% of memory!
I currently have no bugs (I bought the pro version (V1.5) for the modest sum of $ 40 that can benefit from the "Render to wave")).
Small problem: I have not found a solution for Live (as a sequence of several songs for the era of Octamed amiga).

Stability with the hardware and software:
No problem report! Application started quickly, no bug.


How long I use it:
A year and a half.

Particular feature I like most / least:

Stabilitbr /> Use VST and VSTi
Trs intuitive interface (for those familiar with the trackers).

CRER impossibility of a live (as Octamed Amiga)
worse and nothing else! c software fantastic! ;)