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Ibanez JS1000
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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 20 reviews )
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James...'s review"Satch boogie"

Ibanez JS1000
JS Prestige neck
Maple Neck Material
Basswood Body
22/6105 frets
Rosewood Finger Board
Edge Pro bridge
DiMarzio PAF Pro (H) Neck PU
DiMarzio Fred (H) Bridge PU
Pearl Dot Inlay
CK : Hardware Color
Color : Black Pearl


I'm actually not a huge Satch fan, but was given this guitar as a gift and decided to try it out as I normally like just about everything Ibanez puts out. The body shape is interesting. Kind of reminds me of a Strat meets RG body, which is fine. Neck feels like a normal Wizard. There are minor variations between the numerous Wizard models out there. I think this one has a dynamic radius so it feels more Fendery for chording. It feels comfortable to me. Apparently some of these come with Edge Pro's and other come with the edge lo-pro. Mine came with the lopro which is too bad because I like the regular pro a bit better. It's a feel thing and for my money the lopro is still every bit as good a trem. Stays in turn great. The finish is very cool. Kind of jumps out at you in certain lighting. I'm not sure if these are Japan made but I don't think they are. The price kind of reflects that too. Playability is great though and this is a well crafted guitar.


I've been really feeling this guitar through my VHT Deliverance. Seems to like that amp a lot. I'm pretty familiar to Dimarzio pickups so the Fred and PAF pro are not new to me. I really the like the Fred in the bridge. Definitely sounds unique and isn't for the faint of heart PAF guys. I have never been a Big fan of the PAF Pro but it sounds good in this guitar. Kind of lower output than I would like but it's passable. The JS1000 is geared sound wise for Satch music and not too much else. You can do the hair metal thing and hard rock stuff with it but it won't really do laid back rock as well. It's not a jazzy relaxed tone.


I really like the simplicity and playability, which is something I didn't really expect from Joe Satch artist guitar. It's a really well made axe too despite the fact that I don't think it's a Prestige model. If you want that lead tone he gets this is ticket. The price is appropriate considering the hardware onboard.

Hatsubai's review"Standard production sig model"

Ibanez JS1000
This is pretty much the regular model that everybody thinks of when they think of Joe Satriani today. It's his standard production model, and aside from the color, it's very similar to the actual one that he plays. I should note that his actual model has a compound fretboard where as this is just a standard 12'' radius. The guitar features a basswood body, a maple bolt-on neck with a rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, dot inlays, Edge Pro tremolo, two humbuckers, one volume, one tone with a coil split and a three way switch.


The guitar was nice and lightweight. The body was super thin, and it was crazy easy to play standing up. The finish on this was one of my favorite finishes from Ibanez. It's very laid back and elegant looking compared to some of the other finishes out there. The neck on this is pretty nice, but I don't like the fretboard radius as much. It has a classic fretboard radius. What I mean by classic is that it has a Les Paul style radius on it. I tend to prefer flatter radii, so I always tended to gravitate towards the regular S series or even the RG series. This is kind of like a fusion between a Strat and a Les Paul at points.


This guitar had the older pickups before Satriani switched to his new ones. It has a DiMarzio FRED in the bridge and a PAF Pro in the neck. The FRED in the bridge is a pretty unique pickup. It has these odd harmonics that can really add something to the lead lines. Combine this with the basswood body, and you got yourself a really cool lead guitar. The PAF Pro in the neck is great for that open and vintage style PAF lead sound. It can get some really cool character going on, especially on the wound strings. The guitar also has a coil split switch so you can get those kind of single coil tones going on. To be honest, it doesn't work that great with these pickups, but if you are on the clean channel, it's pretty nice.


This is a very cool guitar, but I generally prefer the regular S series for whatever reason. I like the necks on the standard S series vs this neck, and I like the mahogany body instead of the basswood body. This is great for leads, but I find the regular ones to be a bit more versatile than this. If you can find a good deal on this used, and don't mind playing sig gear, then I recommend picking one up. Most people should really dig this guitar.

tjon901's review"Another Satch Sig"

Ibanez JS1000
Satriani is a guy who sticks to what he likes. He has been playing Ibanez guitars for years and his model has barely changed. Joe Satriani is one of Steve Vais peers. He is a modern guitar player and uses a lot of modern equipment. He does a ton of session work for people and has won Grammys. He also leads the G3 tour which takes him and 2 other great guitar players around the world. The Satch sig is a pretty cool design. It is kind of based off an S series Ibanez. The guitar features a basswood body in the super smooth JS body shape. The neck is 22 frets with a rosewood fretboard and his own neck profile. Early models had the original Edge tremolo but this was changed later as Ibanez advanced in their tremolo designs. This guitar has two humbuckers and a master volume and tone knob with a 3 way for switching. It has a PAF pro in the neck and a FRED in the bridge. The FRED is one of Satrianis signature pickups.


Being based off an an S series Ibanez the guitar retains a lot of the comfort that was built into that original design. The shape of the guitar is designed to fit comfortably against your body. It gets very thin up at the top so its fits well against your body and arm. The smooth contours along the cutaways help with upper fret access because you do not have any hard edges around anywhere. A lot of RG's have hard edges in the cutaway that can make the guitar pretty uncomfortable to play on the high frets. This model being so old has the old style Ibanez neck join which is similar to what you would find on a Fender guitar. While the body is thin at the top it gets nice and thick towards the bottom so the guitar has a thick tone and nice weight to it. It does not feel flimsy like some Ibanez guitars tend to feel. Satriani prefers a more traditional feel to his guitars so the frets are not as big and the radius is that that flat but it still retains all the great Ibanez playability.


The sound of this guitar is pretty love hate. Satrianis style requires pickups that get a ton of harmonics and this is what you get on this guitar. If you do not play like Satriani this could be a problem for you. With the Satriani designed FRED in the bridge this guitar has a crazy sound that only Satriani can really take advantage of. I am not a huge fan of the Fred pickup. The FRED works well for him though. You can really get crazy harmonics from it and it is super clear. It is kinda like Steve Vais EVO pickups cousin or something. The PAF pro in the neck is a classic tone. With this guitar only having 22 frets you get a classic neck position tone. Satriani only gave this guitar 22 frets for that reason. With the neck pickup that much farther out you get even fatter tones from the position. The further away a pickup is from the bridge the more beefy it sounds and this is as far as you can get it. This beefy sound with the basswood really give the PAF pro a nice even tone that you want for smooth leads in the neck position. The neck pickup tones are classic but its the bridge tones that I dislike, and since the bridge is what you use the most I find myself not liking the overall tone of the guitar. I should probably be happy that this guitar comes with something other than stock Ibanez pickups.


This is pretty much a classic guitar now. If you can find a good deal on one of these they are great guitars if you are Satriani fans. The models have not changed much so I would not pay more for an older one. If you get a new one you are pretty much getting the same thing.

Hatsubai's review"His most famous signature model"

Ibanez JS1000
This guitar is probably Satch's most famous model as it's his longest running one, I believe? It's been around since the early to mid 90s and is still made to this day. It's one of those "can't improve on perfection" guitars, if you ask me. While there are actually some slight differences between the years, these are the specs of the guitar I'm reviewing -- The guitar has a basswood body with a maple neck and a rosewood fretboard, 22 frets with dot inlays, a LoPro Edge bridge, two DiMarzio humbuckers, one volume, one tone and a three way toggle switch.


This guitar was absolutely amazing in terms of build quality. The frets themselves felt fantastic. There were no sharp edges, and the frets were perfectly crowned. With the higher end Ibanez guitars, this is fairly normal. The frets were nice and level, so I was able to get some low action without much of an issue. The overall build quality was great, and there were no real big neck joint gaps. The guitar came equipped with what's probably my favorite tremolo out there -- the Ibanez LoPro Edge. It feels amazing, sounds great and lasts forever.


The guitar is pretty versatile with its coil tap. The bridge pickup is a DiMarzio FRED and the neck is a DiMarzio PAF Pro. The FRED is interesting in that it's like a bizarre PAF. There are all kinds of unique harmonics coming out of this that other pickups don't seem to have. It's not for everyone, but I really like it for lead tones. The PAF Pro in the neck is a proven combination that's been around since the days of rack effects units. It's a fairly warm tone, but it has a nice treble bite to it so you can really be heard. It helps balance the frequencies with the bridge pickup. There's also a push/pull on the tone that allows you to coil split these for that almost single coil tone.


If you're looking for a Satch guitar, check out this one. These come equipped with everything you need, meaning you don't need to replace the pickups like in so many other Ibanez guitars out there. The floyd is great, the construction rules and it just feels right.

MGR/Rage's review"Ibanez JS1000"

Ibanez JS1000
Satriani, Vai and this other Frippin old guy toured where I live. Of course I was a little impressed. It seemed to me that every time I looked at Vai on stage it was the perfect photo op. Satch... what can I say that hasn't already been said. I loved the tones that he accomplished with such irritating ease, so I surfed for the guitar. I live in RIP OFF England so I was pleasantly surprised when I found the JS1000 for... wait for it, £1089 from imuso.co.uk. Thats £300 cheaper than the stores and loads more than you lucky Americans have to pay.

A beautifully appointed guitar. Stunning good looks, nicely thought out electrics (coil tapped humbuckers, 3 way toggle switch and a high pass filter on the volume pot) and of course soaring, singing, whistling and purring tones (like the master himself... well almost). I love the sound of the Dimarzio Fred and Paf, bridge and neck pickups. I didn't think that I would as I have Seymore Duncans fitted to both of my American custom Jacksons and, well they are scary. I also wasn't sure about the woods used and the neck, which is thinner than the Jackson's. I was wrong to be unsure. The basswood body, maple neck and rosewood finger board combine to create a wonderfuly balanced warm and silky tone with a vintage feel that is very endearing. Don't misunderstand me though, this lady can be a first class B***. The frets are unforgiving to sloppy playing styles (you have to be accurate) this really helps to develope the player and it can really kick some serious butt if you want to push the gain on your amp. I use a Mesa 3 channel dual rectifier and the sound is as sweet as a nut. Buy one.

The cost here in England is stupid. You lucky guys on the other side of the pond pay the equivalent of around £650, I paid through the nose.
The factory set up is strange. Satriani has a really low action set and yet the JS1000 when it arrived had an action like a long bow (you know... Robin Hood Style) A little bit of time consuming set up time is required by the serious musician before you can sample the sound... not really plug in and play straight from the box.
You don't get a hard case as standard (very odd for any musical instrument of this quality), but if you push the retailer he WILL sort you out. Oh and the tremelo arm (whammy bar) bumps the top of the volume pot when the filter is engaged, how odd!!

Ooops! I have already described the construction except for the bolt on neck, I was unsure again, silly really. As for the quality well it's SUPERB.

Buy one and see, especially if you are American... lucky b*******. Lovely guitar in all the important areas. Get a Fat Finger sustain clamp... Satch uses one so it can't be a bad idea.

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MGR/steven marbury03/22/2004

MGR/steven marbury's review"Ibanez JS1000"

Ibanez JS1000
I bought it from http://www.chrisbsmusic.com



Nice weight, nice look, awesome pickups.
Love the sound of this thing!

not much, overall this is a great guitar for the money.

Basswood Body

Lo Pro Edge Tremolo

Rosewood Fingerboard

Designed and played by the Master of Tone, Joe Satriani, this piece, simply put, is an ultra-modern guitar with a vintage feel.

If you know how exacting Joe is in gettin the best tones in the business, then by definition his signature model has to be a great guitar. Once you've experienced this guitar, you will realize that it was designed to be like Joe himself-capable of out-of-this-world sonic speed, extraordinary musicality, and tone, tone, and more tone

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Ibanez JS1000"

Ibanez JS1000
It was an 18th birthday present and when i saw i for the first time i was gob smacked. Paid £1299.00

Perfectomundo. Come on Its Joe Satrianis signature guitar. So light and easy to play. Not chunky like a les Paul.


The shape and tone are first class. its simple but amazing at the same time. Fragile, nothing like a les paul. this is a real soloist guitar, a les paul is chunky rough and solo. the js is light soft and smooth.

Twice the guitar of a les paul anyday. Joe fucking rules.

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MGR/Jay Frisby12/17/2001

MGR/Jay Frisby's review"Ibanez JS1000"

Ibanez JS1000
I bought this guitar from a fellow jemsite.com member who lives in new jersey. I bought one because i wanted one BAD and he gave me a good price for a mint guitar. i ended up paying about 900 including shipping.

i like EVERYTHING about this guitar. the nexk is the most comefortable ive ever played, the body is the most comefortable to hold. the pickups sound INCREDIABLE and you cant get a better bridge pu' than the FRED.

i dont NOT like anything, the coil taps dount sound 100% like a single coil but they sound just as good as any other coil taps out there.

GOOD GOOD GOOD..... its a Prestige Ibanez, it SHOULD be built good.

I would recoomend this guitar to any lead or rhythem guitar player looking for a guitar that can really do ANYTHING and do it like it was meant for whatever your doing with it.

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MGR/Morte's review"Ibanez JS1000"

Ibanez JS1000
I bought my Ibanez JS1000, about five years ago, for £1300 at a Dutch music store.

It's perfect, everything you need on a guitar, nice design, excelent neck, great sound, I won't ever use another guitar besides the JS1000.

It's perfect, there is nothing bad about it, best guitar ever made, Joe Satriani and his engineers are geniuses.

It's a really light weight guitar, so it wont fuck up your back, really easy to play neck as it is really thin, the slim shape of the guitar, makes it really easy to play as it adapts easily to your body.

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micky1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Rock comfortable"

Ibanez JS1000
A high-flying violin (model 2003)
- Maple neck with a glass of Quarter (an impressive punch)
- Basswood body into two parts centered
- Special mention to varnish the handle is super sweet
- The hardware Gotoh / ibanez is good (vibrato Edge Pro in my case)
- Electronics are also of good quality and very complètre Volume / tone / split / Trebble bleed


Wholesale level is a strat neck, so if you want a slim highway go your way. However personally I think it is a model of comfort.
The Basswood body is quite small and very light.
Access to acute is easy and the junction body / run was modified to be more ergonomic
For me the JS are part of what is best in terms of comfort


For once I recovered with Seymour that I quickly replaced by a set Mo Joe / PAF Joe.
This set is the miracle in the JS
- The PAF Joe is not overloaded as some low round pickups. So in the neck position it worked wonders, it is round but still accurate. Rated output level is still moderate. Really a good neck pickup (in JS anyway)
- The Mo Joe is the sound satch, basically it is PAF vitamins, round and accurate. All with a beautiful grain. (For his satch lower the tone of your overdrive ;))


In addition to the sounds satch is an impressive versatility: clean, blues, rock, heavy, old school metal.
It is super comfortable.
It is a modern guitar with a strat neck typed, as for those who do not like this is super fine round top.
In occas it is found of a very competitive price.
The only downside for me is the Floyd, as I know not handle this kind of bug ...