Ibanez JS700
Ibanez JS700

JS700, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the Joe Satriani series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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Hatsubai's review"Bizarre P90 hard tail JS"

Ibanez JS700
For some reason, Ibanez decided to make a P90 hard tail version of the JS. Why they made this, I'm not exactly sure why. On top of that, these guitars were made in both Japan and Korea, and the quality varies depending on where the guitar was made. The guitar has a mahogany body with a maple neck and a rosewood fretboard, 22 frets with dot inlays, a hard tail bridge, two P90 pickups, one volume, one tone and a three way toggle switch.


The number one thing that bothered me on this guitar was the bridge. It felt very odd. In fact, it was almost like I was playing some bizarre Les Paul Junior or something. The angle felt weird, and I just couldn't give with it. The thin Ibanez body wasn't doing it any favors, either. The rest of the guitar was decent, although this one was a Japanese model. The frets weren't sharp, and they were decently crowned. I didn't bother messing with the action as I really disliked the bridge on this model.


The pickups in this didn't sound that great, honestly. I'm normally a big fan of P90 pickups, but these seemed to lack something. Usually, a P90 sounds like a polite man's single coil. It has that aggression and cool character, but it doesn't have the obnoxious treble. They also tend to stay together better than the singles, sound wise. That said, these seemed to lack all character that I normally adore about P90s. The bridge was kinda muddy, and the neck wasn't anything that impressive. The clean tones were decent, but that's about it.


The guitar didn't sound too good, and I'm not sure whether or not that was from the odd P90 pickups, the hard tail bridge installed on this, the actual wood itself or what. I just wasn't digging this guitar for whatever reason, and I'm not really sure why it was made in the first place. I can't recommend buying this, but I'm sure there are some people out there who'll love it.

rozmaster's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez JS700
- Japan model (called "custom" as opposed to that Korean anoncent "Joe Satriani" inlay on them)
- 2 P90 (Bill Lawrence if I remember correctly)
- Fixed tailpiece
- 1 vol, 1 tone, 1 3 position selector
- Handle with its radius variable satriani


- The handle as described previously by everyone: it is a real treat, I have a ComenC a pack of scratch at home (including a les paul studio lite with a handle "civilized" for a gibson) and that a strat + far left scratching my reference level set, bah my 700 ptite bury all clear on this point.

-Access to acute niquel is like all the JS (must be at least ca for the high notes of Always with me, always with you;)

- Good ergonomics, not heavy at all

- Obtiend is not only sound good, but thanks to obtiend P90 is a lot of shades of good sounds


- Without the level of my ambitions, I'm pretty eclectic musically, the sudden I pretty enough to scratch each typed (see link at end of post) for uses well defined (I just buy one, moreover, Variax order to have a bit of everything to repeat), in short all that to say that a niche Classic Rock / noisy it does wonders microphones have a grain and also a restraint that I do not end up with double ceramic my gibson, and sounds warm medium that does not spell a stratum. P90 requires you to really stuff very very bluesy roots by playing on the volume knob, (like microphones acute volume knob to 4-5) as stated above this guitar really speaks to the nuances and that is barely 'he Trifouille settings
For his without being against the skinny is not very bold I do not think it Dirr lack of parts in the vicinity of, but the mark of the beast is not really in his neo, trash or large heavy metal drooling (PS: I also like when ca ca drool but I have other toys

- Finally between the mahogany body and single coils you end up with sounds rather intermediate between strata and LP, it's pretty obvious to aileur in clean or scratches to fuller and less bright than a strat ...


- I have this gratoune for almost a year now and I can not get enough, the first month I touched, no additional scratches.

- What I like most: his strong character, its handle
- What I like least: not much except that of scratching a mahogany with P90 we would have expected a handle Cole of elsewhere on the latest models concurents that bloom from mode of P90 (PRS or Hamer SEp90) found a handle Colé

- I did not try OCASI other grates of this type before you buy, the thing is that I was scratching in a P90, I looked on ebay on the side and top gold replicas Special Ibanez Talman Tokai and Burny / fuji but they sold to state or Japan, so not easy to get them after finally I found the JS sold (and made autographed) by a German seller.

- RAPORT incredible value for money, paid 400E fdp ibanez and flight case included, I do not understand this coment grate can be also listed under (probably because of the Korean model that was produced in larger series and from a guy who Posed a two (cf: Harmony Central) is really worse, with a light mahogany over who resent the sound)).
Anyway this skyscraper is in terms of quality, largely at the height of my Start or my gibson +, for a price lower netement, suddenly I'm not bitching about the discount;)

- I would do this choi, mememe if I will like to test the copies goldtop (Tokai, Burny, hammer etc ...) I noticed at the time

<p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>pictures of my collection of beautiful and notament


lam_da's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez JS700
Same as above.

I can add that it is simple microphones, so they are not splitables.


Channel Ultra Nice!
There is nothing to report at the ease of playing, yet I tried it with a set of string pulling 10.46 while my favorite is 9.42 (Note ... I have suffered from some Bend but hey ...).
I felt immediately comfortable with it, it seems that the fingers plannent above the handle, well it fart:-Þ
It is rather mild, especially compared with a good Gibson or Ibanez Ergodyne.
The only lack in my opinion, is the lack of a Floyd, but it depends on the type of game I used to vibrate the notes by placing the palm on the floyd. There he had to play the finger on the box.


Yes it is made for style Bluesy,
She has a beautiful clear sound. Many medium.
Under distortion, the pickups provide clarity in the phrasing.
I did not spend the time needed to explore its sonic possibilities, but what I heard, that balance of thunder!

Sounds simple micro tempt me more ...
I will even say: The JS700 tempts me more ...


Minimum requirements.
Effectiveness of sound.
Quality / price ratio: I do not know the price, it is almost, no idea.

I do not have, but I like that.
Try it, if the opportunity arises.

datsu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez JS700
Japanese guitar.
Body and handle (screwed mahogany, rosewood fingerboard 22 frets, fixed bridge type with the PRS adjustable harmonics.
P90 2 volume and tonality, a selector 3 positions.
The simple and effective, as I like.


The handle is a killing, the touch of a diffrent JS 100, because of the wood? varnish over pais?
This guitar is a very intuitive interface is ultra comfortable, she plays by herself! (Dcoupe the body is also the diffrent JS 100)
P90 is the sound of magic ... even if they are Japanese (yes!)


This guitar goes everywhere (thank you P90).
Sounds jazzy, blues, funk, reggae, rock and hard rock.
A marshall DSL 401, adjusting the volume, Tone (which are so effective that I wonder if they are from) and let's go hop.
Clear Channel / saturated no problem.
The sound is warm prcis the lens becomes not garish.
It's just a sound balance between double and single coil.


I for a week, I had a dj before.
So it was a reunion, and what to say ... it's the total.
In the era it was sold to 5700 francs, so a mid-range in Ibanez.
I got it secondhand for 500 euros and if I find others I bought too. The report is qualitprix trs trs good.
Ok my mind is full of subjectivism, but try it, is to adopt it.
For me it's a simple guitar and tape without the eye, a tool bluesman.