Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)
Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)

DK2 Dinky (Before 2006), STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

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All user reviews for the Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 11 reviews )
 6 reviews55 %
 4 reviews36 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money : Excellent

iamqman's review"No I won't Dinky"

Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)
I love what Jackson guitars has done with their instruments because they make such great feeling and sounding instruments for the hard rock or an metal player. This guitar is the basic style body which is basically a modern style Fender Stratocaster guitar. It's a cool guitar if you like hard rock and metal because it generates a great tone for someone he's playing a sound that needs that high again heavy saturated ripping tone. This guitar has a nice look and neck with its cool pointed headstock.


Jackson DK2 Dinky Electric Guitar Features:

* Alder body with flamed maple top (transparent finishes only)
Made in the Japanese factory that has been making imported Jacksons for 20 years
Rock maple bolt-on neck
Bound rosewood compound-radius fingerboard
Seymour Duncan pickups: STK-1 single-coil (mid and neck), JB TB4 humbucker (bridge)
24 Jumbo frets
25-1/2" scale
1-11/16" nut
Matching headstock with pinstripe
Jackson-licensed Floyd Rose low-profile double locking trem
Sharkfin inlays
Ivoroid binding
Black hardware
Sealed die-cast tuners
Floyd Rose Licensed Jackson Low Profile JT580 LP double-locking 2-Point Tremolo
Includes Deluxe Jackson Molded Case by SKB


This guitar features a Floyd Rose bridge which is essential for a metal or hard rock player. Yes three pick ups to choose from in this guitar the first to say humbucker pickup in the bridge position and you have a single coil in the middle position and then another single coil in the neck position. This will generate out lot of versatility in the tones that you can achieve. It has a shark fin pearl in lay in the frets and it has a swirl paint job which in my opinion looks kind of stupid.

This is a ripper's guitar and a shredders guitar for sure. It has a nice day neck and a very well-balanced fretboard that allows you to solo very easily. That is one of the good things that this guitar has his ability to feel comfortable going up and down the neck. The frets are very easy to reach as you can imagine most of these guitars to be.


These guitars are pretty easily to be found in the classifieds and new. You can find them for just a few hundred dollars which is a pretty good price for nine shredding rippers guitar. I recommend this to anyone is looking for a cool guitar that has a lot of versatility and a lot of tone on tap. It's a cool guitar for anyone who plays hard rock or metal and this is guitar and half at a decent price.

Hatsubai's review"Pretty decent quality guitar"

Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)
This guitar was made in Japan, and for the price that it went for, it wasn't a bad guitar at all. Here are the specs on it:

Alder body with flamed maple top (I believe this was a veneer)
Maple bolt-on neck with a bound rosewood fingerboard and 24 jumbo frets
Seymour Duncan STK-1 single-coils and JB TB4 humbucker
Jackson licensed floyd rose
Sharkfin inlays
One volume, one tone and a five way switch.


The guitar didn't have too many issues from what I saw. The absolute worst problem was the bridge. I'm not a fan of 99% of these Jackson bridges out there. There's one of them that's a Schaller clone, but aside from that one, most of them are trash. I recommend replacing it with an original floyd rose to get the most out of the guitar. Aside from that, the frets were pretty good. I could get low action without much of a problem. The neck joint was nice and tight. There wasn't a huge gap, and that's always good to see. The neck itself felt pretty nice; basically a standard Jackson MIJ neck.


The guitar sounded really good thanks to it having real Seymour Duncan pickups installed in it. The bridge gave it a nice bitey sound. This bridge pickup can really work for nearly any genre you can think of. From fusion to blues to death metal, this pickup really can do it all. Some people hate it because it can be picky depending on how that particular piece of wood sounds, but it's generally a pretty good sounding pickup. The neck singles were really cool. You can get that awesome single coil sound without a problem, and the in between positions were really nice. They worked excellent for clean tones.


If you're looking for a solid Jackson without spending tons of money, check out these guitars. I'd swap out the bridge for an original floyd rose, but aside from that, the guitar is very solid. You don't even need to change out the pickups with this one.

planetslide's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" MIJ = quality"

Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)
Guitar made in Japan in 1992, Ash body arched top, handle screwed enough Round 22 frets rosewood fingerboard, frets Standard tremolo Schaller licensed Floyd. Mechanical Jackson. Micros original Jackson / Charvel in config MSM (rare), 5-position selector "to strato". A volume and tone.


The handle has a round profile and wide enough and is very comfortable. The coating on the handle is amazing quality.
The body is rather small and thin, which makes the guitar very sexy and easy to wear and feel is that of a strat, but without the notch for the forearm.
Access to acute is good without being transcendent (I tasted the handle from driver!), Knowing that stops 22 frets on this guitar. The fingerboard is very good.
The varnish is of a quality that I have rarely seen on a guitar.


The original sound is not bad but still pretty dirty ... I would have put 5 or 6 of origin.
In fact, this shovel earns a lot to see his microphones upgraded. I ended up a set of Seymour TB6, SSL and SH1 and it became a massacre! With split pickups, it gives a very wide and the violin brings a personality to the whole.
I was amazed that a mid-range guitar like this now so its kind. The guitar took dust and now it rivals in terms of sensations with my other shovels that rate 3-5 times its price.
I play on the ENGL tube and where it excels the most is plain / crunch on all mic positions and saturated neck pickup (Seymour SH1 powaaaah).


It's been 15 years since I hang this faithful Jackson, she took the loaves, but remained always super reliable. She became a little vintage eighties now and it gives a fiery temperament!
And since the change of microphones, she saw. 24 cases in the same driver would handle close to perfection.
If you see one in passing secondhand, go for it before it is me who takes!

albron00's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)
Made in Japan
BODY Alder with Flame Maple Veneer on Transparent Colors
NECK Bolt-On Rock Maple
NECK DIMENSIONS 1st Fret: .735, 12th Fret: .810
NO. OF FREIGHT 24 Jumbo Frets
CONTROLS Master Volume,
Master Tone
BRIDGE JT580 LP Double Locking 2-Point Tremolo
PICKUP SWITCHING 5-Position Blade:
Position 1. Bridge Pickup
Position 2. Bridge and Middle Pickup
Position 3. Middle Pickup
Position 4. Middle and Neck Pickup
Position 5. Neck Pickup


Lergonomie good
The access to the treble is very easy


Excellent for rock, metal.
Single coil pick up is very good for clean sound.


I have it for Few months now.
Of cause you can find better guitar purpose for this price ... hm ...

utopik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)
This guitar is made in Japan, it has 24 frets. The pickups are Duncan Design (not real, but it sounds great anyway). Personally, I set up a Dimarzio FRED in the bridge, and that makes ...
A humbucker in bridge, and two singles. The bridge is licensed Floyd Rose and it's very effective, it does not move a hair (no play wear). I've had a lot of guitars with this type of bridge, and there, there is nothing wrong ...
Settings very simple tone and volume over the 5-way switch. (A small negative point, and this is the only knob the volume very quickly forged contacts, so you have to change it, but hey, it costs € 3 and it is a defect common to all Jacksons ...).
That said, the principal of this guitar and this gives him a point ahead of all the stratabound is that it has to face. This has made the reputation of Jackson, their guitars, they are beautiful, especially at this price. Some say it's a Japanese two balls, but I will warranty the finish is really terrible. In comparison, my previous guitar was a Gibson SG Standard United States, and was altogether less well done, again the volume knob shit too!
This time the knob I took away a point, so it's 9 ...


The handle is the end (not as an Ibanez, but almost), very nice, varnished wood glides really well, not like a gibson :-) )
Access to the highs is easy. In terms of ergonomics, is a stratabound, so it looked pretty good from the start, the body is worked well marry the body and can play very well in a sitting position ...
The weight is fairly standard.
Otherwise, the overall quality of the instrument, because we can easily get harmonics anywhere on the sleeve.


Jackson, it sounds decidedly METAL, having said that the palette of sounds that can be obtained is very wide.
Still playing with the tone you can really do a lot ...


I use it for the month of August 2002, I bought it because it is beautiful, but the volume knob me drunk until I change.
The price / quality ratio is its strong point (about 600 €)

SpaceMoNKeY's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)
Well first of all, let us form over substance: THE FIRST thing that pageantry is the beauty of the instrument, beautiful colors and finishes impccable (https://fr.audiofanzine.com/membres / index, idmembre, 65730.html)
Made in Japan, it is a weighing stratode lev enough without being a container but not more!
The wood body (alder), it is quite transparent transcribed many nuances of the game and the harmonics but not as hot as mahogany for example.
The handle is in Rabl (rosewood fingerboard), it is 24 frets and dot the decor typical of shark teeth. The icing on the "hose", the magnificent head inclined typical Jacksons. This is a Bolt.
Regarding the pickups, the configuration is S / S / H. All of Duncan Designed (Drive the famous Seymour Duncan). Otherwise, slecteur microphone position 5, 1 Tone knob, Volume 1.
A yes, I forgot, an excellent licensed floyd rose bridge is complete the picture. The above, no complaints!


Well where to I start? Move the handle. The 24 frets are all accessible, no problem, wood sliding reasonable without being a skating rink (which just be annoying when you sweat the mimine, yes? And then!). The handle is flat, a little bomb on the Ibanez, I find it more comfortable for the bars and agreements as it has better support.
Then the weight, and much to my faith will see caractrisitques (I t the early age on this one), you can play this sitting or standing without scratching problem, in the shower or making pear is a bit harder but its still playable (Those who have believed will make me run some solo Satriani).
Finally, the sounds can be obtained according to Varis are trs select the microphone (this time those who believed me it is). The view of the tuning is good no-problem (thank you blocked-strings), only small problem is that the guitar comes with the strings a bit too far from the handle. We must bring them together.


Sound, the most important part? surely.
First of all I want to emphasize the versatility of the guitar. Simple micro can get pretty warm are clear with lots of bass, but avoid distortion as in most simple. The Humbuncker, more acute and the sound has emerged over EHJV and dynamism, switch to bridge pickup when you put the distortion. However, it was a little less than a micro DEFINITIONS simple. These microphones are correct, but the change probably would increase the quality of sound.
Finally, good sustain and a bright sound and deep caractrise guitar.
Obviously, this is a Jackson and it adapts perfectly to the style of music people thick (mtal hear). Well, 8 because changing the pickups would be better ca. Finally, I feel that the sound is dug in lgrement mdiums giving it a nice particularity.
** Addition: 1year APRS is s'aperoit the bridge pickup is rather limited level potato (APRS have tried other guitars), he must not have a winning standard. **


It's been four months that I possde, no problem, except that famous knobs. So for that matter: NOT bother to buy a! Simply dvisser and deliver it straight, turning APRS eat ... (4 months APRS have REVISS correctly, no problem, so try before you cry wolf! ) ** addition: 1year 1 / 2 now **
Good quality RAPORT price for a guitar of this finish and a beautiful violin trs.
I pay 600 (Crimson swirl color), it ranges from 500 to 750 depending on the graphics.
I am satisfied with TRS, but perfection does not exist: I put 9.
The BMOL is the bridge pickup.

** 2 years later, I pass on Vigier but I can confirm that the handle is still extremely enjoyable Jackson, and sounds typical of Jackson gives it its charm **

wildchild666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)
Well, see the reviews above! they are very well made
I found this feature not bad at all!


The handle or should I say the stick? And yes, it really is too well run, is a highlight of the guitar: it is big but end, which is very good for solos and he also takes the road if we want to move your thumb on top for agreements (even if it is not too kind to the house!)
The access to acute, well it is a form Strat, so it's good but not great. Indeed, with hindsight, I realize that to access the 22nd fret of the third string, I have a little trouble but I must say that the dwarf doight
This guitar is perfectly balanced, which is rather nice because for flyng is not always the case and she is light enough
After the shark's teeth, that's what does it all!! against by the flames, by the need to take against this model (well that's my opinion) so I put 10 black


It's very good for heavy distortion, especially lee price, but we are still far from an emg 81. In fact, I think they lack a bit of potato but the thrash, it's perfect for the big cons to death is limited but again, the prox is almost perfect.
Clearly, I love the sound of the pickup, which crunches and then pretty ancore for his lighter, the neck is perfect and almost crystaline
So very good for metal, and for those who want to gore, emg power;)
Well we're going to make that 9!


I use it for 8 months and I am very happy, its main strength is its look (I was not what I wanted first, but in fact, even when cest class too!)
After, it has a very good sound, I use a peavey bandit 112 and it makes very well.
The value for money is very good for me and it exceeds the prices of the same guitars (ibanez and bc rich in example)
We must also say that I am left handed, so I could have a choice of right-handed, but even with all right-handed guitars, I prefer it!
After, for left-handed, for a better scratching, I think we Taperet in € 800 but otherwise no equivalent!

cokeman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)
SERIES Dinky - Poplar Body - Saddle screwed Channel - Rosewood 24 frets - Net + key inlays reverse shark teeth - Bridge pickup Duncan Design humbucker pickups + HB102B neck and Duncan Design mdium SC101 - Slecteur 5 positions - 1 volume + 1 Tone - JT-580 tremolo licensed under Floyd Rose LP

D'APRS what I heard on Poplar am a little concerned. I did not know trs well and I did not test the other model, for me is


Channel fast, it glides well.
Access in acute is rather good, I adapt myself well trs.
A guitar well balance, not heavy.
The Floyd can s'clater a little but it's pretty boring, so given that it is my Premire guitar, I had a lot of problem with the floyd and I do not know also not much ... M'enfin, I play well with now that I know all rgler.
The sound ... Instead, we will see in the next CATEGORY.


A guitar mtal size for sure!
I jou with a 30W marshall, has a strong sound with the Duncan Design humbuker, sharp enough in his grave, good medium, but the treble ... I think this is a micro problem, when I solo on jou Most recent internship string around the box and 13/14/15 + rubbing my mdiator agree and it is quite annoying (I must also say with jou mdiator to nag, Dunlop 2.0 mm). Remdier for this problem I think to install a configuration "Petrucci" (the sound of poplar CHARACTERISTICS must be equivalent those of lime, wood of the guitar Petrucci) on my guitar: Dimarzio D sonic and tt that stuff, finally I am not I and I intend to rerflchir.
A guitar built for distortion, the clean sound its good using two simple micro.
The +: distortion, the -: my sharp! Finally, good set to play the mtal violent, without too much solo.


I use it for almost a year now, then I loved the small little beginners Discoveries its default ...
As I said earlier: The +: distortion, the -: treble, treble drang enough for me now that I am no longer the trip nomtal / Death / Trash .
Essay I have no other model before acqurir.
This is a good quality price: nothing is missing, good microphone, floyd, 24 BOXES! (Yes I take), good sound ... prdestin even when the metal.
With the exprience is what I would do this choice ... I judge not have enough exprience but at least I'm pretty happy gnral!

Shusaku's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)
J DK2 have a "hot rod flames" made in Japan (avrifier)
24 frets with a double in duncan-designed bridge, a simple bridge and neck
chelavet Pink Floyd
Split 5 micro size and position rglage tonalitbr /> Bolt


-The neck is thin enough for the game so fast it is quite!
Each access to acute-n is not too bad for this style of guitar.
-The ergonomics are fairly good ....; I find it a bit too heavy ...
-Fat for his death mtal is perfect ... but that we want something more ... Rondet color it a little fishing.


I play mainly blues and mtal ... for mtal c nikel is for the blues .. but its still way ....
I play with a LINE6 spiderII 212
When set to "insane green" comes a day being quite bold and yet ... a very prcis rgale to dfoul


J uses this guitar since September 2004, I have never had a problem with, I adore her look very aggressive (and then with the body even when Flamm c is the large class)
I adore the neck that are very very enjoyable but the game up I find a bit heavy ... before the j avai have tried sqier (my old guitar) and note the epiphone SG and a LP goth and j have an ibanez ... price it because the handle is fine and enjoyable ...

RAPORT the quality price is quite reasonable!

I think I will not go to al choice ... I wanted a guitar era specialist in big sound ... and I have found my business with it .... however, after the one year I d I realized that the capabilities are limited and that for the blues or something more ... well .... it quiet do not go out much good ...

brunod83's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)
The model I have is a DK RHF "made in Japan".
His round of 24 frets is nice to play but wrong at the second fret on the G string, although passed in the hands of a luthier to have it settle.
It has 3 Duncan Designed pickups less good as Seymour Duncan:
A double bridge HB-102B
2 singles in middle and neck SC-101.
For the bridge is the same it is licensed but not manufactured by Floyd Rose.
Finally the Achilles heel of all these series are those knobs. This is a disaster. After a month of use he spits.


It thus has a very pleasant round despite some defects. The access to acute is easier when you play sitting because it tends to slide the handle to the strap.


I play mostly rock so perfect with this kind of microphones. It is plugged into a VOX AD50VT home (Valvetronic) which gives a very good record.


I use this model since July 2004 but she was changed by the dealer once already after the first problems potentiometers. The second is the same: she left for service as still under warranty. Be aware that the Service is provided by Jackson Fender then the Paris region to delay the provincial transportation.
Besides the nice form the headstock is a Start type guitar standard, with the electronics very "light".
In short after that I think I better take to equal value, a guitar made in France, as LAG, where you can reach a representative of the brand and quality much higher.